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Drama CD news

Bringing in some drama CD/BLCD news!

→ An upcoming release by Cineria is 彼氏昇格~燕くんの甘い?生活~ (Kareshi Shoukaku~ Tsubame-kun no Amai? Seikatsu) which comes out 30/11/12. You have been dating your boyfriend Kanamori Tsubame (CV Okamoto Nobuhiko) for half a year and so spend time holding hands and quarrelling  (like what couples do). He still acts like a child though he tries to act like an adult and relies on his older girlfriend quite a bit. Continue reading

Honeybee’s Heart Supplement CD series

Something new for a change: drama CDs! I am actually a huge fan of them so I probably should do more news/posts on it…

Honeybee is releasing a ‘Heart Supplement‘ CD series! It’s a series aimed to heal the heart with voices and music and to give you energy so you can do your best tomorrow! According to their blog, instead of using whispering voices, the series will utilize calm voices to give a ‘sense of security’ and ‘vitality’. Continue reading

Black Wolves Saga Sound Website

Just when I was taking a little break from gaming, my prayers have been answered. Rejet has opened a sound website with information about three soundtracks featuring songs from BWS they’ll be releasing (YES).

CD 1 – BLACK WOLVES SAGA ~Bloody Nightmare~ Song Collection 「Dear Despair」(2012/8/29)
CD 2 – BLACK WOLVES SAGA Original Soundtrack plus drama (2012/?/?)
CD 3 –  BLACK WOLVES SAGA ~Last Hope~ Song Collection 「Tears」(2012/?/?)

If you buy all three,  you get a special original vocal CD featuring a track sung by Julian (Yoshimasa Hosoya) and Guillan (Taniyama Kishou) ♡♡