A lazy blogger from Australia aka. where Matsuoka Rin trained to swim.
Enjoys gaming, reading BL manga, food and fashion.
Currently into Free!, mobile games like Yume100, Ace Attorney series, Final Fantasy etc.

twitter: http://twitter.com/mofutte

Email: kiokunoaria●gmail.com (replace ● with @)

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Thanks for dropping by! (ノ*゜▽゜*)


36 thoughts on “About

  1. Euryx

    Hello~ thanks for the follow! ^_^
    Shoot you love Sakuraga Mei, Katekyo, and OTRFK? Kyaaaaaaaaa~~! /gets shot
    *ehem* Nice meeting you! ^O^

  2. kayuune

    Ahh I’m late in doing this, but I added you to my blogroll, as well as followed you in return! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  3. Yu-chii

    I took a look around, and I absolutely love your blog! I’m not sure how a blog roll works, because I’m a newbie blogger, but I’m definitely adding you to my blog roll when I get the chance. (If you don’t mind, that is.)

    Oh, and I also followed you. Again, nice to meet you, Ayu-san! And thank you for following + adding me to your blog roll. ♥

    Finally – I see that you and I share many anime, game, manga, and music favorites. (I love Kuroshitsuji, the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side game series, Shinee, etc.) Hurray~! :3

    And I also see that you’re currently studying at Sydney, Australia. I’m actually about to head to Sydney myself! (For studying. I bet you can guess my age now. Shh~.) Where do you study? What degree? (I know, I’m too curious for my own good.)

    1. アユ Post author

      Aww thankyou! I’m happy that you think so! Blogroll is just basically adding links :) I don’t mind at all!

      Thanks so much for the follow back! Hopefully we can fangirl together, Yu-chii :)

      Aaaaaaaah so awesome! :3 Yes I am! Wow really? May I ask where you come from? I’m happy to answer to your questions, though I’d rather not disclose it here for privacy reasons (I don’t think there’s a setting to turn a comment private is there?). Do you have a Twitter account or Tumblr by any chance? I’d love to also be able to communicate with you there!

      Thankyou so much again ^^

      1. Yu-chii

        Ah, I see! Then I’ll get to work right away with the blog roll~. :3

        I come from Hong Kong~. ;) But I’m not Chinese! I’m half-Japanese, half-Chinese Indonesian. (Okay, fine, so I have a tiny sliver of Chinese blood in me…)

        Hrm… I don’t have a Twitter account, nor do I have a Tumblr account. (Tried ’em both out, but they just didn’t work for me.) I guess you could email me using this email, if you don’t mind: rollieoia@hotmail.com. It’s specifically for any blog inquiries, so I don’t mind revealing it.

      2. アユ Post author

        If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask!

        Ah HK! I’ve been there once before (and had lots of fun!). Ooh, interesting :) I’m just a Vietnamese-Australia www.

        Oh I see…well, email is fine :) I’ll send you one now ^^

      3. Yu-chii

        I’ll definitely make sure to ask! ♥

        Haha, I think that living in Hong Kong’s good… short-term wise. When you live here for longer than three years though, it starts to get boring. Not too many places to go. (Especially if you’re on an allowance/budget or if you’re underage.)

        And alright, I’ll be waiting to receive it~.

      4. アユ Post author

        Really? :o I do love Sydney, though I guess I can see what you mean. I think there isn’t a lot to do here either xD It’s still exciting and all but I want to be overseas on holidays *A*

      5. Yu-chii

        Sydney’s a heck lot bigger than Hong Kong, so I’d imagine that you wouldn’t be able to get bored of it quite easily. (I guess, haha~.)

        Is it strange that I hate going overseas? So many things you have to prepare… (I’m saying this, but I’m planning to go to the winter doujinshi convention in Japan with all of my friends this year in December~. 8’3)

      6. アユ Post author

        Well, ofcourse for a person like me who has spent her whole life here, I do get bored every now and then xD

        Ah, I don’t think it is! We all have our likes/dislikes. But I agree, so much things to prepare, then there’s the planning and money. Oh really? Cool! I’m also actually going on a trip to Japan in Jan next year with friends ^^ Doujinshi!!! I read them online but I don’t really buy them |D But I have ordered one, so hopefully I’ll buy more ;3

    2. Yu-chii

      The moneeeeeey~. That’s my biggest concern. I hope that I’ll be able to take up a part time job around three months after I settle in Sydney. *sigh* (So that I can pay for the plane tickets to Japan.)

      It’s much cheaper to buy doujinshi in Japan during the winter and summer doujinshi conventions~. Everything’s priced quite cheaply. ♥

      1. アユ Post author

        Aww, good luck! Hopefully you find one!

        Oooooooh I do want, there’s a few doujin artists that I like OvO

      2. Yu-chii

        Hopefully. I’ll be looking after my second month there, haha. Got to give myself a month to get used to everything, after all. ;)

        There’s a lot of doujinkas that I like as well~ ♥ Hopefully, I’ll have saved up enough to get quite a few doujinshis. Though I’m worried about the customs in Australia checking ’em, haha.

  4. fertry

    omg, I only just noticed how much I love your theme even though I’ve been on your blog for a bunch of times already. I have to find it O___O
    Oh and I just followed you on tumblr. I love ur posts/reblogs there as well^^

    1. アユ Post author

      Haha! It’s a pretty theme, though the majority of WP’s themes are ugly in my opinion xD
      Thanks! I followed you back :3

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello! You’re welcome! I just had to since we share common interests and your reviews are very well written! I look forward to your future posts! ^^

      1. アユ Post author

        Same here, I’ve been in the fandom for quite a long time, yet these days I take ages to finish a game ;w; Haha I understand exactly how you feel!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hahaha my blog is a mix of all sorts but thankyou! Yes, we all have too many favourites that it’s too hard to pick one xD


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