December Manga Haul

IMG_0087This has been sitting in my drafts since December so this post is pretty messy as this was half-complete lol! Anyway, I’ve been holding back with buying manga for a looong time because I believe it’s worth your money just buying a huge bulk rather than buying a few books at a time. I made a wishlist of books and added to it every now and then until I was satisfied with the amount! I placed an order with my local Kinokuniya and everything arrived within 4 weeks! 

IMG_0058Months ago I came across Ogeretsu Tanaka’s works and have been in love with her stuff ever since! I read Renai Rubi no Tadashii Furikata scanlations a while back before I heard really good reviews about her works such as Escape Journey and Sabita Yoru Demo Koi wa Sasayaku. I definitely recommend reading her stuff as they’re all just cute and emotional.. not even words can explain how much I LOVE her works.

IMG_0059Koketsu Dining Volume 2 by Moto Haruhira was a book I had no idea about until a few days before it’s release! I loved how endearing the couple was so I had to get the second volume! I also got Ten Count Volume 4 by Takarai Rihito as well because I already had the earlier volumes. I’m not particularly fond of how the story progressed after Volume 2, but I love Takarai-sensei and I’m sticking with this until the end! Yasaotoko to Sadistic by Hideyoshico I got because I have everything of hers already and wanted to add this to my shrine. Compared to her quirky and cute stories, this book is CRAZY AND SCREWED UP LOL. You could already tell by the title that there’s SM elements in the story which is completely opposite to what she usually does. I know this book is old school, but I got Doukyuusei by Nakamura Atsuhiko because I had all her other books except this one because it was usually out of stock. So now I finally have the whole collection :) Sick by Kurahashi Tomo was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE WHEN I READ THE SCANLATIONS I HAD TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY!!! I love teasing semes and timid, endearing ukes and I have recommended this book to so many people which they all loved as well. Highly recommend you guys to check out the scanlations!

IMG_0060Koketsu Dining 2 back cover illustration!

IMG_0061( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

IMG_0062I I really really adore Hideyoshico’s art style esfdsdlfmsdf!!!

IMG_0063FINALLY HAVE ITOSHI NO NEKOKKE VOLUMES 3 AND 4! Bless Kumota Haruko. These were the first on my wishlist, but I never got around to buying them because I wanted to wait until I had a huge list. I will forever standby this book and couple forever… whenever I’m in a bad mood, reading this always cheers me up.

IMG_0067I’ve read previous works of Kizu Natsuki‘s works, but they didn’t leave a huge impression on me so she was never a mangaka I liked… until recently. After reading Given Volume 1 and Links, she’s now on my to-watch list! Both works feature different couples with different dynamics and personality, especially Links as the story surrounds characters who are all intriguingly linked in some way. Each couple has their own story as to how they fell in love and although they’re short, they’re all satisfyingly sweet and heart-warming which made this book a top favourite of mine. Given is about Mafuyu who is attracted to Uenoyama who fixed his broken guitar and at first Uenoyama finds him annoying and weird, but eventually he finds himself drawn to him as well. I really like slow-paced romances such as this and so I’m excited to see how the story will turn out!

IMG_0068SO CUTE!!!!!!

I took a dive with this book because it had really good reviews and I remembered it ranked on ChilChil for a while. The blurb seemed cliche at first (guy gets drunk from his love problems and then wakes up the next morning with a complete stranger in bed) but I gave the book the benefit of the doubt and bought it because reviews were raving about how it’s painful yet heart-warming and funny which sounds like my kind of book.

Unrelated to BL, I ordered the Yume100 Anthology! I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys know how addicted I am into the game and so this purchase did not come surprise haha!

IMG_0070Flipping through the pages, my excited quickly faded and my face dropped lol. Now, I know how anthologies work: different artists work together and add to the anthology so I knew that there were going to be different art styles. What really surprised me was how inconsistent the quality of the art was/ Some of them were fine, others were I don’t know… looked quite derpy and just awkward. But you know what, I bought this to support the game and to read the stories because they feature a couple of my favourite princes so I’m not extremely upset.

And that’s my haul! I apologise if this post is all over the place haha but I’ll definitely try to write a proper review for the books I enjoyed! I haven’t done manga reviews in so long so hopefully that will motivate me to do more reviews :’)

2 thoughts on “December Manga Haul

  1. Ruby

    I am currently reading Escape Journey. It’s really emotional and romantic. My heart keeps on beating fast whenever they are not honest with each other. But when Taichi told Fumi about his love, I cried! waah! I know it is predictable, but still, I love taichi and Nao. :) I also finished reading the updates of 10 count. I’m waiting for the updates. I’ll probably check the manga that you bought! :)


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