Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer



Show off your style by designing homes for all of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers! Use your creativity to design the perfect houses—inside and out—for both old and new friends. With the new amiibo cards, you can call your favorite villagers into the game. (via)

Finally something to blog about: my ACHHD copy! As a fan of Animal Crossing, this was certainly a game I was anticipating for a long time. Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of it being a spin-off game rather than another AC game, but as they released more information about it, I found myself more and more excited!


I picked up the bundle that comes with the NFC Reader/Writer since I don’t have the New Nintendo 3DS (yet). It also comes with a bonus amiibo card!

The bonus card was Tom Nook and I bought one pack of 3 amiibo cards and managed to get these. I’m a bit disheartened because I was hoping to get at least one of my favourite villagers… but that’s alright! I can always buy another pack or trade with friends!


The NFC Reader/Writer comes with instructions, the reader and (gasps) BATTERIES so you can use it as soon as you start playing!


It’s pretty straightforward on how this game works – you work for Nook’s Homes where your job is to design homes and facilities for your clients! Everything is for you to decide – exterior design, floor plan, furniture, windows – this game lets you run wild with your creativity.


The Nook’s Home squad!


When you start, you are introduced as a new employee and get to change into a snazzy red blazer! Your designing adventures await!

You’ll have a client  everyday come to you for help with their house. Each client will have a special vision in their mind and it’s your job to meet their requests. You’ll meet some clients who wish to have just their room designed, and some clients want you to design their house and yard!

As a designer, you have the power to choose the perfect spot for your client’s house, where to place the house, how the garden looks – there are many ways you can fulfil each client’s vision so go wild!


This was the first room I designed – Lottie’s room! She wanted a lovely cute kind of room so it was obvious what her room theme would be: pink and with lovely furniture. After you finish designing your client’s room, the game gives you a tour of the room where you can freely take screenshots of your creation!

Below are some of my other favourite  screenshots of the rooms and facilities I designed!

HNI_0002 2

Pekoe’s exotic room!


The school!


The cafe!


Chrissy’s yard!


Hospital! The game lets you design individual rooms as well such as the doctor’s room, the waiting room and the patient’s room. There’s a lot to do so you’re bound to spend hours playing!


In the meeting room… being a designer can be tough work! Which carpet fits the room? Where should I put this bed? Where do I plant these flowers? Decisions!

With the NFC reader, you can use it to bring over other villagers to your town! When you unlock the amiibo phone, you can use your cards to call villagers and help them design their dream home! There are tonnes of cards to collect and trade with your friends! Ofcourse if you have a New Nintendo 3DS then you don’t need the reader!


ACHHD is an enjoyable game that lets you play with ease – you don’t need to check the game everyday since it doesn’t utilise real time so you can play whenever you like! I find designing homes and all very relaxing as you take your time finding creative ways to fulfil your client’s wishes.

I’ve made considerable progress with the game as I’ve managed to unlock a few facilities already, but I look forward to re-doing all the rooms I did haha! It’s incredibly fulfilling seeing your designs come to life and being extremely happy with how it looks :)

It is purely a designing game however, so if you’re looking for more, this game may not impress you as much as it did for me. But overall, I’m sure any Animal Crossing fan would definitely find themselves being addicted to designing!

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