Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Oujisama Guide


「夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様」(100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams)
iOS version / Android version
Website (JP): www.yume-100.com
Wiki (JP): http://kneesockscollector.net/wiki/yume-100/
Unofficial English Yume100 Twitter: http://twitter.com/yume100en
My Yume100 Blog: http://oujitan.tumblr.com

You suddenly get pulled in a “dream world” where dreams are the sources of life for people. However, the dream world is currently being threatened by monsters that devour dreams called yumekui (ユメクイ or dream eaters). As you awaken the sleeping princes, you help regain the lost dreams…

This is a guide on how to play Yume100 as well as how to get your way around the game in terms of events, awakening, gacha and many more! I’ll try my best to address the main game points here, but if there’s anything you’re unsure of or you need me to clarify something, feel free to comment or email me!

[Last updated 15/10/15]


When you start Yume100 (or Yume Hyaku), you’re shown the prologue and then a tutorial on how to play the game. The gameplay is pretty straightforward: you connect 3 or more pieces of the same colour which will cause the pieces to disappear, creating a chain. The more chains/combos you do in a turn, the more damage output your team does. A turn normally lasts for 10 seconds and the timer starts ONLY when you tap on the pieces – it’s not automatic. Depending on how many chains you get in a turn, you’ll get either ‘nice‘, ‘good‘ or ‘excellent‘. It is best to get a chain of 12 or more to score ‘excellent’ to be able to deal higher damage.

As you connect pieces and tap on bombs, you’ll notice the gauge of the princes on the bottom slowly filling up. A prince’s gauge will fill up as you destroy pieces of their colour. Princes and yumekui are divided into one of five colours/types: PASSION 「パッション」, COOL 「クール」, SEXY 「セクシー」, CUTE 「キュート」 and GENTLE 「ジェンタル」. So if you destroy purple pieces, the gauges of sexy princes will increase. When the gauge is full, simply tap them and it will activate their special skill! There is no limit on how many skills you use, you can use one and save the others or spam all the skills.

Other pieces to note:

  • Whenever you connect 6 pieces, a rabbit-like piece called the ‘Nabi‘ piece will replace the 6th piece and acts as bomb. It destroys pieces around it when you tap it and contributes to your attack power. If you connect 12 pieces, two Nabi pieces will appear and so on.
  • You’ll also frequently see hearts appearing which helps regain your health so tap them when you need health or a quick chain.
  • At every last stage known as the boss stage, you’ll notice a shiny gem placed on the top of the puzzle. Get the gem to touch the bottom of the puzzle and your team unleash a very powerful attack on the boss.

Before every game, you get to choose a friend/random prince to support you. It’s best to choose your friends as that allows you to use their prince’s leader skill (comes in handy during challenges) and will earn you more friend coins – you get 25 coins if it’s your friend and 10 coins if it’s a random.

Each quest has multiple stages and they have a maximum of 3 yumekui monsters in each stage. While playing, you can choose to select which yumekui to attack simply by tapping on it before you start connecting pieces. In order to clear the stage and move on, you must destroy all of them. You will have a HP bar in the middle of your screen which is the combined HP of your whole team. If the HP bar reaches zero, it’s game over and you’re given the option to use one gem piece to restore all your health and gauges and continue OR give up, losing all the experience and items you’ve collected.

You also have a ‘FEVER‘ gauge on the bottom which fills up as you do chains. Once it fills up, you’ll automatically enter fever mode for a few seconds where you simply tap like crazy to destroy chains of pieces in one go.

Some quests will have「有効」(effectiveness) and a coloured piece next to it – this means that princes of that colour will be the most effective for that quest. For instance, if it is a red piece, passion princes will deal more damage than princes of other types. The way it works is:


Passion beats gentle, gentle beats cool, cool beats passion. 

  • SEXY < > CUTE

Sexy and cute are strong and weak against each other.

Just think of it as Pokemon: each type has its own strength and weakness over another type.


Photo 1-08-2015 3 58 03 pm

This is the main page where you can navigate and access most of the game. Your details are on the top screen which tell you how much gold you have, ring shards (they look like shards), fairy gems, friend coins (the green coin), your rank, experience and stamina.

Everytime you go back to this main page, you’ll have a different prince greet you from your main team. You can tap them and they’ll talk!

When you tap on EVENTS, it shows you a list of events that are currently on and tapping on them will give you more information n that event.

WELCOME PARTY lets you get quick friend coins and also let you know what new princes your friends got.

COMMUNITY is where you can join a group of friends and work together.

ITEM/PRESENT BOX is where all your rewards will be.

STORY let’s you go through all the stories in the game such as the main story, prince stories, side stories etc. More info below.

Photo 1-08-2015 4 07 13 pm

If you tap on NOTICES near the top, a box will drop down showing you all the notices in the game! Tapping them will give you more information.

COMMUNITY is where you can search or join a community! After you join one, you can chat with them as well as help level up facilities! It’s not compulsory to join one but joining a community has many benefits: you get community rewards when you do point events, you also get items from the fountain and leveling up the meeting place will increase the event points you earn! It’s also one of the missions you need to do in order to get Almari.

Photo 10-10-2015, 2 26 36 PM

If you’re not in a community, you can either create one, search for one or let people find you!

CREATE let’s you create a community (more info below).

SEARCH let’s you find communities to join (more info below).

GET INVITES lets other community leaders find you (more info below).

LIST OF INVITES lets you check any invitations to communities that you have received.

WHAT IS A COMMUNITY is pretty much a FAQ on what a community is and what it does etc.

Photo 16-10-2015, 4 38 48 PM

In CREATE COMMUNITY it’s pretty straightforward. All you have to do is fill in the form:

  • Community name (doesn’t have to be in Japanese)
  • Policy shows how serious the community is with the game: laid-back (まったり) means you’re extremely casual, little bit (ぼちぼち) means you play here and there, average effort (こつこつ) means you’ll need to play everyday and hardcore (がっつり) means you’re constantly playing events etc.
  • Explanatory text lets you give others a description of your community.

Photo 16-10-2015, 4 38 42 PM

To SEARCH for a community:

  • If you’re looking for a certain community, type the name. If not, you can leave it blank.
  • Choose your policy or leave it blank if you’re fine with whatever.
  • Joining settings let’s you choose whether you want to find a community that either  automatically let’s you join (自動承認) or must approve you (手動承認) first.
  • After you’re happy with your settings, you can search and it will show you a list of communities!

Photo 16-10-2015, 4 38 31 PM

If you want communities to find YOU, tap on GET INVITES and this page will show. All you do is choose your policy or leave it blank and your favourite prince or leave it blank and then tap the pink button to wait for communities to invite you!

Photo 28-05-2015 9 05 01 pm

If you’re in a community or you’re given admin rights, you can manage the community.

INVITE MEMBERS let’s you search for members and invite them.

LIST OF MEMBERS BEING INVITED shows you all the people you’ve sent invites to.

MEMBER REQUESTS shows you all the people who’ve requested to join the community.

COMMUNITY SETTINGS let’s you change the community name, the policy, whether to approve members automatically or manually and the community description.

FACILITY PROGRESS (lit. facility investment) shows you all the facilities and their progress such as their current level etc.

There are four facilities in the community. When you complete score challenges, you get wood which you use to feed (the correct term is INVEST but I went with a more natural-sounding word) the facilities and level them up. Levelling up the facilities is a joint effort as it is a very long progress so you and your community can work together by doing challenges daily and collecting wood.

Photo 28-05-2015 9 01 29 pm (1)

  • Item Fountain 「アイテムの泉」- every 6 hours or so (depends on what level it is) you’ll be able to get a free random item! It could be either ring shards, training dogs, gold or friend coins etc. Levelling up the item fountain will decrease the time it takes to refresh.
  • Cottage 「コーテジ」- the cottage is sort of like the home of your community. You can increase the member limit of your community here by levelling it up.
  • Library「図書館」- the library lets you access your normal stories. Levelling up the library will unlock special side stories.
  • Meeting Place「集会所」- this is only available during events and it gives you extra event points when you level up your building during the event. However, after the end of every event, the level will reset back to 0.

MEMBERS shows you the members of the community.

BULLETIN is where you can post messages to all members.

MANAGEMENT is where you can manage the community (invite members, check facilities etc.).

NEWS is where you can follow news on the members such as their scores in challenges, when they rank up, when they awaken princes etc.

Photo 28-05-2015 9 17 36 pmPhoto 28-05-2015 9 17 43 pm

To feed wood to the facilities, tap on one you want to level up, tap feed and then how much wood you want to use. It’s the same process as feeding your princes where you get to see how much experience it will add and their level. When you level up a facility, it will apply to everyone in the community so everyone’s facility levels will be exactly the same.


Photo 13-05-2015 2 25 54 pmPhoto 13-05-2015 3 47 58 pm

CHALLENGE is for playing and comparing your high scores to your friends and community. To do the challenge, you need one orb and you get 3 orbs which replenishes every few hours but you can get more when your friends send you orbs. You can also send orbs to your friends (by tapping on the orb next to their name) as well as receive orbs from them which you can collect by tapping on the present box icon on the main page (right of the screen below COMMUNITY).

There are two challenges: normal challengespecial challenge and then the occasional triple orb challenge.

  • The normal challenge is where all yumekui are random so any team of princes will be effective.
  • The ‘special’ challenge (there is no actual name so I’m going with this) is where all yumekui will be one colour/type. In the screenshot above, you can see that today is the ‘CUTE challenge’ so all yumekui will be yellow. This means that SEXY princes, which are effective against CUTE, are best for the challenge. If tomorrow is ‘PASSION challenge’, that means all yumekui will be red and COOL princes will be effective. Everyday the colour of the special challenge changes! Regardless of the day, the set order of the colours are red > blue > green > yellow > purple > red.
  • The triple orb challenge appears occasionally for a limited time and costs you 3 orbs but in return you get triple the amount of wood and triple the amount of gold.

*Note: Ofcourse you do not have to follow the recommended colour as there is no penalty. However, if you want to achieve the best score, it’s best to use the most effective team. In my opinion, it’s easier to get very high scores in the special challenge than the normal challenge if you just make your team one colour.

The gameplay of the challenge is the exact same as the normal gameplay except your aim is to get the highest score you can. The more chains, skills and bombs you do, the more damage you’ll deal and that will increase your final score. The yumekui are weak so you’ll easily defeat them, but challenges are made for you to focus on just dishing out as much damage and chains as you can.

There is no prize for beating your friend’s scores (beating them is a good feeling though haha) but you do get something for getting 1 million points and over. People with 1 million+ points will get an expert trainer and 10, 000 gold, 2 million+ you get two expert trainers and 20, 000 gold and 3 million+ you get a master trainer and 30, 000 gold. Even if you get 10 or 20 million points, you’ll still get the same prizes as those who achieved 3 million and over.

In addition, you get 10 rings everytime you complete TODAY’S MISSION which changes everyday. Missions are different for everyone and can be one of four:

  • Orbs 「オーブ」is where you have a certain number of orbs you need to give to your friends.
  • Pieces 「ピース」is where you have to play and destroy a certain number of pieces.
  • Score 「スコア」is where you need to achieve an accumulated score of 5 million points or so. It doesn’t mean you have to get 5 million in one game, it means you have to keep playing until all your scores add up to 5 million or whatever score they give you.
  • Play 「プレイ」is where you’re required to play the challenge a number of times.

As you complete a challenge, you earn a certain amount of points that go into your title/rank 「称号」and as you rank up, you get more rewards such as rings, gold, friend coins etc.


Photo 13-05-2015 2 26 25 pmPhoto 13-05-2015 7 29 18 pm

WELCOME PARTY is basically friend coin heaven. There’s not much point to this feature other than it being your main source for friend coins as well as seeing who got what princes (only princes of 3 star rarity and up will appear). When a friend gets a new prince, that prince will show up under ‘INVITED TO’ aka. a ‘party’ that you’re invited to. All you do is tap ‘see’ and post a message. The best thing is they have a message already there so you just tap OK and voila – you got yourself easy friend coins which you can use in the friend gacha!

If you get new princes, it will show up on ‘IN SESSION‘ where your friends will post messages. Just tap ‘see’ and you’ll also get friend coins too! Princes appear on the list for 24 hours before it goes under ‘ENDED‘.

STORY is where all the quests and stories are. There are 5/6 areas opened at the moment but I’m sure in the future they’ll open the rest.

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 02 15 PM

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 05 41 PM

NEW PRINCE STORIES unlock when you first get your prince and when they reach certain levels. When you read their stories, they will give you two options to choose from which are very important as it will affect what awakening route your prince will follow. More on this later in the post.

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 07 19 PMPhoto 15-10-2015, 6 04 07 PM

If you tap on ALREADY READ STORIES LIST, you will go to pages of princes you’ve met as pictured above. The ones with either the sun or moon icons highlighted means I have awakened them and read all their stories.

If you wish to browse through them, tap on SEARCH and a window will pop up (image on the right above). Choose your settings and you’ll easily find the prince/s you’re looking for.

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 06 19 PM Photo 15-10-2015, 6 06 28 PM

NEW CORRELATED STORIES reveal stories and relationships between princes. You need to unlock certain princes in order to unlock these stories as well as use story keys.

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 06 56 PM Photo 15-10-2015, 6 07 04 PM

When you have two princes needed for the correlated story, it will look something like this. As you clear them, you will get a chest with a reward after. Eventually, you will see stories with keyholes in them which require story keys in order for you to read them. Right now, you can only get story keys from the ring shard exchange for 30 shards.

NEW SIDE STORIES can be unlocked by levelling up the library in community.

Main story quests: in order to unlock areas and/or get certain princes, you’ll need to complete the main stories. You’ll know if a map and quest is part of the main story if it has 「メイン」on the top and next to the quest!

Photo 13-05-2015 8 15 42 pmPhoto 13-05-2015 8 16 40 pm

Free quests「フリー」don’t need to be completed. You can choose to skip it or complete it to get extra items, experience, princes and even gems. Free quests are like drop quests where you have to drop certain items in order to open the chest and get your prize. Even if you drop 4 boxes in a round, it does not mean you’ve automatically unlocked the chest. Sometimes it’ll take a few turns, other times it could take much longer as it all depends on luck.

Photo 15-10-2015, 6 05 26 PM

Daily, training and event quests are always located in MOON GARDEN (ムーンガーデン) as pictured above.

Daily quests involve different fairies on different days of the week (excluding Friday and Weekends) which are used to awaken princes.

  • Monday: Fairy babies
  • Tuesday: Sun and Moon fairies (fairies holding a sun or moon wand)
  • Wednesday: Grimoire fairies (holding a book)
  • Thursday: Princess and Queen fairies
  • Friday: Princess Lesson (for experience, divided into 3 difficulty levels, higher = more exp)
  • Saturday/Sunday: Gold dogs you sell for lots of gold

Training quests drop ‘trainer dogs (don’t know what animals they are really but let’s stick with dogs for now)’ which you use to feed and level up your princes. The quests are divided into the 5 colours and come in different rarities: 1 star gives the smallest experience and 4 star gives a much higher amount of experience. If you clear the whole quest and open the chest, you get a 5 star training dog.

The (ある日の王子様) ‘One Day of a Prince’ is a quest where you read a prince’s story set before he meets the heroine. The prince changes every Thursday 3PM JST but you don’t unlock that prince as it’s just a story quest. You do get a gem if you complete it so that’s a plus.

Event quests occur frequently and vary every time and involve different kind of quests. There are currently 4 main event quest types at the moment and some events are a combination of two.

  • The 解放 unlock quest requires you to just clear the whole entire quest before it unlocks the special prince. It usually takes a lot of time to clear as there are alot of rounds and the difficulty gets harder and harder.
  • The ドロップ drop quest depends on luck and you can only hope that the boss drops the chest with the prince. For some people it may drop on the first turn, for others it may take days before it drops. Drop quests are divided into three difficulty levels – intermediate (中級), advanced (上級) and super class (超級). The higher the class, the higher the chances of you dropping the special prince.
  • The  イベント event quest requires you to accumulate points from doing the event quests and the more points you get, the more rewards you earn. They are also divided into difficulty levels so people in lower ranks and levels can play. They’ll have a list of the rewards you get and the points needed to get them so for instance, you’d need 90, 000 points to unlock the 5 star prince. You get about 1000+ points everytime you play so it takes a very long time, but with hard work and playing when there’s double will get you there.
  • The イベントガチャ event gacha quest requires you to collect pink coins called awakening coins (めざめコイン) which you use to roll the event gacha. You get pink coins just from doing the event quests and they’ll drop chests with random amounts of awakening coins. One roll is 200 coins and you’ll need to roll a certain amount to guarantee yourself the event princes.

PRINCES page will bring you to your team of princes.

Photo 13-05-2015 2 21 35 pm

ALBUM is where you can re-read all the princes’ stories (ストーリー一覧) you’ve unlocked as well as a gallery (ギャラリー) where you can browse through all the CGs you’ve unlocked through reading prince stories.

Photo 13-05-2015 2 22 12 pm

TRAINING is where you can train/feed your princes to level them up. To feed them, choose your BASE which is the prince you want to level up and the training dogs you want to use. Make sure you have enough gold as it gets expensive if your prince is at a high level. You can feed a maximum of 10 dogs in one go.

When you max your prince’s level and have read all their stories, you can awaken them! Awakening princes means you change their appearance, improve their stats and most of the time change their skills (doesn’t apply to 1 and 2 star princes). More info below.

If you have two of the same princes and you feed one to the other, you increase their maximum level, stats and their skill level. Leveling up the skill level does not change its skill name or effect, but just decreases the amount of pieces required to activate the skill so you can use the skill faster in battle. You can also level up the skill level by feeding two princes with matching skills, however it is only by CHANCE so won’t be guaranteed a skill level up. You can feed a prince with the same prince a maximum of 4 times.

When you feed the same prince to a prince, you increase their max level by 5 so you can increase the max level by 20. For example, 5 stars have a normal max level of 60 and feeding them once with the same prince will bring it up to 65. Feeding them 4 times altogether will bring that level 80. If they are awakened, their normal max level is 70 which means you can max their level to 90! You can choose to feed them with the same prince before or after awakening them! If you feed them before you awaken then, their max level carries over to their awakened form.

*If you have maxed out a prince’s level to 80, you can still awaken them at their normal max level at 60!

To unlock a prince’s SECRET STORY, you need to feed your prince with the same prince at least TWICE and you can feed them anytime before or after you awaken them. After you awaken and max out their level, you will unlock their SECRET STORY and there’s a secret story for both the sun and moon route. Secret stories aren’t available for every prince yet since it’s still being released with updates, but after unlocking their secret story, your prince’s rarity stars will be pink instead of yellow and you unlock their extra story. No rewards sadly.

ALL MEMBERS is where you can see all your princes, training dogs, fairies etc. in the one page. If you’re running out of space, click on 「上限拡張する」to expand your limit which costs one fairy gem. If you want to lock a prince so you don’t accidently sell or feed it, tap on the prince and then tap on the lock icon in the top right corner.

Photo 1-08-2015 10 15 27 pm

ORGANISE is where you can change/create teams. All you have to do is press the PLUS + button and tap on the prince to add them to a team or if you want to take them off, just tap on them again. You can create a total of 5 teams and if you want to give them a team name, just tap the quill icon in the middle.

It’s up to you on who you want as the leader as it does not necessarily have to be your strongest prince, but your leader of your main team will be the one that will appear as a support for your friends. Each prince has two skills: their own skill which activates during the game, and their passive LEADER skill which is effective throughout battles. Choose a leader whose skill is more helpful and useful to you or your friends!

Each prince has a COST while you have a COST LIMIT. Let’s say you just started playing and you’ve got a 5 star prince already. Because your cost is low, you won’t be able to use rare princes (which have high COST) until you’ve ranked higher. Your cost increases as you rank up and you’ll eventually be able to use more rare princes in your team. In other words, COST and COST LIMIT are there to force yourself to rank up more and make it a fair game for all.

HP is straightforward as that is your party’s HP. However, it’s not your final HP as you choose a supporting prince to help you in your battles so it will be higher.

RECOVERY is the amount of HP you get from hearts in battle. This changes depending on what princes you have in your team. Whether you decide to prioritise HP or RECOVERY is totally up to you as it all depends on your princes and their skills.

If you have gold dogs or spare princes you want to sell, you can go to SELL (it actually means ‘FAREWELL‘ but it’s basically selling off your princes) to sell them there. Gold dogs give gold depending on how rare it is, and selling any prince with 3 star rarity or more will give you 10 rings in return.

Photo 1-08-2015 10 15 34 pm

ORGANISE ALL lets you freely organise and change all your teams. Just tap the person you want to replace and tap the prince you want to replace them with. I recommending using this to change your teams with ease compared to the one on the PRINCE front page.

The next part is AWAKENING which is perhaps one of the most complex parts of the game.

Each prince has a sun and moon awakening, both involving different stories, outfits, and usually passive skills and stats for each. Whether they follow the sun or moon route depends on the answers you choose during their stories which you unlock when the character reaches certain levels. You can read their stories when you go to ストーリー and then to 新着王子ストーリー

During stories, you’ll be given two choices and  each choice either gives sun or moon points which will determine your character’s route when they reach their maximum level. To know which answer to choose, go to this page, click on your character’s name, then scroll down the page until you see 選択肢 (choices) which lists the options you get in each chapter. Answers next to 月 (moon) means it will add that number of points to the moon route, and answers next to 太陽 (sun) means it will add that number of points to the sun route. When they reach their maximum level, you can choose to ‘awaken’ them and they will awaken the route with the most points.


When you go to a prince’s profile and then press 切替 to switch his profile tab, it will show the above. The scale on the bottom indicates how many points are in the sun and moon route and which one the character is likely to follow.

If you are not happy with the route they’re taking, tap on 傾き変更 to use your sun drops (太陽のしずく) or moon drops (月のしずく) to add points and change the prince’s route. Sun/moon drops can be obtainable from the fountain, as event rewards, from the shop which you buy using gems or real money, certain quests or you can trade your ring shards for them in the ring gacha.


Before you can awaken  your prince, you need to max their level, read ALL their stories and have the required amount of gold and awakening fairies. You can check what you need or what you’re missing by tapping on 覚醒 (awakening) in the PRINCE page and then the prince. Certain fairies are only available on a particular weekday.

  • Monday: Fairy babies
  • Tuesday: Sun and Moon fairies (fairies holding a sun or moon wand)
  • Wednesday: Grimoire fairies (holding a book)
  • Thursday: Princess and Queen fairies
  • Friday: Princess Lesson (for experience, divided into 3 difficulty levels, higher = more exp)
  • Saturday/Sunday: Gold dogs you sell for lots of gold

As you can see in the above image, I cannot awaken Sai because I don’t have enough fairies, have not maxed his level and have not read his stories yet.

When you awaken your prince, their level resets to level 1. Their stats change and they’re stronger, but you’ll be starting from the bottom again. You can check out a character’s sun and moon outfits and stats before you awaken them by going here. Click on your character’s name, scroll down to 太陽ルート (sun route) and 月ルート (moon route) and then click the + button which will show a picture of their outfits.

Everytime you max a prince in their AWAKENED VERSION, you will get one gem. So if you have two of the same princes but one in sun and one in moon, you will get one gem EACH since they are different routes. If you unlock their secret story, you don’t get anything (sadly) other than an extra story.

*After you awaken a prince, you CANNOT revert them back to their original form.


Photo 13-05-2015 2 22 54 pm

GACHAPON is pretty straightforward: you can test your luck and use your gems, rings and friendship coins to get rare princes and items. There are FOUR gachapons:

  • Prince Gacha: this is the main gachapon where you can obtain princes with 3 star rarity and up. It costs 5 gems for one roll and ofcourse 50 gems for 10 rolls. There is no proof that rolling 50 gems will give you more rare princes as some people have been lucky to get one 5 star and others managing to only get one 4 star and no 5 stars. The chances of getting a 3 star prince is 80.5%, 4 star is 17% and 5 star is 2.5%.
  • Ring Gacha: every 5 gems you roll, you get three items: a random amount of rings and two random items which could be gold and/or training dogs. You can also exchange your rings for princes and rare items.
  • Event Gacha: event gacha is only available during events. As you complete event quests, you get awakening coins which you use to roll the gacha.
  • Friend Gacha: friend gacha is the standard gacha where you use your friendship coins to get fairies, 1-3 star princes, training dogs and gold dogs.


Photo 13-05-2015 2 23 05 pm

Shop is pretty straightforward – you use your real money to purchase in-app items such as gems and drops.



As you rank up, your FRIEND LIST will increase. If you want to delete a friend, just press the green [i] button, then click on 「フレンド解除」 to delete them. If you want to invite a friend into your community, press the [i] button on your friend and then tap on 「コミュニティー勧誘」to invite them (if it’s greyed out then they’re already in one).

To see your friend requests, click UNCONFIRMED and then select 「承認する」if you want to approve or 「拒否する」to deny.

Tapping on SEARCH will show you your game ID which your friends can use to add you! You can also add your friend’s ID here.

CHAT will lead you out of the game and onto a website called Lobi where you can chat to other players around the world.


Photo 13-05-2015 2 23 27 pm

It’s not shown here but 「お知らせ」are NOTICES and will tell you all the events, news and maintenances.

PLAYER INFO lets you change your player name, heroine name and a small profile message which will be seen by your friend list.

HELP gives you info on how to play the game etc.

WHOLE CHAT is pretty much the same as the chat in your friend’s list where it will take you to a website so you can chat with the Yume100 community.

ITEMS LIST shows you all the sun/moon drops, rings and story keys you earn.

OPTIONS lets you change the sounds (BGM, Sound Effects, Voices), change whether you want the app to notify you if you have full stamina (ON, OFF), scenario playback speed (slow, normal, fast), text speed (normal, fast, all at once) and quest battle cut-in (ON, OFF).

ENTER SERIAL CODE is where you enter serial codes of Yume100 campaigns.

TRANSFER DATA is where you can transfer your data to another device. To do this, you click on 「引き継ぎパスワードの確認」and it will create a password for you to use. On your new device, when you’re at the title page, click on 「データ引き継ぎ」, enter your password and it should successfully transfer your data. Doing so will delete all your data in your old device so take note of this! KEEP YOUR CODE SOMEWHERE SAFE.

If you have lost all your data and did not create a password, then you will have to email Yume100 support by tapping「問い合わせ」on the title screen and telling them that you’ve lost your data. *Please do not ask me to help/do this for you as I have not the time nor energy.

General Tips

  • For teams, it is best to have your main team mixed aka. have one of every type that way you have a balanced main team.
  • You’ll easily run out of space so every now and them, spend one gem to increase your member limit so you can collect more fairies and princes. If you log in everyday, every 5 days you will receive a gem which I would recommend to increase the member limit.
  • Do the challenge everyday to complete the mission as rings are tedious to collect but will get you rare princes when you save up 400.
  • Go through the main story as you start out so you can level and rank up your princes since you will most likely be too low-level to play events.
  • Add many friends as their princes will prove to be very helpful in your quests and challenges!
  • Remember to lock the princes you want to keep as soon as you get them because I’ve had instances where I’ve accidently fed them to princes!
  • There are many ways to get gems so if you’re persistent, you can collect enough to roll the gacha! Save 50 gems and you’ll get a guaranteed 4 star!
    • Log in everyday.
    • Go through your quests as some of them reward gems
    • After you have maxed an awakened prince and read all their stories, you will get a gem. This applies once and you can get a gem from the sun route and a gem from the moon route.
    • Do the ‘One Day of a Prince’ story quest weekly to get a gem.
    • You get rewarded a bunch of gems when you log in for 50 days, 100 days, 150 days etc.
    • Keep up to date with current events and campaigns.


When you start the game, you’ll have a list of missions to do to get various rewards. If you complete all 9, you’ll be able to get Almari! The missions are:

  1. Do the friend gachapon.
  2. Train and level a prince to level 15.
  3. Read up to Story 2 of a prince’s story.
  4. Set up your birthday (it’s in PLAYER INFO under MENU).
  5. Play the score challenge.
  6. Do a training quest.
  7. Login for two days straight.
  8. Join a community or create one.
  9. Clear Chapter 2, Story 5 of the main story.

I hope this guide is helpful for people starting out (welcome to prince boy hell) and a big thankyou to my friend Emong and Eva who helped me as well! There is a lot to this game so I tried my best explaining and covering everything, but if I have missed out on anything or there’s something you want me to clarify, leave me a comment or email me!

I also have a Yume100 tumblr I use to post translations on events so feel free to check that out! Happy gaming and add me if you like: 1092323982 :)

72 thoughts on “Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Oujisama Guide

  1. Aya

    Thank you very much for this guide! Hopefully we’ll have more people falling into yume100 hell–I mean, more yume100 players in the English community \o/

    One thing that I’d like to add though, it’d be helpful to mention that you need to set your device’ timezone to Japanese time (GMT+9) in order to properly play most quests; I’ve seen a good amount of players having trouble completing their mission because they can’t start the training quest ;-;

    This guide covers a lot though, thank you so much for taking the time to write it and putting it together!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! You’re welcome! Hehe I’ve noticed more and more people are playing prince boys so I wanted to help them!

      Ah yes! I can’t believe I forgot to mention this important detail of changing the phone time ;_; Thankyou so much again!

      Happy gaming :)

  2. christine d.

    I’m actually going to try to back up my data, since I need to reset my tablet. Once I’ve backed it up, I’ll tell you how the process goes in more detail.

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! I’ve backed up my data before but I guess I should add how the process goes here. But yes do let me know!

      1. christine d.

        Oh, I didn’t know that! XD well, it’s up to you to write it up I guess?

  3. christine d.

    Oh, also to download the game, you can use a VPN or use what I used, which is QooApp. Although it’s confusing to navigate (since it’s chinese!), I think you can type yume oukoku and it should come out with the icon.

  4. xankyou

    I’ve been playing this game for about 2 months but only now I know that we could actually tap a yumekui we want to destroy first (i feel so dumb now) so thank you very much for this guide!

    Will you translate the princes’ stats / profiles from the japanese wiki too?

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! You’re welcome! Yeah it’s something alot of other people don’t realise too heh!

      I have thought about it but it will be a lengthy progress so perhaps one day I will when I find the effort ;w;

  5. ☆ アメリア (@ameri_lie)

    Hello! Thank you so much for making the guide ^^
    I want to ask regarding the transfer data password, can I use it as a backup in case I have to reinstall my game? or do you have to renew the password every month or something? Thanks before ^^

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! You’re welcome! I highly recommend you screenshot and write your password somewhere safe. I believe the password doesn’t change so you don’t have to renew it!

  6. tiarinako

    Hello!can you help me? When I finish tutorial, in game they write something like:”TRY again and check your network and storage of your phone”.I did it,but there is nothing!

    1. アユ Post author

      I think when you finish the tutorial, the app will download more data so perhaps it’s asking you to clear some space on your phone. Also, what did you mean “there is nothing”?

      1. tiarinako

        Thank you for answer. I mean that under message is only one answer – OK,I choose it,but after disappears the same message with the same text(((

      2. アユ Post author

        I am not sure what the problem is. What do you mean by ‘choose it’? What did you choose? Can you perhaps send me a screenshot of your problem?

      3. アユ Post author

        It says that there’s a new version and so you need to go to the app store and update your game!

  7. HikaruShirou

    I’ve added you to Prince Hell (ひかる with Rolfe/Rolf/Rolfu)! I hope you have room? NBD if not. Just want to add peeps for missions~ I was trying the Selfie app (won’t let me sign in with my site info..) and Yume100 was one of the ads. And now I’m doomed because I want them all and my main is adorable Rolf but because I can’t read kanji I made him cry. ; w; But it went to moon points so I guess that’s OK. Though I’m not sure what each of his finals look like… I dunno if it’s different now, but have you always been able to choose between FIFTEEN starter princes!? Do you have a community? I just went and searched for one with “English” and it found three (joined the first with closed membership). I need all the help I can get! Dx It’s sword boy hell all over except this one is easier to not get the same three shota over and over. @-@;

    Anyhow, thanks so much for this! I looked it up when I first joined wondering if there was a guide out there and yours popped up first! :D

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! Thanks alot!! I’ve added you back :) You can check out the Japanese wiki which shows what their routes look like if you click on their profile page!

      Haha choosing was hard but I got told that you’ll eventually get the other 3 star starter princes so I didn’t mind my choice.

      I’m with a community at the moment but it’s my friend’s and its just people who we know irl ;w; I’m sure there are more English communities! Or you can make one and find people :)

      You’re welcome! Enjoy prince boys :)

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! No unfortunately there is no way to revert them back to their original form after awakening them.

  8. ethico

    Hello. May I ask if the event princes will be available again someday? I mean I am really into the Red Prince (I don’t know his name, sorry) in the event which has just ended moments ago but I can’t get him since I’m quite new to this game. If the event will have a “re-run” in the future? Or maybe he will be available in the gacha pool?
    (And thank you so much for the guide. It helps me a lot!)

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! Is this Graysia, the Snowphilia prince? That event was actually a re-run event so I don’t think they’ll do the event again. He won’t be in the gacha unfortunately.

      No problem, glad it helped :)

    1. ayu Post author

      Welcome to the fandom! You get gems by doing the Almari missions, clearing quests, logging in daily etc. It’s a slow progress but you will get there!

      1. ayu Post author

        Yes, I think it’s every 5 days or so you get a gem? So better to log in once a day!

  9. Rin Mizuki

    Hallo. I was wondering if it’s possible to use an awakened prince to feed itself for the leveling increase :O? cause I want to awaken both stories :<

    Also, thank you soo much for the guide. haha. I didn't see this till after a week or so of playing but this helps so much, especially for the community part -blindly clicking-

  10. kuruummmi

    It says ” This item isn’t available in your country”. (;_;) Is there any possible way to fix this? I have tried some VPNs but they’re no use. Please help me~

    1. ayu Post author

      Do you use an iPhone or Android? If it’s iPhone you need to make a Japanese iTunes account. If you’re Android you can use QooApp which lets you download apps that aren’t from your country.

  11. Swadloon

    Using Android. I first tried downloading Yume100 through an APK Downloader, but the game gave me an error after the Tap to Start screen. According to my friend who can read Japanese, it means “Unauthorized Account” or something like that.

    I tried using VPN (TunnelBear) to download the app again after making a playstore account from Japan, but I still get the error. After the error I’ll be stuck on Loading..

    Any ideas on how to fix it?

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! I’m sorry I can’t really help you since I use iOS. Have you tried QooApp? I know friends on Android use it!

      1. Nean

        One last question, about the training quest.

        I heard they only appear at 12:00~13:00, 18:00~19:00, and 22:00~23:00 JPT.

        Does this mean I just have to wait for those times and change my timezone to JPT? Will any problems or errors occur if I change my time and/or timezone?

      2. ayu Post author

        Nothing will happen if you change your time/timezone. You don’t have to change it though, the training quests will still appear (Japan hours)!

    1. ayu Post author

      Please read the “community” section as I explained where to choose your favourite prince and the type of policy you want in a community.

  12. gigapeni

    Thank you so much for this guide! Not sure if this is on purpose but in the Taiwanese edition, for the prince gatcha mine costs 250 per roll?? Do we get gems faster than you guys or is something strange going on… Also, I only have 2 of the Alice in wonderland fairy princesses and I want to awaken both Chronos and Heart 😞 will I ever be able to get more of those fairy princesses?

    1. ayu Post author

      Oh really? I had no idea! You have to wait for the event to come back to get those fairy princesses… there’s no other way.

    1. ayu Post author

      You’re welcome! Glad the guide was useful :) I’m afraid I don’t know any games like this, sorry :(

    2. rockprincess77

      Ooops I replied to the wrong comment. I don’t know if you’re going to get an email for that one, but just in case you don’t, I’ll say it here again. I think Idolish seven is like that, I don’t know much about it.

  13. gentle seal (@stayinside4ever)

    hey! i updated the game yesterday through QooApp and now it shows me a “failed to communicate with the server” (or so google translate says) error after the Tap to start screen. i’m sure my connection is fine, though. any idea how to fix this?

  14. Erika Langit

    Um…Sorry to ask this, but say that I have the transfer code and im getting a new phone, do I have to delete the yume100 game from my old phone first, download onto my new phone and then enter the password? (I’m a complete worrywart when it comes to transferring game data and such)

    1. ayu Post author

      You don’t have to delete the Yume100 game on your old phone, but once you enter your password into your new phone, all the data on your old phone will be wiped. You have nothing to worry about, just keep a copy of the transfer password safe.

  15. Setsuna Neko

    Hi Ayu
    Thanks for your help for the ‘revival ticket’ but I may have to bother you again… I’m not sure if you got this from the ‘news’ column but I got one where they seem to advertise the 5 different colour dogs and I’m unable to read what it says… but it seems to bring me directly to the transfer data option. Do you happen to know anything about this?

    1. ayu Post author

      I’m not sure what that would mean… if it’s something about 5 trainer dogs, then it’s either training quests or something else… but for it to bring you to transfer data option doesn’t seem right? Do you perhaps have a screenshot you can show me?

  16. Setsuna Neko

    HI Ayu

    So sorry for the late reply.

    I kind of managed to figure it out. It wanted me to create a pw and gave me the 5 dogs after it was done, but thank you so much for offering to help and so sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. Nina Nguyen

    Hello! First of all, thank you for this very informative guide, it helped me so much when I play and I wouldn’t have made it this far without it <3

    I just have a quick question about the princes; how exactly do you achieve a prince's love breach because a good number of my friends have that little pink heart next to their princes and I've been wondering how to get that :0
    I already maxed out their level after awakening, so I'm very curious about it

    Thank you!

    1. ayu Post author

      You need to have read their secret story which is only accessible if you affection break your prince twice, meaning you have fed the same prince to them twice!

  18. Melissa Goh


    I have a question about Challenge, how do I get title points and exchange them for items.

    Eg: for 300pts, the bonus is one crystal, for 800pts the bonus is 2,000 friend coins.

    How do we get points? Currently mine are 0… :’D


    1. ayu Post author

      You need to keep doing challenge which will increase the green bar at the top right. As you do more challenges, your rank title will go up and you get those rewards!

  19. なすび (@ofnoex)

    Hi, I purchased gems/crystals using an itunes gift card but it did not show up in the app even though my itunes credits were deducted… is there a restore purchase option in-app? thank you!

    1. ayu Post author

      Have you tried closing the app and loading it up again? If it’s still not showing up, you may have to contact them about the problem :(

  20. Pingback: So I started playing Yume 100… – error 404//too spiky

  21. Rei Kurosumi

    It seems they change their backup/transfer data method ? I lost my old account and has to start a new once & want to back it up just in case same thing happen but the takeover code option is gone and now it requires you to backup data using your Twitter or Google account.
    Just letting you know


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