BL News

♔ Check out the cover for Ten Count Volume 3 (pictured)! I was hoping for Kurose to be on the cover with him as well but nevertheless it’s still hot. Release date is 28/2 which is very soon!

♔ 兎オトコ虎オトコ (Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko) Volume 3’s release got pushed back again to 31/12 which a bit of a surprise. It was meant to come out sometime in May, but when I checked Amazon again, the date changed! Not sure what exactly happened with this book always being pushed back but I hope things get sorted out :(

♔ I don’t collect BL magazines so I don’t follow the new works, but it’s nice to see one of my favourites Kumonosuke releasing something! The tank is called まったく君ってばもう (Mattaku Kimitteba Mou) which I have no idea what it’s about but I definitely will be on the look out for this one.

所 ケメコ (Tokoro Kemeko) is making her first BL debut with the release of her tank 鈍色ムジカ (Nibiiro Musica). A rough outline of the story: Takuma (?) lost contact with his best friend Yuki who went to study abroad in Italy to chase his dream of being a cellist. They reunite years after, but Yuki has his eyes bandaged due to an injury and so Takuma acts as his carer. What he doesn’t know is that Yuki had unrequited feelings for him ever since junior highschool. It seems like another story with childhood friends who reunite but it sounds quite angsty and they state that it’s ‘beautiful and erotic’ so maybe I’ll give it a read. I’ve never really heard of Tokoro-sensei but according to MU, she has mainly done shoujo smut and one yuri title so I’m happy to see her debut doing well.

♔ Don’t forget to nominate your favourite BL manga, mangaka, drama CDs, characters, seiyuu etc. on ChilChil for the BL Awards 2015! They have an English and Chinese option so users overseas who don’t understand Japanese can vote too (you have to log in/register though)! Voting closes 22/2 and results will be released 1/4.


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