Hitorijime Boyfriend (Gateau Comics) by Arii Memeco

I’m sure most of you who used JManga are aware that the website closed down a long time ago and so I decided to do this very short review of one of my purchases.

ひとりじめボーイフレンド (IDコミックス GATEAUコミックス) / ありい めめこ
Year: 2010 (Ichijinsha)
Themes: possessive seme, childhood friends, quite a naive uke
Volumes: 1

“Would you like to break up with me again or be held, which would you prefer?” My former friend with the beautiful face, whom I’ve run into again after so long, only says things that cause me trouble. In the winter of sixth grade, Oshiba Kensuke was upset about having to separate from his best friend Asaya Hasekura in middle school, and ended up breaking off their friendship. Three years has passed since then, and Hasekura comes in contact with Kensuke like nothing had changed. Kensuke was happy they could repair their friendship, but Hasekura says something completely out of left field… (from JManga)

This book wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it. It’s cute, it’s funny and I think it was worth the point purchase. I guess the reason why it didn’t leave a big impression on me is because the story felt quite generic and I’ve seen my fair share of these sort of stories and characters (reminded me of ‘Boku no Ano ko’ by Yuzuya Haruhi). You have Hasekura who is handsome, popular and possessive whereas Kensuke, who is the complete opposite, struggles to deal with Hasekura’s over-jealous nature. The story overall isn’t great but Arii’s gorgeous art and the silliness of the couple were enjoyable enough.


2 thoughts on “Hitorijime Boyfriend (Gateau Comics) by Arii Memeco

  1. yaoidaisuki

    I like this manga ^^
    It’s cute!!
    “possessive seme” is in almost all BL mangas XD

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah I don’t mind it, it is cute and that’s the only thing that stops me from completely dismissing it haha! I agree, possessive semes are quite common, it’s no surprise really!


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