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I can’t believe it’s already the end of 2014, and what a way for it to end with the release of UtaPri Island (http://utapri.com/app/island/)! If you were like me who followed closely to the app, you’d know that it came out earlier this year, but due to the unexpected numbers of people downloading and trying to install the app, the server crashed so much that they had to do maintenance and had to push it toward the end of this year. I thought I would never be able to play, but thankfully today UtaPri Island is released! It’s currently available for iOS only at the moment but I’m sure an Android version will be released as well.

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When you start the app, you put in your name, birthday and choose which idol you want to be your dress-up doll/partner. Whoever you choose will greet you when you start the app, will be the one you hear talking etc. It also changes the app colour scheme depending on the idol you choose, so if you choose Otoya, your buttons will be red!

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After you confirm your name, birthday and chosen idol, you can start playing!!

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When you start the app, you’ll automatically go to the ‘INFORMATION’ page where it just has special notices as well as events. Also, you can see that the buttons on the bottom are all in English so players who have little to no Japanese skills won’t have a hard time navigating.


There are two games in UtaPri Island. I’m not sure if they’ll add more in the future, but for now you have ‘Prince Drops’ and ‘Wonder Getter’. You have 5 coins to begin with and everytime you play a game, it costs one coin. If you use up all 5 coins, it means you’ll have to wait about 2 hours for them to replenish before you can play games again.

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If you’re familiar with games like ‘Bejeweled’ then you’d definitely know that Prince Drops has the same concept. It is a tile-matching game and your aim is to swap one drop with an adjacent drop to form either a vertical or horizontal chain of three or more drops of the same colour. This causes the drop combos to disappear and the more combos you get, the more points you get.

Photo 31-12-2014 2 57 42 pm

The bar near the top is the bonus gauge. As you score more chains and points, the bar fills up and when it reaches 100%, a bonus time occurs. When this happens, all of one random drop colour is taken out temporarily, creating easier chains and combos.

Photo 31-12-2014 2 58 17 pmPhoto 31-12-2014 3 06 54 pm

During gameplay, when you get a combo of five drops, you’ll get either a ‘Rainbow Drop‘ (first picture) if it’s a drop combo of any character from STARISH or a ‘Quartet Drop‘ (second picture) if it’s a drop combo of any character from the senpai group Quartet Night. Tapping these will cause rows and columns of drops to disappear, scoring you lots of game points.

If you get a combo of four drops, you get a ‘Miracle Drop‘ where a drop turns into random colours and when you tap it, it stops at a prince drop, causing all of that one drop colour to disappear. For example, if you stop at Ranmaru’s drop, all of his drops will disappear.

You’ll also get mini challenges that will get you extra points and/or prizes if you complete them. For instance, it’ll either tell you to destroy a certain drop (i.e. Otoya’s red drops) a number of times OR to get a certain number of combos.

Photo 31-12-2014 2 53 11 pm

The next game ‘Wonder Getter’ is pretty straightforward and is the same as UFO crane games, only the toys you have to catch move around so it makes it a bit harder. Your controls are on the bottom of the screen: you have your arrows to move around and the ‘GET’ button to have your idol shoot a beam that catches the toys. There is no time limit but you have a number of attempts before it’s game over.


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Album (アルバム) – shows all your bromides, Piyo-chan collection, memorial collection and room items that you have attained.
My Room (マイルーム) – shows your room and allows you to customise it.
Dress Up Settings (きせかえ設定) – (will edit later)
Player Information (プレイヤー情報) – shows your player information such as your birthday, player ID and your favourites. you can change your name and message by tapping the 編集 button, and your favourites by tapping the box and browsing your collection.
Friend List (フレンドリスト) – here you can check your friends list, search and add friends by adding their ID, check messages and check your friend requests.


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The shop is still a work in progress so there’s only Kuji (Lottery) available. Tapping that will take you to a page where you can use your points to win items!


Photo 31-12-2014 3 31 41 pm

There isn’t much with missions but the current ones under ‘Special’ involve getting actual magazines and typing in the serial code to get special items. I wouldn’t worry too much about this unless you really buy their stuff.

That’s pretty much a rough introduction and guide to the game! It’s still relatively new so I’ll be editing this post when they add new updates and features. Feel free to add me and comment if you need help or if you just want to share your thoughts!

Before I end this post, I wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2014 hasn’t been a great year for me for blogging (only 6 posts this year wow) but I’ll continue to stay thankful to my readers and will always help with whatever I can. I look forward to what 2015 will bring and hope everyone else will have a better year. I can’t promise that I’ll be active though, but you can always give me a shout on Twitter!

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s face the new year with enthusiasm and renewed vigour!

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  1. yaoidaisuki

    Happy New Year!! :D
    Awww, I wanted to play this but my phone is an old one ;_;
    I love UtaPri :3


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