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Some of you may or may not have heard, but Toranoana and Tenso are now working together to deliver goods overseas! Now everyone can buy doujinshis and support their artists and their work more! :) I decided to write a guide for those who want to buy from the website, but don’t understand Japanese. I hope this proves to be useful! If you want more information on Tenso and their fees, shipping etc., feel free to research their website here!

*Please read everything carefully before commenting/emailing me! I get a lot of the same questions and tried my best to address them all here.

Register at Tenso (

You need to register here before you do anything else! It’s pretty straightforward; just fill in the form like you would normally do. After you register, you will get Tenso’s address that you will be using for Japanese online shopping! It should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.54.30 pm

It should be the same except for the red parts. Your shipping address should have your Tenso membership number (you’ll see it next to your name near the log out button) in it.

After this, you need to go through the ‘Proof of Identity Verification’ process where you submit a copy of your identification (such as your car licence, photo I.D, passport etc.) by either uploading it, emailing or by mail. In other words, make sure all the details you give to Tenso match your documents or you will not be able to receive packages.

When you have done this, wait a day or two, and they will email you informing that your identification documents have been verified if you’ve provided the correct details. If Tenso however says that they can’t verify, you need to edit your details to make it match your identification 100% (don’t forget your middle name!).

*If your identity on Tenso has not been confirmed, they will just keep your items until they confirm it. You can still shop online but you won’t be able to receive them if you haven’t done this step.

**Although this is a guide for Toranoana, you can freely use Tenso address for any other Japanese website (Amazon Japan, Animate, TSUTAYA, Tokyu Hands etc.) :)

Toranoana Registration

Toranoana’s registration is all in Japanese so this might be the one step people may struggle with.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.04.40 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.03.22 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.11.38 pmClicking this shows that you agree to their terms and conditions.

After that, you’ll come to a page with form boxes which is obviously where you put in your details.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.12.05 pm

*If you don’t know what your name is in Japanese, use this website which converts English to Katakana. Just type in your name, convert it to katakana and you’ll get your name in Japanese. Your first and last name will be separated with a dot ・

**Because I have a middle name, I separated my middle and first name with the dot・to be safe. If you don’t have a middle name, then you can just skip this part.

To make things easy, there is the ‘address and postal code search‘ button there which is convenient. Put in the postal code of your Tenso address, click the button, and you’ll go to this page.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.13.25 pm

After you click the button, this should automatically fill in your prefecture and city. It should look like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.15.53 pm

And now you fill the rest of the stuff in! I did a sample to make it easier. I outlined the parts that should be already filled in after you put in your postal code. In other words, you don’t need to add or change anything :)

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.46.25 pmAddress should be the numbers in your Tenso address (42-4), and your building/apartment name should be your Tenso membership number and the stuff after it (e.g. TSXXXXXX転送コム) so put that in the kanji section.

Now when putting the address and building/apartment name in katakana, each digit and letter must be in katakana. I made a list of numbers and their katakana counterparts, so use this to help you. With the dashes (-) I just left it as that.

TS ティーエス

転送コム in katakana is テンソウコム

1  イチ
2  ニ (please do not confuse this with the kanji  二)
3 サン
4 ヨン
5 ゴ
6 ロク
7 ナナ
8 ハチ
9 キュウ
0 ゼロ

*If your address is 1-2-3, then it would be イチ-ニ-サン
**If your Tenso membership number is TS123456転送コム, then in katakana it would be ティーエスイチニサンヨンゴロクテンソウコム

Moving on!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.13.39 am


After you have filled everything, click the grey button on the bottom, and it will take you to this page.

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.22.46 am

This is just a review of the details you have put in. If you think you need to change something, click the blue link on the bottom left. If you’re happy with everything, click the small grey button on the bottom right!

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.22.56 am

If you get this page, congratulations, you have just successfully registered with Toranoana! The bold part here is your membership ID. Please do not forget this as this will be your login so write this down somewhere!

Toranoana Shopping Guide

You find all the goods either on the main Toranoana mail order site here or the Princess Side here which is more aimed to women since it has BL (boy x boy) goods as well. Both websites are practically the same in terms of layout and everything, but they sell different goods so feel free to browse as much as you like (**18 year olds only).

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.10.28 pm

Whether you’re shopping in the main or Princess Side site, when you click on a product, the page should look something like this.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.26.35 pmClick on the grey button highlighted. Make sure the product is still available!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.35.33 pmAfter you’re happy with what you have in your cart, click on the grey button to start processing your order.

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering both pre-order items (check the sale date next to 発行日 and if the grey button next to the quantity says 予約 – this means that the item is up for PRE-ORDER) and in-stock items, you will pay shipping twice for both.

Also, there are two shipping options:
「予約毎度便」means they will ship your items as soon as they are in stock. If you want your items to arrive fast and don’t mind multiple packages, choose this.
「予約定期便」means they will ship in-stock items every Tuesday. This helps you save some money on shipping as well as reducing the amount of packages you get as they will bulk. How it works is, for example, if you ordered a number of books and they were all in-stock on the same week, rather than getting multiple packages sent, they will bulk and send it all the following Tuesday. I would recommend this option if your items are all on stock and/or released around the same time as each other.

*You cannot combine shipping/packages as this is how Toranoana does business. You can combine your packages with Tenso however (read below for more info).

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.27.59 pm

You’ll come to this page, which just confirms if you want it to be sent to your address. After that, click next.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.28.37 pm

This is where you choose your payment method. Choose to pay by credit card, leave the next part, and then choose whether you’d like a receipt or not.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 3.28.55 pm

Almost there! After you choose credit card payment (THEY ONLY ACCEPT THE ABOVE CARDS LISTED – THEY ALSO DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL!) you fill in your details. It’s pretty straightforward from here, so after you’re done, click the 「次へ」grey button on the bottom right and it’ll take you to a page which confirms your credit card details. You can type the name on your card in English.

IMPORTANT! I get a lot of comments/emails from people who have the problem of Toranoana rejecting their debit Visa/Mastercard cards. I can confidently tell you that some debit cards work (mine works fine), but for others it doesn’t as it all depends on their card and bank. Japan usually doesn’t accept debit cards but if your card does not work, please check with your bank provider! I am not a banker, I cannot solve all your card problems.

After that, click the grey button on the bottom to confirm your whole order and you should be done! They will tell you that your order has been successful and the numbers you are given is your receipt and order number so keep that safe. You’ll also get an email that confirms your order and after that is the waiting game :)

*Do not panic if they don’t automatically charge your card. They will charge it when they’re about to ship your package so make sure to have a sufficient amount of money in there or they will cancel your order and you will have to order again. If you chose the option to ship out your order as soon as there is stock, it should roughly take a week (don’t take my word – it varies depending on Toranoana’s stock etc.) to ship and then 2-5 days to and arrive at Tenso, but if you chose the option to have it be sent on Tuesdays, give it 1-2 weeks or longer to ship. Toranoana is a bit unpredictable however since I have had orders take longer to ship than others so please be patient.

**To check the status of your order, click on 「購入履歴/配送状況」 (Purchase History/Delivery Status) located on the left sidebar, then click either:
「未発送一覧」(Not Shipped List)
「発送準備中・商品入荷待ち」 (Shipping in Progress/Backordered Items)
「発送完了」 (Shipping Completed)
「品切れ・キャンセル」 (Out of Stock/Cancelled)
After you click any of these links, choose between which two dates you want them to show orders from (i.e. orders from 1/5/2015 to 5/5/2015) and then click the 検索する (Search) grey button. After you’ve made an order, it should be under the ‘not shipped list’ so check back every couple of days and it’ll eventually move to ‘shipping in progress’. If it’s a pre-order, sometimes they take a bit longer after the said sale date to send your order so don’t worry.

When Tenso gets your order and has calculated your shipping (this can take a few days even after they have gotten your items), they will email you so log-in to Tenso and click on ‘International Shipment’. Click on the order, choose which shipping method you want to use (SAL, EMS etc. and it’ll show you how much it costs), pay for it and Tenso will ship out your package within the next few days!

*If you have multiple orders at Tenso, you can choose to consolidate, which means they can pack your orders in one package and send them altogether. There is a fee but it’s worth it if you don’t want to pay shipping for every item.

I hope this helps for not just Tenso users, but other people who want to shop on Toranoana while using different proxy services. I chose Tenso because I think their prices are reasonable and so far I haven’t been disappointed with their service! One thing however is that the whole shipping process and the time it takes to get to your place varies and in some cases, can take longer than expected (minimum 2-3 weeks) so if you choose to buy Toranoana and use Tenso, prepare to wait a while.

Please feel free to email or comment if you’re stuck or need help and I’ll do my best to do what I can :)


147 thoughts on “Guide to Tenso x Toranoana

  1. Laura Lanford

    Do they really ship using SAL if we ask them to? It’s such a relief because all they mention in their site is EMS and the shipping rates scare me a lot, so I never tried Tenso before ^^;;
    Can we use the Tenso address at other websites and order other kinds of stuff? I mean, sometimes I want to buy limited edition game preorders, it would be nice to have alternates to the service I currently use~

    1. アユ Post author

      Yes, you can email them about it! The only way they won’t ship SAL is if your package is really heavy ;;
      Yes you can use Tenso address on Amazon Japan, Rakuten etc. anywhere really! :D

  2. Eu

    This is sooo nice!
    Thanks for this Ayu! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ I am avoiding Toranoana since it looks intimidating. lol
    Bookmarking this for future reference~! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

  3. Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca

    Thank you for the guide but is the only way to pay via credit card? I don’t have one as I’ve only been forced to use paypal and my debit card with Tenso (which isn’t accepted by toranoana).

    1. アユ Post author

      If you don’t live in Japan, you have to pay by credit card since Toranoana’s other payment options include cash-on-delivery (which means you need to be living in Japan). You can use either a credit or debit card, but if you don’t have one, then unfortunately you can’t buy from them since Toranoana does not accept Paypal :(

      My advice would be to get a pre-paid credit card where you can load money into it and use it to shop online! Hope this helps!

      1. Shirou Kotomine

        Hey, I can’t use my Visa on the website…

        I did as you told but when I input my card info, it put me back to this page with some Jap which translate to be that my credit card couldn’t regist to the site… What should I do?

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi! Could you send me an email to kiokunoaria(at) so we can talk further? So sorry to hear that!! :(

  4. Taka

    Wonderful guide Ayu! Thank you so much for this, I was having trouble with the Katakana bit when registering for Toranoana, this was exactly what I needed ヾ(*´∇`)ノ♪!!

  5. Dale Housley

    Excellent Guide: I tried using my JAA shipping information to register, but Toranoana was just too picky. I couldn’t get it to stop complaining about the address so … I signed up with Tenso and it worked perfectly. I haven’t ordered anything yet so I don’t know if it is all going to function perfectly, but I have high hopes! I could never have registered without your guidance.

    1. アユ Post author

      Thankyou so much for your comment! I’m glad this guide proved to be helpful to you! :D And hope everything does work out with your future orders!

  6. Lim Seul

    Q_Q is it just me or tenso registration in english page is error? D: i can’t order :(

    1. ケイネス・太刀 (@lordtarojiro)

      Hello! I’ve tried it and turns out if your country is not listed there, you can’t register and it would turn error :( I’m from Indonesia and I’ve tried to register using the Japanese version, but it didn’t list my country so I lost hope :(

  7. dummylawstudent

    Just a quick question about Toranoana, I have ordered 2 packaged from it (they do not allow to group them into 1 parcel). One has arrived to Tenso but another still not. How can I check the status of it on Toranoana?

    1. アユ Post author


      On the main page, on the side bar, click “購入履歴/配送状況” (Purchase History/Delivery Status) and then click “未発送一覧” (Not Shipped List). There you’ll go to a page where it shows dates. Here you just choose between which two dates you want them to show orders from (i.e. orders from 30/11/14 to 30/12/14) and then you click the “検索する” (Search) grey button and it should show you your order if it hasn’t been shipped.

      If you don’t see any orders there, then it maybe under “発送準備中・商品入荷待ち” (Shipping in Progress/Backordered Products) where it’s about to be shipped, “発送完了” (Shipping Completed) or “品切れ・キャンセル” (Out of Stock/Cancelled).

      I hope that solves your problem! Let me know if you need any help!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello! Thankyou for your comment! I’m glad it helped you and that’s great knowing you got your package! Happy shopping :3

  8. Kraft Lawrence

    My order seems to be stuck in the “未発送一覧” status since January 7th (its the 13th today) and they havent charged my card yet… are they going to charge me eventually? it seems a little strange for the order to be stuck for 6 days without being charged and no status update.

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! Have you checked what release date your item/s is? I was the same as you since one of the items I oredered were up for preorder and had to wait a few weeks before it was instock. They eventually sent me an email telling me the day they’ll ship my order so perhaps that is the same with your case. Get back to me if there are any problems!

      1. Kraft Lawrence

        Thank you for the quick reply :)
        I ordered items that were already released as part of Comic Market 86 and 87, for reference in case you want to check the items these are the item numbers: 040030116679, 040030141200, 040030180577, 040030220455, 040030224166, 040030226167, 040030226421, 040030233767, 040030263709, 040030272959, 040030273077, 040030273191.

        I was looking over my order status and I wanted to make sure that I picked the correct options if you can help me out with that, this is what it says in the order status:

        支払方法 クレジット 
        ポイント割引の利用 希望しない
        配送方法 ヤマト宅急便
        曜日指定(第一,第二希望) なし
        時間指定 なし
        領収書宛名 (My Name)
        送料フリーパス ―

        It seems that they were running some sort of free shipping campaign when I placed my order and I got free shipping but I wanted to make sure since I picked the Yamato courier will they actually ship it to the forwarding company or will someone have to pick up the order in person?

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi again! I’ve checked the items and it seems they’re all in stock. If you check this page,, it says that sometimes it takes a while for the wholesaler to get stock from the manufacturer so I wouldn’t worry about your order just yet. Give it another week and it should be sent out!

        Yes, you have picked the right options! And as for Yamato Courier, I’m sure they will have it shipped to Tenso :)

        Get back to me if there are still problems with your order!

      3. Kraft Lawrence

        Thank you for your help :) you helped me get that worry off of my mind about if their going to charge me or not and if I filled everything out correctly. I will keep you posted to let you know when it ships or if I come across any issues. By the way did you know about Big in Japan’s forwarding service for ¥500 with no limit?

        It seems like a pretty cost effective forwarding service similar to Tenso and Big in Japan is a well known figure store.

      4. アユ Post author

        You’re welcome!

        Ooh, no I don’t! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll definitely check it out! It’s great that more websites are providing forwarding services at affordable prices!

  9. Joseph Lam

    Thank you for the comprehensive instructions. I do have one question though. When reviewing the details i have put in, this box appears below.

    とらのあなからのメール配信 許諾設定



    “”””受信します”””” “””” 受信しません””” ( which option do i choose?)


    “”””受信します”””” “””” 受信しません””” ( which option do i choose?)



    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! Thanks for commenting! This is asking you whether you’d like to receive emails of notices from Toranoana (first option) and some parent company of Toranoana called “Yume no Sora Group” (second option). If you are interested, choose 受信します to receive emails or 受信しません to not receive these emails.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Kraft Lawrence

    I was looking over my order history since I created my order on 01-07-2015 and today is 01-16-2015 (they still havent charged my card or sent any order updates via email) so I went on the website to try to find out whats going on and it looks like they moved the order from “未発送一覧” to “発送準備中・商品入荷待ち”, I assume that means that one or more of the items is on backorder? its nice that it at least switched from 未発送一覧 to something else, at least now I know that their doing something with the order.

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! It is either in the process of being shipped OR it could be that one of your items is on backorder and so they may take a while to find stock. Either way, your order is safe and you’re guaranteed to get it soon. :) Do keep me updated if the status of your order changes! I hope they ship your stuff soon!

  11. Adachi Cabbage

    Question is DC discover card or something else? I have a Visa bankcard but I also have a Discover card and wonder is it possible to buy from Toranoana with that?

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! DC means something else (it’s just DC credit card) and not Discover Card from what I see because both logos are different. Happy shopping!

  12. Ladilol Tee

    Thank you for this walk through! I’m having trouble ordering a doujinshi when I get to the credit card step. I try to enter my information but it says they can’t register my card.

      1. アユ Post author

        That’s weird, it should work. I’m not sure what the problem could be. If you like, you can email me to discuss it further, perhaps send me a screenshot of the page or error message so I can see what the problem is.

      2. Ladilol Tee

        Could it be because I didn’t enter my name in Katakana? If not, then yeah I would appreciate if we could discuss this further.

      3. アユ Post author

        Hm, I’m pretty sure you put it in alphabet and not Katakana so that shouldn’t be the problem. Feel free to email me!

      1. Reo Mai

        Hi! Thank you for your reply. Btw, I’m trying to buy a pre-order doujin and another doujin..but they separate the shipping there any way to ask them to ship both items once the pre-ordered doujin arrive at their store?

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi! From what I remember, if the item is not in stock when you order, Toranoana charges shipping costs separately. I think they state that in their Q&A. And yes, they do ship out all of your items when your pre-ordered item arrives!! Hope that helps!

  13. Flow S

    Hi, last month I tried ordering from Toranoana following your instructions and it works! Thanks so much for the help!:D Btw currently I’m trying to order from Fromagee also, can you help me translate what this means? For the delivery service, I have to choose for 希望配送方法 between A) 宅配便を利用する(佐川急便) and B) メール便を利用できる場合は利用する ※メール便選択時のご注意。I only understand that the first one is courier service and second one is some sort of normal mail? Which one do you think I should choose? What’s the difference?:0 And then there’s a column for キャンペーン入力欄? Thank you so much for your help!^^

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! Thanks for your comment! I’m glad it helped!

      宅配便を利用する(佐川急便) is Sagawa Express and it’s a private mail company meaning that can be more quicker and reliable (a bit like express services) but they’re more expensive to use.
      メール便を利用できる場合は利用する is using just a normal mailing service so it’s cheaper.

      キャンペーン入力欄 is only when you’re buying special products so you don’t need to write anything in it.

      Hope that helps!

  14. Sapphire Wong

    Hi, firstly I want to say thanks for your guide, it has helped me through all the stages of registration. Unfortunately I’m having the problem of not being able to register my Visa Debit Card when I reached the payment stage at Toranoana. I’m wondering do you know what’s the problem? :C Thanks again!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! There have been many people having problems with registering their debit cards. My only advice is for you to check with your bank as Japan doesn’t usually accept foreign cards :/

      1. Ladilol Tee

        Hi, I actually commented on here a while ago and finally figured out how to get around the block. Call your bank and ask to have a 48 hour exception for purchasing something from Japan. I was able to buy a doujinshi ten minutes after I asked for this exception!

  15. Nii (@OkamiTempest)

    Hi! I just tried ordering something from Toranoana via Tenso for the first time. I ordered something that was on pre-order late last month for Super Comic City but it didn’t seem to be getting shipped so I checked, and the order seems to be in backorder status? I’m not sure what to make of this since it still says in stock on its own page – like i can put it in the shopping cart and stuff.

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! Backorder doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of stock. There is stock, it just means they’re currently ordering more stock and/or they’re finding other suppliers. I wouldn’t worry too much unless they cancel your order and tell you they can’t fulfill it.

      1. Nii (@OkamiTempest)

        Ah, I see. Just to clarify, it’s listed as this 集荷中・入荷待ち. Also, do you know if it’s possible to manually cancel an order from toranoana if it hasn’t been shipped yet/is currently backordered?

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi! Yes, that means it’s either about to be shipped or it’s been backordered. You’ll have to contact them if you wish to cancel an order. Go here and put in your email address and they’ll send you an inquiry form. Click the link in your email and then fill out the form!

  16. you (@threetired)

    Thank you so much for this guide! I ordered a book 6 days ago and I received a confirmation email, but my card still hasn’t been charged, and the book is under 未発送一覧 in the Purchase History / Delivery Status section. Do you know what this means?

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! It depends on the item itself, was it a preorder? If not, it does usually take them about a week or even two to ship so I wouldn’t worry yet. Sometimes they’ll ship within 2 days, other times it takes longer. Check what it says under 状況/配達問合せ番号 on your order and it should tell you the status. Hope that helps!

      1. you (@threetired)

        Yea, I think it’s on preorder, thanks! Also, do you know anything about the probability of reprints? A book I wanted came out on the 3rd and it’s already out of stock but I pressed that little button that says “want” lol

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi! When a book is sold out, they will have this button underneath that says 「再販投票」(resale vote) which you click on to vote/express your interest in having it restock. All you do is click on it and it’ll pop-up a window to confirm that you voted. If it’s popular enough and there are a lot of votes, it will most likely get restocked. Hope that helps!

  17. Nii (@OkamiTempest)

    Thanks for the form! I couldn’t find the cancelation procedures at all when I looked.

    Additionally, the package I was worried about actually shipped today! Just to clarify, if you get a notice that something got shipped I assume that means it’s in transit to Tenso?

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! No worries! Yes, it means it’s being sent to Tenso and you’ll eventually get a notice from Tenso when it arrives :)

  18. Eulyin Huan

    Hi, I came to say Thank you very much!! XD
    your guide really help me getting through all the language barrier~ (ah sorry for exaggerating)
    easy for me to understand and follow your instruction,
    Now I just have to wait for the package to arrive at the forwarding service. Hope all do fine :D

    Btw if I may ask…
    I’m about to buy the pre-order one, and some in-stock items. Is there way to combine those? When I saw the cart, I assume I have to pay the local shipping twice. I meant, for the pre-order one and the in-stock ones.

    Either way thank you again!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! Unfortunately, Toranoana makes you pay for the shipping of your pre-order AND your in-stock items. It’s just how they do business so you can’t combine shipping of the two. I hope that answers the question!

  19. yukikadark

    Hi, thanks for your help but I’ve a big problem : On Toranoana’s site, I can register when I’m on the rules page with “accept” or “not accept” I can’t click on “accept” it is block I don’t know why. It is very strange because I can click on “not accept”. Aaaah, please I hope you can help me, thanks !

    1. アユ Post author


      I’m sorry to hear that :'( I’m not sure what the problem is because I can press the accept button just fine! Maybe try again another time, or open the page in another browser or on another computer? Let me know if it works!

      1. yukikadark

        Thanks for your answer !
        Yeah, it’s a very strange bug, really.. So I think it’s because I use “Google Translation” on the page with Google Chrome, but I’m not sure after all. I will try on Modzilla or my other PC.. Thanks for the help, I hope it will work ! ; ;

      2. アユ Post author

        Hi! I’d advise to not use Google Translation, refresh and see if you can click on the button as that may be the reason why you can’t. If not, try other devices and browsers! Hope it works!

  20. romahnae

    i can confirm that the site accepts debit cards because the card i used to order my first book (dance to another tune) on there was with a debit card from bank of america. now, the site is acting up and not letting me change my card details. my old card was misplaced and i’d gotten a new one… so im trying to pre-order something that i was longing for and successfully got the artist to restock some sold out mangas from ages ago and now, in the “change” or “remove” card options, im running into some problems where im getting the same messages returned for the two when i try to register a new card. it keeps saying, “please check the input information”? additionally, i ran into the same problem when trying to use another family member’s bank card. what’s the deal now, since i was able to smoothly add and purchase from them before using my old bank card? this card is pretty much the same as the previous one in terms of functionality and i had it for quite a while now, so its not completely new or anything…

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! I’m sorry to hear you ran into card troubles again. I’m afraid I can’t help much based on what you’ve given me. If what you’re saying is right, Toranoana is saying that you haven’t put the correct details. Does it tell you specifically what it is like name or card number or anything like that? Sometimes it’s the name that can be mistaken.

      If that’s not the problem, then it could be something to do with your card. I don’t know how your bank runs things or how your card works at all since we’re from different countries so best you contact your bank. That’s all I can advise you at the moment :'(

      Hope things work out!!

  21. romahnae

    nothing anymore specific than what i’ve mentioned before, “please check the input information”. do i need to put the name in japanese or something? i can’t remember if i’ve done it in japanese the first time or typed it in english. something told me that i’d done it in english the last time so that how i’ve been inputting the name(s).

    1. アユ Post author

      I’ve put the name on my credit card in English and it worked just fine, so I’m sure that’s not the problem.

      If it keeps asking you to check the input information, then it probably is something to do with your card.

  22. hannahbumgarner

    uh, hi, i just ordered something last night from toranoana, but my id document with tenso hasn’t been confirm yet, and then i heard debit cards aren’t accepted. will my order just be cancelled, or do i have to contact them to cancel the order? I already sent out a contact message to them, but i was wondering if you know anything ^^’

    1. アユ Post author

      Hi! If your items arrive at Tenso but your ID hasn’t been confirmed, they will just keep your items until they’ve confirmed it. Tenso nor Toranoana will cancel your order (unless you already did).

      Hope that helps!

      1. hannahbumgarner

        wait, so i can cancel my order?? (sorry I’m just having trouble keeping relaxed, so can you explain a bit more?)

      2. アユ Post author

        You can cancel your order with Toranoana if they have not shipped your items yet. They usually don’t cancel so you’ll have to send them a message. I don’t know alot about Tenso’s cancelling terms but they won’t cancel your orders. If they have your order already, you either pay the shipping to get it sent to your place or not. They won’t refund you your money if you choose not to.

        As for debit cards, not all debit cards work but some do. You have to talk to your bank and see. But if you ordered on Toranoana I’m assuming your order went through meaning your card worked and they’ll charge it soon.

  23. hannahbumgarner

    oh, ok. so i guess my order worked with toranoana… btw, if i did manage to make the order, can i change the card i use with tenso if i have to??

    1. アユ Post author

      Make sure you have money in your card because they won’t charge your card automatically but when they’re about to ship it or else they’ll cancel it.

      You can change your card with Tenso yes! It should be in settings somewhere.

      1. hannahbumgarner

        yep, got plenty of money in it ^^

        found the option ^^ does it still have to be under my name, or can it be under one of my parents’, because i still haven’t gotten my first credit card yet, but i wasn’t sure if the card had to be under my name or not ^^”

      2. アユ Post author

        For the order you can put your name, however for any credit card it has to be the cardholder’s name so your parent’s.

      3. hannahbumgarner

        ahh, ok ^^
        i sent a message to tenso just in case though, just to be sure ^^’

  24. William Reynolds

    I have two questions. One, when I give my proof of identification, would a Health Card work? (It has my name and DoB on it) Should I censor my face or leave it be? And two, For the address line, do I have to put in my city and town in as well, or does the city and town input still work?

    1. アユ Post author

      I’m not so sure about a health card, Tenso prefers your birth certificate, passport or ID but you can try.

      Either way works really as long as it matches your identification.

      1. William Reynolds

        Wait, looking up info on Tenso, will it they add the item if my name is in japanese Katakana for Tora even though my name is in english on the Tenso website?

      2. アユ Post author

        It doesn’t matter, as long as Tenso knows it’s your package and it’s sent to your Tenso address. They check the name and TS number as confirmation so you can order under any name. You let Tenso know if you used a completely different name.

  25. William Reynolds

    Just realised that…is this completely safe? Can they just withdraw money out of my account with no limit? Also, when I do send my proof, should I censor anything or just leave them be?

    1. アユ Post author

      I highly doubt that would be the case. Tenso does not work like that as myself and others have used the service on many occasions. However, if you have your doubts, feel free to not use their service.

      Also, you don’t need to censor your ID.

      1. William Reynolds

        Well, I made the plunge and made an order on Toranoana. When does Toranoana charge me? (Either when the delivery is made or maybe when Tenso gets it?)

      2. アユ Post author

        Toranoana charges your card when they’re about to ship your order. Make sure to have enough funds or they will send you an email that your card didn’t go through and they’ll cancel your order!

  26. hannahbumgarner

    uh, hi, me again ^^’
    so i checked my shipping status, and it ‘s in the shipping complete section (and it was payed, so i know for certain my debit card works ^^) but on tenso, i don’t have anything in pending items for packaging info… does it take a while to show up??

    1. アユ Post author

      You need to wait for Tenso to receive them. After that, they’ll calculate your fees, notify you and you’ll get pending items on Tenso.

  27. William Reynolds

    What does the 曜日指定(第一,第二希望) and 時間指定 on the details for my order mean?

  28. William Reynolds

    So, after my order is shipped by Tora (Looking at the tracker for it, it’s 配達完了 now) how long does it take for Tenso to notify me?

      1. William Reynolds

        Yep, they notified me, and now it’s being shipped to my place. Thank you so much for the guide and all my questions! :D

    1. アユ Post author

      I’m not sure. Depending on what your shipping is and where you live, usually EMS leaves a notice if you’re not at home to pick it up at a post office. If you chose registered SAL, I think it’s the same as well, but if you chose unregistered SAL, they’ll leave it at your place outside.

  29. xin (@blueramen)

    thanks so much for this guide! I have registered successfully but have yet to test out my debit card if it works, as the items I want to get together are either for preorder or in-stock so I’m having second thoughts ><

    Sorry this is a bit off-topic but just wanna ask, have you used Tenso to buy from Melonbooks before?
    (I asked them if they accept stuff from Melonbooks but no reply yet. Just curious if someone has done this method)

    Thanks so much! :)

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! You’re welcome :)

      No, I’ve never used Melonbooks and I’m not sure if they accept Tenso addresses but I think they do! Better to wait for their response thought.

    1. ayu Post author

      Hello! I can’t help you if I don’t know what the message says. Could you either copy and paste the message or send me a screenshot? Thanks!

    1. ayu Post author

      It says you haven’t chosen a shipping method yet! If you scroll up there’s a paragraph where I explain shipping options :)

  30. sehrgomen

    Thanks so much for this guide!

    Sorry for the stupid questions but:
    1. How do I pay the customs duty?
    2. Do they charge a currency conversion fee?
    3. Does Tenso have a membership fee?

    1. ayu Post author

      1. Customs duty is paid separately if your whole order is worth over a big amount of money, around $1000 or more. In my country, we get a call from the delivery company telling us we have a custom duty to pay and they’ll email you.
      2. Most likely yes, please check your bank.
      3. No.

  31. Flow S

    Hi there! I ordered 2 doujinshi that were on pre-order last week. I remember that both doujinshi were supposed to be shipped on the second week of October.

    However, 2 days ago I received an email from Toranoana that seems to say (I used Google Translate lol) one of the items’s shipping schedule was delayed, and they offered me to cancel the order by 11 Oct. So I guess if I don’t do anything, they will assume I still want the doujinshi? I was reading your replies to people’s questions, and I thought normally Toranoana doesn’t let you cancel your orders. So if I choose to cancel, will I get a refund?

    Currently the status of the the item they offered me to cancel is 販売開始予定:未定. Which I assume they still don’t know when they’re going to send it out?

    Is it possible if I want to cancel the other doujinshi too (the one they will send on second week of Oct), AND get a refund?

    I normally use Tenso for shipping, but I have never tried the combining service. Generally do you find it worth the money to try combining packages? Will I be able to save money? Cos if I have several packages (which are quite light) to combine, I assume it won’t be that cheap either in the end, after the combining handling fee etc? Thanks for your help!

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! Yes I’m sure if you don’t reply, they won’t cancel your order. Toranoana doesn’t let you cancel your orders unless you email them personally stating that you want to cancel.

      Has Toranoana charged your card? Because Toranoana only charges your card when they’re about to ship your order, so if they haven’t sent your items due to the delay, I assume they haven’t charged you yet. But if they have charged you, I’m sure they’ll definitely refund you just like every other online shop will if you choose to cancel.

      All you can do is wait until they email you again when they send it out. If you want to cancel, email them and let them know. As for the Tenso consolidation service, iI’m not quite sure whether using it or not will save you money as I have always used Tenso consolidation. If they’re light items, then I guess it should be okay either way.

  32. Akiokun8

    Hey, this is a really helpful guide in my opinion and I’m glad that people like you exist who writes guides like this in order to help doomed people like me :) OK, now I should get to the main point: I want to preorder a certain game from Toranoana and the registration etc… went without problems due to your guide! Nevertheless, my credit card, as odd as it may sound, is not illustrated within these cards in “paying methods”. Is there any possibility to pay via (e.g) paypal, because I almost pay everything with it and this is the first time I didn’t find this paying method :O Did I overread “Paypal” or do they really just accept these depicted cards? Hopefully you can understand my problem and I would be delighted to hear a possible solution!

    Greetings from Akio!

    1. ayu Post author

      I’ve answered a previous question about Paypal, Toranoana does NOT accept Paypal, only credit cards!

  33. jacklok13

    First off, thanks a bunch for this tutorial. Without this, I wouldn’t have made an account to either website.
    I have a question though that is not entirely to do with Toranoana: I was wondering if you knew if Melonbooks works with Tenso too?
    I’ve tried looking online for answers and the answer I get is “no”, but that’s the shop by itself and nothing else attatched to it, like Tenso. And when I try searching Melonbooks x Tenso’s possibility, it goes to Toranoana, which I’m sure isn’t Melonbooks.

    Sorry if I shouldn’t be asking this here, and no worries if you are not sure. You’ve been a big help regardless, thank you.
    – Jack

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! You’re very welcome! I have never used Melonbooks so I’m afraid I can’t help you much. However I have read that they choose not to accept orders with forwarding addresses like Tenso so it might not work unless you use a different proxy service perhaps like JShoppers or Goody Japan. Try that and see if it works out! Good luck!

  34. TN

    Thank you so much for this helpful guide! Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to register for an account. I have a question though regarding cancellations. I submitted the form to cancel a preorder for a doujinshi, but received an email in Japanese. I tried translating it via google, which said something along the lines of “please send your request in japanese,” but I’m not sure.


    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :)

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! Yes, the email states that they wish for you to send your request in Japanese as they only do inquiries in Japanese. If you can, state your doujinshi item title and number as well as your order number. Hope that helps!

  35. Amber (@LingyinAmber)

    Thank you so much for the extremely helpful guide! I have 1 question regarding shipping options, I have placed my order for the items but there was not a place for me to choose shipping methods.

    I haven’t seen anything regarding these options you’ve mentioned.

    Is there anything I have missed?

    1. ayu Post author

      Hi! I wouldn’t worry so much, if they haven’t asked you then it just means they don’t need to since all your items are in stock. I think they give you those options if you have items that are both mix of pre-orders and in stock stuff.

  36. ryuchan11

    Thank you for the guide!

    I made an order and it’s a pre-order item. I have been successfully register my card but according to my bill, they haven’t charged yet. I’ve been using visa debit card. Is it normal or I have to order it again? The item is listed in ‘not shipped’.

    1. ayu Post author

      They charge the card only when they’re about to ship your order, not when you just made an order.

      I’ve mentioned this above already.

  37. clarybearblog

    Hello, thank you so much for this helpful guide! It’s all thanks to you that I was able to successfully shop at toranoana! ^-^

    Right now, all my orders have been consolidated into one package at tenso, but I have a question about how to label the package contents. I’m sorry if this has been asked already.
    I only have doujinshi in my package, so when editing the package information, should I label the package contents as “Personal effects”? I’m just worried that I might not get my package if I label it incorrectly.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. ayu Post author

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you were able to shop at Toranoana! As for labelling your package contents, ‘personal effects’ would be a safe option since I know Tenso tends to label your packages that way.
      Hope that helps!

  38. Pingback: µ’s final single, Moment Ring and Toranoana+Tenso review | imserious4ursake

  39. clarybearblog

    Hello, it’s me again. I’m sorry for bothering you again, but I have another question…
    First of all though, thank you so much again! I was able to be successfully get my package from Tora! ^^
    This isn’t directly related to tora, but today I ordered a doujinshi from K BOOKS (, and (using your super helpful guide) I was able to input my Tenso address and make an account. However, when I see my registered destination (the Tenso address), I noticed that it’s been classified as “自宅”. Is this normal, or will this prevent my order from reaching Tenso properly?

    Thank you very much for your help! I’m sorry that this is a question about a completely different shopping site.

    1. ayu Post author

      Your Tenso address under “自宅” probably means it’s your default address or the address K-Books define as your main ‘home’ address. I wouldn’t worry.

  40. Mika F.

    Really? That makes me happy! I’ve actually ordered doujin CDs from Toranoana ahd have had them shipped via Tenso, but never tried R18 doujinshi! Thanks for your extra quick response!

  41. albatrossmuffin

    Hi there! Thank you for your helpful guide. I know you said tenso ships R18 doujinshi, but I must admit I’m afraid of US customs.I inquired to tenso about R18 stuff and they said successful importation depends on the customs. If I use tenso to ship R18 stuff, will they mark the package saying so? If you live in the US, do you have experience with this? I really want to lessen the burden of shipping my doujinshi to my friends in Japan, so I appreciate your advice! Thank you!

    1. ayu Post author

      I don’t live in the US so I have no idea how US customs work. Perhaps you can Google or search forums about US customs and doujinshi. They won’t mark R18 on the package.

  42. albatrossmuffin

    Hi there again! Sorry to bother you, but another thought occurred to me. Some of the R18 ones (and hell, some of the not R18 ones even) have pretty….questionable covers. Will tenso still just plainly mark them as “books” or “personal effects,” or just let you simply change the invoice description as such? Thank you for your advice; I really appreciate it!

  43. f

    I’m surprised nobody pointed this out after all this time, but when you wrote,
    “2 ニ (please do not confuse this with the kanji 二)”
    you mixed up the ni kanji with each other, despite you warning others not to. As well as in your 1-2-3 example.


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