Our Two Bedroom Story

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Website: 「上司と秘密の2LD」(Joushi to Himitsu no 2LDK)
http://koi-game.voltage.co.jp/smartphone/index.html#2ldk (JP)
http://koi-game.voltage.co.jp/romance/index.html (ENG)

Your mom has some special news, and as a result, you’re moving in with a stranger – who turns out to be no stranger at all. It’s a guy from work! Your secret life together is about to begin…

I was going to review the game “In Your Arms Tonight” first, but for some weird reason it keeps crashing and saying I don’t have connection whenever I try to choose a character or restore my purchases. So I decided to move on for now, and start a new game :(


You are on your way to your workplace Shiki Publishing Offices when your mother messages you saying that she has something she wants to discuss. Your dad passed away and now it’s just your mother who is raising you.

When you get to work, you meet all your work colleagues and you’re given a short introduction of each of your potential love interests, who are part of the Seasonelle magazine team, and friends.

After work, you meet with your mother who introduces to you your future step-father as your mother plans to get married again. The step-father also informs that he had a son with his late wife and that he wants you to live at his place in Jiyugaoka in order to develop the father-daughter relationship.

Suddenly, your step-father’s son arrives and you are shocked as to who it is! From here, you choose who the step-brother/work colleague is and the route starts.


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  • The prologue is for free so you can try that first before deciding if you want to pay for the character routes.
  • Each character in the main story (season 1) has 13 chapters/episodes with two endings: the good ending and the happy ending.
  • After you buy a route, when choosing episodes, there is a short summary for you to read to remind you what it’s about before you play the episode (convenient!).
  • While playing, you can choose to change the text speeds, setting (change text background opacity and turning vibration on.off) and read the logs.
  • There is no save feature however, since all the episodes and endings are readily available to you to play even if you just started playing. Heck, you can just skip everything and go straight to the happy ending! However, you’d miss unlocking all the CGs so best you play through everything.
  • No voice-overs.
  • Each character has a main story, an epilogue and a sequel. There is also a sub-story available which is basically the main story from your love interest’s point of view. Season 2 and season 3 will released in the future.


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The game is so far so good! I’m in the middle of doing Minato’s route, and since he’s not really my preference, I’m not enjoying his route so much haha. I have yet to fully play all the routes though so it’s a little early to develop an overall opinion, but I look forward to what the other stories have in store :)


4 thoughts on “Our Two Bedroom Story

    1. アユ Post author

      I’ve played In Your Arms Tonight already and I loved it! Definitely a favourite :D Ooh I’ve heard of Kiss of Revenge as well so I’ll give it a try too :)

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  1. Dellz

    Oh I played this game and gotta say I like Kaoru more than Minato btw you should try Metro PD one: Kirisawa’s story. Got a good MC and story pretty good :)


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