ACNL: Christmas in Starish

Merry Christmas everyone! メリークリスマス(〃・ω・)ノ由☆ I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday with your family, friends and loved ones! It’s amazing how fast this year has gone and pretty soon it’ll be 2014! Another year, another page in life, another year of releases!

I figured for today, I’d do a short post on Animal Crossing since there was Toy Day on Christmas Eve! I’ll also be doing more ACNL posts in the future too :)


Toy Day starts at 6PM on 24th December and in order to take part, you have to buy the whole Santa outfit which includes hat, beard, top, pants and boots. After that, talk to a reindeer named Jingles who will give you a magical bag filled with presents for your citizens. Now since I haven’t touched this game for weeks, I wasn’t aware that your neighbours actually give hints of what they wanted for Toy Day from 1st December and so I was at lost at what to do. So I cheated and time-travelled back and managed to get some clues xD

In the end, I gave most of the neighbours what they wanted, others were a bit vague since I had two who wanted wallpapers so I mixed the two. The prize after you complete giving out all the presents is a Christmas wreath and if you were lucky enough to give all your neighbours what they wanted, you receive a bonus gift which is a photo of Jingles (according to what I’ve read). I didn’t get it, but it was fun anyway dressing up as Santa :)


I remembered in the previous game, making snowmen was possible so I tried… and failed on my first try. I made the head a bit too small and clearly they didn’t like it at all (excuse me I created you LOL).


HO HO HO! Now comes the main event: giving out presents!


Santa Ayu decides to dance and party… by herself.


My second attempt at making a snowmen which was a big improvement! Though the face still creeps the hell out of me omg. I’ve read that if you make a whole family of snowmen: Snowman (one pictured), Snowboy, Snowmam (female version – I am eager to make her!) and Snowtyke. More info here! Apparently you can get special items and furniture from them and the snow doesn’t melt until I think March so hopefully it’s enough time to make all the snowmen!

Tumblr_mxa5pndquf1s1lku3o1_500Left to right: Snowtyke, Snowboy, Snowmam and Snowman.


If you make a good enough snowman, you receive a bingo card and everyday, your snowman will give you a number for you to stamp off on your card. I actually made two snowmen which I think is the maximum since I wasn’t able to find any more snowballs around. I wonder what you win if you get bingo :D


Gorgeous aurora!! First time seeing it too! Wish I could see it in real life.


When a snowman rolls a number, the number is displayed on their eyes for the whole day so I guess from then I understood why the eyes were made like that. Still creepy though.




You can’t imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree ofcourse!

There are no special events on Christmas so I think Toy Day was created to be similar to that. Nevertheless, it’s still nice to see the light-up trees and all :) My 3DS friend code is 1977-1457-8415 and my Dream address is 6900-2297-3633 (my town is called Starish). I don’t have much there in terms of public projects but feel free to add!

Have a good day all <3

2 thoughts on “ACNL: Christmas in Starish

    1. アユ Post author

      Awww that’s unfortunate :( There are plenty of other events to look forward to though :D

      Merry (belated) Christmas to you too! <3


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