Eye-candy in Tera Rising


Because who can’t resist those gorgeous graphics and customization? (Click images to enlarge)

My friends on Facebook and Twitter were talking about this game and after seeing the screenshots, I knew I wanted to play. I haven’t played MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games in ages and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this beauty out. Though, I did not expect that this game would take over 30GB of memory!


I’ve played my fair share of online RPGs and they usually have customization to a certain extent such as hair, eyes, skin colour and ofcourse your race/job. Tera actually lets you customise facial features such as your lips, eyebrows, makeup, ears, nose and even your jaw. You’re also free to choose any job and race as there are no locked jobs depending on the race you choose (and vice versa) so there are plenty of options!



I trialed warrior job for a bit before trying out archer which I decided to stick with.  I usually opt for range DPS rather than melee or mage jobs since I like attacking from a distance. The controls are similar to first and third person shooter games: you move with buttons WSAD, mouse for aiming, left-click to attack, right-click to dodge and skills that can be used on the F and number keys. Attacks and skills are done manually which means you can miss hitting your enemies if you don’t aim correctly.  There can be a lot of keyboard smashing if you’re like me who misses a lot 8D But I guess one of the reasons why I enjoy this type of gameplay is that each battle with a monster is a different challenge.




I think one of my favourite things about playing Tera is flying on a pegasus that takes you to your destination. It takes a few minutes but being able to move the camera and look at the view of the game map from high above is stunning!





I managed to level my character (Tokiyan – someone took Tokiya sobs) to 18 in two days and I guess leveling is okay since some of the quests give you lots of XP. Though, doing quests and all does feel quite sluggish sometimes if I play for long amounts of time which is why I usually play for only a few hours. Also, the game map is HUGE. Before I was rewarded a horse in one of my quests, going to places on foot took a while so getting a free horse was a life saver to go to places and also escape from monsters.




Whether I’ll stick around to playing this game until the level cap of 60 seems doubtful, but the visuals and gameplay are enjoyable so far! If not, I can always just make more bishie characters to look at :) I’m still in the middle of exploring new places as well as experimenting with other features such as the crafting system so I don’t have a solid opinion on the game yet. That being said, Tera shall keep me glued to my laptop for a while!


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