Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies


I finished this recently in a span of less than 7 days and all my AA feels came back ahhh. As a fan who has played all Ace Attorney games and has enjoyed all of them, I could not miss this game. The cases, the new graphics and features… it’s a game worthy of praise!

Firstly, the new and improved graphics: the 3D models that move as well as the animated and voiced cut-scenes are amazing to look at! As well as the graphics, they have new features as well. They’ve added a log where you can review conversations or testimonies that you want to read over so it’s a very helpful feature.

With a new game comes new main characters! Athena Cykes is a new addition who helps on the defense attorney side, and you have a convicted killer Simon Blackquill who’s nothing like Klavier Gavin or Miles Edgeworth as the prosecutor. Also, with each case surrounds playing with one of the three main protagonists: Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes which allows you to see different views and side stories.

DD centers around what they call the ‘dark age of law‘, an age where fabricating evidence is on the rise hence a growing plague in the system of law. It seems that all cases somewhat surround this notion as well as the mysterious bombing of a courtroom which happens in the very beginning of the first case. The bombing also plays a very key role in the game which is what AA does best: always adding the mystery.

The cases were exciting as usual, though some cases you kind of knew who the real culprit was due to the cut-scene at the beginning which sort of ruins the fun out of guessing (but that’s just me). But other than that, each case is intricate and detailed and you can tell Capcom did a fantastic job with the stories. I had a few dead-ends in the game where I had no idea what to do so the game is nothing less than challenging… just like any AA game should be!

Gameplay is still the same; you still cross-examine and present contradictory evidence in court. With the addition of Athena’s ability to examine people’s emotions and find inconsistencies, you also get to use Apollo’s lying detective bracelet and encounter psyche-locks (only a few) through Phoenix’s magatama that appeared in the previous games. Examining crime scenes is the same, but with a small difference. When moving the cursor, it pulsates on places to look and shows a tick when you have looked there already. It saves time looking at pointless spots!

In addition, the game also has downloadable content such as costumes (not sure what they’re exactly for) as well as a gallery to view all the animated cut-scenes and illustrations.

Overall, it was a highly enjoyable game that didn’t fail my expectations. I really did miss screaming “OBJECTION!”  and looking like a complete idiot in front of my parents haha. I sure hope they make another game because AA on 3DS is amazing to play on and the fact that I’m a hardcore fan who just wants more :) For those who are new to the series, my advice is to play the previous games first as it’ll help shed light on the background of the old characters. If you love crime-solving and mysteries, you will definitely love this game!


2 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

  1. Eu

    And this is why I’m saving up to buy a 3DS XDD I am dying to play this and see familiar faces and meet Athena! Gaaaah how I missed Fenney, Edgey-poo, and Klavier bby~~ :3c
    Hope there’ll be more AA in the fuchaaa~~

    1. アユ Post author

      Yes it is worth buying a 3DS for this game and Pokemon XY!!!! Yeah it was good seeing familiar faces again, though I wish Klavier appeared more (bias opinion) hehe yes let’s hope we get another game!!


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