Updates – 4/11

H-Hello new and old readers! Yes it’s been too long! Big apologies :(

I guess you could say my hobbies and perspectives have changed since the last time I blogged so I may disappoint a lot of people who have looked forward to more review posts. Firstly, I have stopped collecting B’s Log since the beginning of this year and so due to that, I won’t be posting any more scans. Secondly, because I don’t collect B’s Log anymore, my interest in otome games and drama CDs have declined significantly. I still do play/listen to some of them and read about releases, but you won’t see me posting about them very often (unless they’re my favourites like Amnesia and TMGS). That is why, I don’t think I will be finishing off any of my incomplete posts on the otome games I have played (i.e. Dialovers and BWS) since I cannot find the time and effort to do them anymore. I’ll leave them here still for those who want to read them though but please don’t comment about me continuing them.

This doesn’t mean I’ll quit blogging, I hope to revive this blog because I don’t have the heart to abandon or delete it yet haha, but I think I’ll do more casual blogging about games  (most likely not otome games but a variety such as online RPG, adventure, iPhone apps etc.) this time around i.e. reviews will be very short summaries rather than long details on every event/chapter, there will be more posts about current games I’m playing, game diaries and game progress updates, opinions on releases etc. I hope to review more manga too since I’m still active in reading and listening to BLCDs!

Thankyou to all readers and your comments, I will reply to them eventually. Thankyou to new readers, I’m surprised this blog still gets views despite being dead haha! I won’t hold it against you if you choose to unfollow due to these changes!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

4 thoughts on “Updates – 4/11

  1. Eu

    KIDDING! ^_____^
    Detailed blogging or not, what’s important is that you enjoy what you are writing. Glad to see you back! /glomps


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