TokiRes Gameplay

Tokimeki Restaurant phone game has just been recently released (available for iPhone and Android)! This is just a short post on the game play and features of the game. HOT MEN AND FOOD LET’S GO!

To trigger an event with an idol, just tap the heart and sometimes it will ask you to either see the event now (今見る) or check it later (あとで). Choosing to see it now will lead to something like the right picture, and choosing to see it later will have the event saved in your album (check options section below). You also will often get customers with a gift box so tap it and you’ll get special items such as restoring a little bit of your stamina or receiving some experience. You also receive medicine bottles that restore your stamina when you start the game and as you play.

Every dish has the amount of money it will sell for and the stamina cost. Make sure you keep track of the food stock! The maximum you serve for every dish is only 30 (it might change) so keep checking often.

Here’s the menu:

  1. Quests
  2. Album (where you keep track of the heart events with the idols)
  3. Profile (where you can edit your name, restaurant name and your greetings and check your achievements)
  4. Friends (check friend list, footprints/records of visitors, friend code and black list)
  5. Options
  6. Help
  7. Message
  8. Plus Pass Validation (where you enter a code but I don’t think it’s important lol)
  9. Kiwi Registration (again, don’t think it’s important unless you really want to make an account)
  10. Close

Here’s what the album looks like. When you fill up the hearts, the idol will eventually visit your restaurant and have a heart with 「スキンシップOK」above their head. Tap and it and you trigger skin-ship mode! You can also replay the heart events here. After you trigger the skin-ship mode, all the hearts of the idol will be back to zero.

Skin-ship mode start! All you have to do is tap the pink hearts (don’t miss any!) and avoid the blue ones which fill up the hearts bar. You go through two stages of this before you reach the finale where you touch your screen like crazy and watch the idol’s reactions!

When you click layout, you have two options. The blue button is where you can buy furniture and the other button lets you expand the size of your restaurant. After you tap the furniture you want, you drag it to the desired spot. You can take out as many pieces of furniture as you want and after you’re done, press the blue button to confirm and buy or the red to stop. If you choose to expand, just click the arrows.

This is Tokimeki Channel (ときめきCH) where you check things such as profiles of the idols, restaurant rankings, events and highly recommended dishes (イチオシアイテムをチェック). Highly recommended dishes I think should be checked regularly as serving them will benefit your restaurant.

Majority of the customers you get are either in game or actual players and you’ll know they are if their name is shown in green font above their head. Tap them and you are given the option to check their profile, send them a friend request, add them to the black list or to go to their shop. When you add them and they have accepted you, you can go out and visit their shop! Visiting their shop allows you to eat there and gain some stamina.

Another tip is that when an idol is present in your restaurant, if you choose to go out or change your layout, the idol and the other customers will be gone so be careful.

In the past, I’ve played a lot of restaurant games (Restaurant Story and Restaurant City to name a few) so I adapted to the game play rather quickly. The major difference is the amusing interactions you get with the idols (not fully voiced)! For those who need a bit of help, I wrote a mini guide a few months back on Tumblr in case anyone needs it and info on the idols here. I’m still a low-level in the game so I’m sure there are lots of things I have yet to discover so I shall keep you guys up to date!

For those who play, my friend code is 8870-7607-2274-8106. Feel free to add and visit to replenish some of your stamina!

7 thoughts on “TokiRes Gameplay

  1. Fraaaan (@bitterlatte)

    Hi! I’ve been playing for a few days now and I keep wondering if there’s going to be an ‘end’… will i ever get a date? do you have any information?

    (btw I just added you as a friend c:)

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello there!

      I haven’t played it long enough, but just based on the gameplay which is similar to other restaurant games I’ve played, I don’t think there is an end. You just keep leveling and earning money, there’s even restaurant ranks so it’s more of a restaurant game than an otome game. As for dates, I don’t think there is any and I think the closest thing you’ll get is just the events, sorry!

      And thankyou for adding me! :D

  2. Fraaaan (@bitterlatte)

    yes, that’s what i thought… It looks pretty much like restaurant city plus the ‘interaction’ with idols, I hope they figure something out… otherwise, i think i won’t be playing this for much longer c:


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