Mujihi na Anata (Hanaoto Comics) by Sakuraga Mei

「無慈悲なアナタ 」(花音コミックス) / 桜賀めい
Year: 2012 (Houbunsha)
Themes: insecure uke, possessive seme, love triangle
Volumes: 1 (sequel to Mujihi na Otoko)

Shirahane Nanao, who once was known to be able to seduce any man, is finally dating the person he had unrequited love for: Kuon Aikawa. Nanao should be happy, but a man who has hurt him in the past suddenly appears, causing him and Aikawa problems. What does this man want? What does this mean for Nanao?

After Nanao and Aikawa are a couple, they face an obstacle: Nanao’s senpai Kiriya. They went to the same high school years ago and one day when Nanao noticed Kiriya was attracted to him, he invited him over and allowed Kiriya to have his “way”. After that, Kiriya accused Nanao of seducing him and the two haven’t seen each other since graduation. Now, Kiriya has re-appeared by coincidence and claims that he regretted his words and that he really did love him back then. Nothing like having a third party stirring up some drama!

Sakuraga reveals more about her characters in this second book. More of Nanao’s fears and insecurities are shown because of his past
with Kiriya which frightens him in doing anything that will cause Aikawa to hate him. Despite his cool exterior, Nanao is surprisingly delicate and restrains himself from being selfish as he does not wish to force Aikawa to do anything he doesn’t want. Aikawa, on the hand, showed the extent of his possessiveness and while it may be frightening to some, it just proves how strong his feelings for Nanao are and that he’ll do anything to protect what’s precious to him. Aikawa knows Nanao’s tendencies to be negative of himself but he gives him the love he needs (even though it seems controlling). It’s definitely not the lovey dovey kind of romance, but it’s still a beautiful, mature relationship with two people who understand each other.

The story itself didn’t disappoint as I enjoyed it as much as the first book. It was well-written, the drama was great, the smut scenes didn’t disappoint at all (props to Sakuraga for delicious smut!) and there was a good amount of humour (really enjoyed the cute extra at the end where Nanao washes Aikawa’s back while wearing short shorts). I can’t find any major flaws because Sakuraga achieves the right balance with her stories and I find myself re-reading this series a few times because it’s just that good. This couple still reigns over the others in my eyes and I highly anticipate their new story Mujini na Karada. Do I recommend this? Clearly you know my answer.


4 thoughts on “Mujihi na Anata (Hanaoto Comics) by Sakuraga Mei

    1. アユ Post author

      Thankyou for your comment! And also, big apologies for such a late reply! Yes I love this pair as well and would be over the moon if Sakuraga-sensei did more stories on them :)


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