Koko ni Aru, Kimi no Oto (BExBOY Comics) by Moto Haruhira

Not much of a review but anyway!

「ここにある、君のおと」 (ビーボーイコミックス) / 元 ハルヒラ
Year: 2012 (Libre Publishing)
Themes: light, everyday life, no smut
Volumes: 1

TV drama script-writer Akaneya goes to a hot spring hotel, which is 5 hours from his home city, to work on his love drama and meets the blind massager named Takehisa Yuuji. As the two spend more time together, Akaneya falls in love! Will Takehisa feel the same?

The main story deals with Akaneya and Takehisa and their days together when Akaneya visits. Their relationship starts off as a one-sided love due to Takehisa’s timid nature, but eventually he finds his courage to open up and love Akaneya and the two progress their relationship. There’s no solid plot here and the only thing you’re left wondering while you read is when Takehisa will confess. To my surprise, there was no confession from him (Akaneya confessed twice though) but we are left with an adorable scene of the two being intimate.

One shots aren’t always quality but I found that the short story at the end didn’t fail. In this one shot, you have two students Zuzuri Ao (Tokyo) and Akaishi Ryou (Kyuushuu University) who are in a long distance relationship. They see other time to time but when they’re apart, Ao deals with his loneliness by picking on a classmate named Koboyashi. The story ends with the two becoming good friends and although it didn’t end on a sweet note like the first story, it certainly completes the story well. The couple had cute interactions and it was more perverse (e.g. Ao drawing Akaishi’s penis during class HA) than the main story which was fun to read.

The book overall was light, warm and slightly bittersweet and along with Moto’s soft art style, I enjoyed it all and it has definitely made me a fan of her. It’s definitely something I’ll read again if I am in the mood for fluff and I’m interested in how her other works are! It hasn’t quite made a lasting impression on me as it lacked depth in story and emotion but nevertheless I liked it, and if you’re in the mood for a light romance, Moto’s work is worth checking out!


2 thoughts on “Koko ni Aru, Kimi no Oto (BExBOY Comics) by Moto Haruhira

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah it is… I’m not complaining though, it suits the mood of the book :> It was, good if you’re in the mood!


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