Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun (June) by Koshino

Themes: awkward interactions between men with no experience in love, great smut!!!
Volumes: 1

Samejima-kun has just mustered up the courage to tell his co-worker (and classmate) Sasahara-kun that he loves him… but now what? Will the two fumbling friends fall into a frenzy of forbidden ecstasy? Or will they annoy one another to death before their clothes even come off? Samejima-jun and Sasahara-kun proves that forsaking friendship for the pleasures of passion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Can true love flourish after a sudden storeroom confession? Or will bloody war erupt over a few pieces of stolen chocolate?

sts1I gave this book a try due to the reviews by both the Japanese and English BL fandom and I’m glad I did! The book is a great combination of comedy, cute and painfully awkward which I think is one of the noting features of Koshino’s works. The transition from friends to lovers is conventional in BL but her execution gives readers something totally different and unheard of, hence setting itself apart from many titles. Her art may not be as superb, but it’s her well-written story and characters that give Koshino’s book the quality and popularity it deserves.

Samejima, when dealing with unfamiliar emotions of love, tends to act out of the norm by blurting out awkward lines and acting clumsily without really thinking. Sasahara is not too different since he’s also inexperienced, but his curiosity is what’s stopping him to keep a distance in order to test and determine his own feelings. It’s only when Samejima gives up his efforts that Sasahara finally realises his feelings before the two take an intimate step with their relationship.

I enjoyed how Koshino kept things realistic with her characters, story and the themes. The clumsiness and embarrassing things that happen when a relationship between two people transition from friends to lovers is as realistic as it gets. They struggle while on unfamiliar grounds on how they should act but in the end, they’re just trying to make things work. There’s also no rush for the characters to have sex but when they do it, it’s unexpectedly satisfying and smut fans will be very happy. The dialogue is another feature that I liked as it was natural and what you would expect between two people.

Is the book worth the hype? Yes! For those who have a thing for realistic romances and hot smut, look no further. If there was one thing to pick on, the dialogue gets pretty heavy so for some it might sound long and dragged out. It’s also not particularly romantic since the couple is often arguing or yelling at each other, but with a memorable story, it’s something I’ve looked past. Overall, a highly enjoyable book!



2 thoughts on “Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun (June) by Koshino

  1. alyynyan

    goodness Ayu this manga sounds so….godly hahaha that last image like omgg they’re virgins that just got me lol’d so hard
    this somehow reminds me of Ogura Muku’s works xD you know the characters are just so adorable that you couldn’t help but want to pinch their cheeks ww.

    It’s refreshing to see this kind of manga every once in a while, and I can see these two love life going to be romantically…awkward xDD

    1. アユ Post author

      Yes reading about awkward virgins is hilarious XD YES I agree with everything, it’s refreshing to read something totally different!


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