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ときめきレストラン☆☆☆ (Tokimeki Restaurant) by Konami

Since I’ve been getting a surprising amount of hits on my blog for this, I figured I’d continue posting news about it! B’s LOG has released more info in terms of game-play and the dateable characters. 

TokiRes is a game that can be played anywhere and anytime with easy operation and registration. The game basics are: when a customer enters the restaurant, you cook in the kitchen and when you serve the finished dish to the customer, you receive rich (リッチ). Cooking etc. costs stamina (体力) so keep watch on it.

You have the freedom to name your restaurant as well as using your rich to customise the interior. The more you play, the more things you can do (?). The guys (idols next door) will come to your restaurant to eat, however they have their likes and dislikes so don’t just serve them anything!

The menu consists of a variety of Japanese, Chinese and Western food, including peperoncino and hotdogs. As your restaurant prospers, you will be able to make more dishes.

Tokimeki Channel (ときめきCH{チャンネル}) is where you can check information about the game, check shop rankings, fashion trends, idol profiles and participate in online events such as idol battles.

The game also features skin-ship mode (YES) with the idols! A familiar concept in the GS series, it happens when certain conditions are met. When you enter the mode, there will be skin-ship points displayed that you can touch. Depending on where you touch, the colour of the heart changes. Yellow hearts mean they feel nervous so aim for pink hearts! Their facial expressions change as skin-ship intensifies and as more pink hearts come out, red hearts accumulate (pictured) and when all 3 red hearts are filled, you can enjoy seeing the guy’s reaction (๑¯◡¯๑).

3 Majesty is a prince unit belonging to the idol office “Prince Republic” filled with pure and refined men!
→ Tsuji Kaito (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya) is the tsundere and youngest member of the group. He’s cold and perverse, however he’s an honest and polite person with common sense. At times, he goes tsukkomi towards Kirishima and Otowa (lol) and is the type who is patient and who takes things seriously. Tsuji likes proper food and it seems he’s picky with taste and ingredients.
Kirishima Tsukasa (CV. Namikawa Daisuke) is the stoic leader of the group. He’s a stubborn person who grasps things quickly and is strict on himself and others. He is not one to play favourites as he treats everyone equally. It seems Kirishima likes food that doesn’t need too much cooking and prefers fish and vegetables rather than meat.
Otowa Shinnosuke (CV. Kishio Daisuke) is the mysterious idol with a calming aura. He also speaks calmly, is the type to go by instinct rather than reason and his behaviour is quite unusual. That surreal part of him is one of his charms and he unconsciously astounds people like a true prince. Otowa is quite a big eater and during his days off, he’s always eating something. He also thinks that sweet things are “happy things”?!

X.I.P is a manly unit belonging to the idol office “Prince Republic” and has an adult atmosphere and sexy men!
→ Kanzaki Toru (CV. Eguchi Takuya) is a tsundere who has an innocent face, but speaks without regard to others. Although he’s prideful, he’s actually a certified genius and is also impatient and hasty so he often gets pushed around. Kanzaki isn’t really interested  in food and eats very little, however he doesn’t mind spicy and strong tasting food (?).
Date Kyoya (CV. Toriumi Kousuke) is the leader of the group and although he seems like a shallow man and playboy at first glance, he actually cares for his members and is a clever man who calculates things first before taking action. He charms others with his good looks and positive talk (?). Date likes food that’s simple and casual and it seems he’ll happily eat local and junk food.
Fuwa Kento (CV. Hino Satoshi) is a former model with excellent style! One would unintentionally gaze at his tall figure and toned body (including me) and although he can be scary for speaking bluntly, he’s just quiet and does not mean to offend. Fuwa loves meat so he will eat anything with meat in it.

Scans by me from B’s LOG February.

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