Diabolik Lovers: Reiji


(CV. Konishi Katsuyuki)

Reiji takes pride in his hobby of collecting tableware as well as drinking tea and mixing up poisons/drugs. Despite always being polite and a gentlemen like a butler, he can be quite rude in a courteous manner. He values punishment, perfection and rules and can be  surprisingly loyal when it comes to being told what to do.

This starts from the general route. Reiji is unlocked after finishing either Ayato, Kanato or Raito’s route first.


Yui is in her room and just as she was about to sleep, Reiji knocks on her door. “How long are you going to make me wait? Hurry up and open this door,” he says. He has come by to wake her up and when Yui is confused, he tells her that she has school since it’s natural for vampires to be active at night. She thinks that it doesn’t concern her, but since she’s a part of this family now, she must also embrace the night life and that her enrolment to her new school has been arranged. When she meets Reiji in the living room after getting changed, he tells her that he just brewed tea. Yui wonders if she can drink tea as well but he tells her that it’s absurd to think he can drink tea with him. “Then, please wait over there until I finish drinking my tea,” Reiji says.


Reiji and Yui are in the science room while he pours himself tea. He sees that she’s uneasy and tells her not to hesitate to say what she wants, but when she replies there’s nothing, he says that it’s a shame since he was going to offer her tea. She asks if it’s fine and he replies it is before pouring her tea. Yui notices that it’s different to the tea he’s having and he tells her that it’s a special tea just for her.

She drinks the tea but suddenly drops her cup due to her lips feeling numb. “Oh, it doesn’t seem to suit your taste. I told you before right? It is tea that I brewed especially for you: poison,” Reiji says. Yui asks him why he did this and he replies that he wanted to experiment a new developed drug on someone. “You’re not worthy of living if you get caught in a trap like this (?). Until now, I honestly didn’t think you were foolish and incompetent. Such a disappointment, I want an apology.”


It’s night time and Yui wakes since she has school soon. She hears a sound from the living room and heads there to see Reiji. He comments that she’s up early and asks her if she has no business, an eyesore like her should leave. Just as she was about to excuse herself, Reiji tells her to wait since he wants to show her his tableware collection and allows her to polish one of his plates. Reiji is not happy with her response as he expected her to bow and cry and tells her to think of this task more important than her life. When he tells her to look at the back of the plate for the producer’s print, she accidently drops it (I knew that was going to happen) and repeatedly apologizes since her hand slipped. Reiji keeps silent for while, before asking her what she’s being absent-minded for and to hurry and clean up. Yui apologizes again and he replies “Ah, I don’t really care. It’s already broken so I’m not interested anymore… Yes. I have no interest in things that aren’t perfect.”


Yui and Reiji are in the dining room and as she drinks tea, her tableware clinks. “You made a sound. Not knowing your food manners is improper.  Shame on you,” he says before deciding to teach her manners.

Time has passed and Reiji yells “Wrong! How many times do I have to say it?” Yui apologizes and he comments that he didn’t think she’d memorise things so poorly. He tells her not to displease him again before he walks up to her and looks at her face, commenting that her face isn’t so bad. “But if I bite those lips, my thirst will be quenched, such sweet blood… (?)” Yui shoves him away only to have Reiji laugh. He tells her he wouldn’t do anything to a worthless person like her and warns not to think too highly of herself before he ends training and leaves.


Yui is in the corridor and wonders if Reiji is in his room since she doesn’t understand her homework. A flashback occurs of when she’s in class and Reiji comes to her, saying that he has heard from the teachers that she has some problems she doesn’t understand (?).  She replies that it has been explained so she was able to grasp it; however Reiji tells her that as part of the Sakama household, she’s not meant to ask others to teach her (?) and that if she has a problem, she should consult him.

Back to the present, Yui knocks on Reiji’s door but there is no answer so she decides to enter his room. She sees him on the chair sleeping and despite being aware that he’s vampire who don’t catch colds, she drapes blanket over him anyway. He stirs and wakes up from the smell of her blood, asking Yui what she’s doing here. She apologizes and Reiji tells her “Do you think I’ll just forgive you if you apologized? But… I’ll let you off this time only.” Yui tells him that she doesn’t understand her homework and Reiji agrees to teach her.


Yui is in her room and gets ready for school when Reiji comes in without knocking. He sees that she’s getting dressed and says that he just wanted to drink his tea so he’ll borrow her chair (?). She quickly changes and when she’s done, Reiji tells her to wait and keep still. Yui obeys and closes her eyes and feels Reiji’s hands on her neck. After some ruffling of clothes, she opens her eyes and sees that he was fixing her collar. He calls her an untidy person and that he wants her to pay attention to her appearance. Yui thanks him and calls him kind, however his expression turns sour as he replies that it’s extremely discomforting to call him that.


Yui is in class tallying up questionnaires while complaining that the task seems endless and just when she thinks there’s no one to help her, Reiji appears! She tells him that the teacher asked her to do the task and he eventually decides to help her. He comments that he’s never seen such a slow lady (?) and tells her to move her hands more. Yui then accidently scatters the papers on the floor and as she picks them up, she gets a paper cut and Reiji licks it for her. She soon tells him it doesn’t hurt anymore and that since they don’t have much time, they should get back to work.


Yui is ordered to come to Reiji’s room within a minute and on her way, she meets Shuu. During their conversation, he reveals that Ayato, Kanato and Raito are triplets, Subaru is an only child and Shuu is the older brother of Reiji. She asks if each of them have different parents and Shuu doesn’t answer but rather tells her off for being annoying. After Shuu leaves, Yui remembers that she’s late and dashes to Reiji’s room, apologizing. He doesn’t say anything at first but then realizes Shuu’s scent is on her. “It appears that you need to be punished,” he says and drags her to the torture room.

“Is that really all you heard from Shuu? If you don’t want to be whipped anymore, be honest and don’t lie,” Reiji warns her. Yui begs him to believe her since she’s told him everything and he replies, “Good. As a reward, I shall carve more whip marks on you.” He warns her to never speak to Shuu again before he continues to whip her.


Yui is in the garden and is still in pain from Reiji’s punishment the other day and ponders as to why he was so angry despite her only speaking to Shuu for a little bit. Reiji appears suddenly and he asks who she’s thinking about since she seems to be lost in her thoughts. Yui doesn’t realize that her finger has been pricked by a rose and is bleeding, with Reiji telling her to be careful since it tempts the others.

She asks him what exactly happened with Shuu and he grips her tightly, before uttering the name “Beatrix”. He explains that it’s the name of their mother and the one he asked a vampire hunter to kill. He justifies that it was something about her not knowing the value of things and that she was a foolish being who had to die. He suddenly bites her neck and sucks her blood (HEAVY DUMMY HEAD MIC ACTION) before asking her, “What’s wrong? Your voice is trembling. Do you really want me to stop? If you let me, I’ll make you drown deeper into pleasure (?).”


It seems Yui hasn’t seen Reiji after what happened and speaking of the devil, he appears! “What are you staring at, it’s rude,” he says and is about to leave when she asks him what he’s doing here. He replies that he’s returning to his room but then reschedules and tells her that he wants to go out with her for a bit.

They end up playing chess and Reiji says checkmate to mark Yui’s 15th defeat. He notes that her sense and intelligence isn’t enough and asks her if they should play another game. She declines his offer and excuses herself, but he tells her “Oh my, how scary. However, I won’t let you leave without my permission. Kneel and bow and ask for it.” Yui doesn’t want to but Reiji assures her he was only joking and she can go since there’s no merit in restraining her.


Yui is in the corridor and ponders how rare it is for Reiji to invite her to have tea. As she walks to his room, she sees Shuu and is instantly reminded of the time when Reiji warned her never to talk to him again. She mentally apologizes and runs to Reiji’s room, apologizing for being late. He states that she’s three seconds late and demands a reason. She responds that she encountered Shuu and Reiji asks what she was doing and if she talked to him. Yui replied she didn’t since she promised him she wouldn’t, earning her praise as a reward. “Good job,” he says, before he adds that it’s tea time.


Yui is still in Reiji’s room and he asks her to repeat the story she just heard, however it seems she’s too tired to remember. He decides to change the topic and tell her an interesting tale to wake her up. He starts his story about the night of a full moon where he met her father…

The scene changes to a flashback of Beatrix. “Karl Heinz (?), why did you…” she says, before Shuu appears. She tells him to stay by her side for a bit and the scene changes to Reiji in the garden to him in his room. A man named Seiji asks him if the woman in the photo is the target Reiji replies that there’s no mistake. Seiji tells him that his request will be carried without fail and that he will come to Reiji and kill him after.


Continuing from the Dark epilogue, Yui is shocked to hear that his father was ordered to kill Reiji’s mother. He tells her he has yet to finish his story and continues by saying that her father Seiji carried out his job well. A few minutes after his mother was killed, he went to the scene. When he got there, her father had already left while his mother was dying…

The flashback begins with Beatrix dying and when Reiji appears, she realizes that he was responsible. He doesn’t respond and she tells him that she thought he’d be the one to kill her; however she’s satisfied with this and thanks him before dying. “You died smiling? That… I cannot forgive. I can’t. I’m not going to give mother a peaceful death… I won’t forgive it…” Reiji says with anger.

Back to the present, Yui is shocked at such a story and Reiji just laughs at her discomfort. He tells her there’s a bonus to this story and continues by saying that his mother made a fool out of him for dying with a smile on her face. “That’s why I have decided. Next time, I’ll kill her with my hands while she experiences every single pain (?),” Reiji tells her, but Yui is confused since his mother is already dead.


Yui is called to the science room since Reiji wanted help with making poisons. After they finish, Reiji orders her to drink the red, transparent liquid but she can’t and apologizes. He comments that it can’t be helped, adding that he didn’t want to have to do this. The sound of a glass ringing is heard and Yui’s hand suddenly moves on its own, grabbing the beaker and pouring the contents in her mouth. “Tonight is the full moon. I can use this means without a problem,” he tells her.  Yui drinks it all before dropping the beaker and breaking it. Reiji points out that she has some of the poison on her lip and walks up to her to lick it off, before revealing that it wasn’t poison but just original tea. “I served you my original tea. Feel honoured,” he says.


Yui is in the forest looking for Reiji since Ayato told her he’d be here and she suddenly hears the sound of animals. “You are fine animals. I don’t see a grain of ugliness, you are pure beings,” he says as he is surrounded by many animals. He then asks Yui how long she plans to stand there, causing her to show herself. “I’m surprised that you had a hobby of peeking,” Reiji tells her. Yui denies she intended to peak, but he tells her to be quiet otherwise the animals will run away. After she sits down as ordered, the animals start coming to her as they seem to like her a lot and Reiji informs that the male animals get excited when they see a female. It seems the effect of his drug has worked so he says he’ll head back and just as Yui does as well, he orders her to skip school and to play with the animals.


The two are in the torture room and Reiji tells her to help him with the maintenance of the equipment. He tells her to polish the tools so no rust or fingerprints remain and so Yui begins by cleaning a large knife. As she does, Reiji sees that she’s polishing it with care and she responds that she was ordered not to leave a single fingerprint. He comments that he’s not happy with her attitude and decides to punish her with his whip. “Just being obedient is boring,” he says. He doesn’t whip her however and says that it was just a joke and that he doesn’t have time to waste on worthless things like her.


Yui is in the bathroom and Reiji comes in suddenly, noting that the shower’s noisy and telling her to stop using the shower if she’s not using it. He then asks her what she’s being embarrassed about and she responds that he entered the room so suddenly and that he could have called her from outside the door or something. She gets more embarrassed as he looks at her but Reiji says that even if he looks, he can’t feel anything so he doesn’t understand why she’d feel shy. “Anyway, there’s something bothering me. You can’t even wash your body properly. You’re bad at it. I’ll show you an example,” he says. She declines but he doesn’t listen. He intends to clean every part of her body and to wash her until her skin is grazed.


Ayato is in the corridor laughing and Yui encounters him. She asks him what he’s doing here and he tells her he just saw something funny. He takes her somewhere where they can peek in the kitchen and they see Reiji cooking pasta. Ayato laughs again, commenting at his funny expression when he said “al dente”, however Yui isn’t laughing and tells him that she thinks it’s good to cook with a diligent attitude.

Unfortunately, Reiji catches them and orders them to kneel. Ayato refuses to and escapes, leaving Yui alone. Reiji then tells her that he’ll punish her every minute Ayato has left her (?) and Yui accepts whatever her punishment will be; causing him to respond that he knew she’d be honest and that she has some potential to be a servant. Yui doesn’t know if he’s praising her and asks what her punishment is and Reiji picks up a fork and tells her to close her eyes and open her mouth before feeding her carbonara pasta. He conveys that he doesn’t have time to punish her and that if he did; the pasta would be cold.


Tonight is the vampire’s dance party and with the guests all dressed up and dancing, Yui is on the sidelines watching since she feels out of place and Reiji forces her to dance with him. Their dance is the triple time waltz and Yui accidently steps on Reiji’s foot (HAHAHA) since she hasn’t danced before. He asks her how she is going to take responsibility and she replies that she won’t leave the hall and will wipe the dirt on his shoe (?). Reiji responds that she’s an idiot, saying that she is a guest here and asks her what people would think of him if he allowed her to do that. He tells her that she can do something more useful: giving him blood. “Now…I shall show everyone who you belong to,” he says before drinking her blood from her neck, adding that he wants all of the guests to enjoy the scent of her sweet blood.


Yui is in Reiji’s room vacuum cleaning since he asked her to and as she does, a note from his desk falls. She sees that it has resurrection drug notes written down and she ponders whether a drug that can revive dead people really exists. Since it doesn’t seem Reiji will be home yet, she starts looking through his research diary and sees that the drug is almost completed.

To her surprise, Reiji enters before he sees her holding the book and asks her if she read it. She replies that she didn’t mean to and mentions the revival drug, causing him to snap and strangle her. “….kill you. I’ll kill you just like I killed mother!” he yells. Just as she thinks she’s about to face death, she hears a female voice in her head: “I’ll kill you before I get killed!” Yui then screams all of a sudden, hitting him and causing him to let go. “What…was that, that strength just then… that isn’t what a female human could do. It was like… a vampire,” Reiji says before Yui quickly makes her escape.


Yui is in the corridor and ponders about the voice she heard and how recently her body has been weird. Reiji appears and asks her if she doesn’t feel well and she replies that it’s nothing before she excuses herself and runs off to her room. It has been awkward between the two since that incident due to her almost being killed, hearing that her father killed Reiji’s mother and finding out about her weird power. She suddenly feels pain before blacking out.

“Cordelia,” a voice calls out to her and she wakes up to see an unknown man in her room. He tells her not to be so cautious since he has no intention of harming her and she asks him who he is. He appears conflicted and says that they will meet again soon before taking his leave.

Reiji enters her room and sees that her condition isn’t good so he came with medicine. Yui sees that he must have been worried and as much as she wants to thank him, she can’t help but remember that he did try to kill her. She apologizes and declines to drink the medicine, adding that she can’t trust him now. He responds that he’d thought she would and tells her that he brought another medicine and assures her that both medicines aren’t poison. Yui is still hesitant to trust him and Reiji assures her that he’s telling her nothing but the truth. “This medicine is one that was prepared for your health. The effect is guaranteed,” he says and admits that he acted immature that night so he made medicine for her. Yui responds she understands and will accept the medicine.

Reiji then asks her if someone was here and she replies that it was a man who wore black and looked a bit sad. He realizes who she’s talking about and warns her to be wary of the man.


Yui forgets to submit her homework during class after she went home so she goes back to the classroom. As she walks through an alleyway, a group of men start hitting on her, asking her to come play with them. Yui’s heart beats again and with her powerful strength, she pushes them away.

She manages to escape back home and Reiji greets her while he stands outside of the house. He tells her he had a premonition and sees that she came home safely. He smells blood and another man’s scent on her and applies disinfectant on the wound on her hand before bandaging it up. Yui complains that it hurts since he wrapped her wound tightly and he responds to endure the pain for an hour. He also adds for her to bathe when they return to the house since she stinks as well as giving her uniform to cleaning and Yui can see that Reiji is clearly angry.


“My food is to come to the science room now. If you don’t, you will be floating in the sea of your own blood (?),” Reiji announces using the school microphone (LOL). Yui runs to the science room and demands what that broadcast was about and he replies that he did it to avoid waiting too long. Reiji explains that he just thought of a new way to make drugs and that her blood is essential. Just as she’s about to cut her hand, she stops and says that she really can’t. Reiji then tells her up front that a few drops of blood is fine and that it’d be better if she gave blood rather than he do it since she’ll bleed less (?). Yui replies that he can just use the knife to cut her finger but he comments that a vampire using a knife is nonsense. He walks up to her and starts drinking her blood, saying that tonight he is really thirsty and that he told her she should have wounded herself instead.


Yui wakes up and finds herself on the sofa in the living room. She sees Reiji and he asks her if she’ll be returning to her room soon. He tells her to lock the door before sleeping since he won’t allow another man to invade her room again. Yui recalls how she saw Reiji at her school year floor many times today and after the incident of the mysterious man showing up (maniac 08 I’m guessing); it feels as if he’s near her side a lot. Yui’s heart beats, causing her to flush and when Reiji comments that her face is turning redder, she bids him goodnight bashfully before running off to her room.

After Yui is inside her room, she questions as to why Reiji makes her heart throb and as her heart continues beating, it hurts her. The mysterious man in all black from before appears, saying that they can finally meet. Cordelia’s voice inside Yui calls out to the man and refers to him as Richter. “We finally meet, Richter,” Cordelia says as she has taken over her body. Yui’s mind however is still intact as she realizes this isn’t her. Reiji enters the room suddenly and Cordelia tells him that it’s too late.


A flashback occurs where Cordelia welcomes people to her castle. Many men greet her and as she’s having fun conversing with them, she sees Richter and leaves the men to greet him. “Cordelia, it’s been a while,” he says. Richter then refers to her as older sister and Cordelia comments how he’s still an innocent person as always for calling her that on purpose. “It’s not on purpose. It’s no hidden fact that you are my elder brother’s wife,” he says.

Cordelia asks him to dance and Richter refuses since she should first dance with his brother. She replies that Karl (the brother’s name) isn’t coming since he doesn’t have time. It seems that he only wants her because she’s the devil’s daughter and she regrets not choosing Richter before. She then says he might be able to snatch her away from Karl and Richter tells her to stop. “Stop calling me that (elder sister). Call me Cordelia with your passionate voice just like before,” she says.

She knows that Richter likes her and he responds that he has wondered the world continuously in order to forget her since she belongs to his brother, the head of the family. However, Cordelia reveals that she isn’t his only wife and that there is someone else he loves. “Don’t go any further. This place isn’t filled with just allies (there’s enemies),” he responds and she comments that despite his appearance, it hurts him to think of his brother (?). Richter states that the curse of this house can not be removed easily and Cordelia replies that he thinks like a human. “You can say this is the compensation for coexisting with humans,” he says. Just as she offers to dance again, Karl makes an unexpected appearance and she leaves Richter to run to him.

Back to the present, Richter reveals that he kept repeating the same mistakes and reaching out to her despite knowing he shouldn’t have.  They’ve connected bodies on many occasions and he was aware that she only substituted him for Karl and hence did not love him. Then one day, Cordelia was badly wounded and Richter was somehow called to her.

Another flashback occurs with Cordelia dying and she tells Richter to take the knife, cut out her heart and place it in someone else’s body. She tells him to hurry (?) before the child comes and the flashback ends.

Richter reveals that Yui was an abandoned child and so he was able to obtain the ideal body to put Cordelia’s heart in. Reiji asks why he left the baby with her heart and Richter replies that he needed time since he didn’t want to be suspected by his brother (?). He handed the baby to a vampire hunter to avoid Cordelia being taken by his brother again since Karl values the soul of the devil’s daughter.

Reiji asks Richter why Karl fell in love at first sight with Yui as their bride and that perhaps he is aware of Richter’s scheme. Richter replies that it was fate since Karl was looking for a human with powerful energy. Yui happened to stand out since she has Cordelia’s heart and the sleeping Cordelia inside her body desired for Karl’s blood.

Reiji warns him that he will kill both him and Cordelia if he chooses to kidnap Yui; however Richter doesn’t believe he can do anything. Cordelia tells Richter to leave for a bit and after he does, she comments that Yui is being noisy so she shuts her up. Reiji tells her not to order Yui around and Cordelia just laughs, telling him that since Yui’s body is now hers, she has the freedom to handle it however she pleases. He understands her point and is rendered helpless to do anything.

Cordelia then orders Reiji to kneel and he has no choice but to obey, causing her to laugh with amusement before ordering him to bow. He scoffs, calling her an easy person for being satisfied with this. Cordelia then intends to make him surrender and tells him since his scent is similar to Karl, he can be a substitute just like Richter was, causing Reiji’s expression to fall.


Reiji meets Cordelia in the science room and sees her drinking tea. While he is talking, she ignores him and compliments his tea set and leaves, adding that she knows he is displeased with her having tea here. He doesn’t deny it and says that the cup she’s holding is a rarity and orders her to restrain herself from recklessly touching it. She asks him if he’s worried about Yui’s body drinking his poison rather than his tea set breaking, causing Reiji to be speechless.

Yui thanks him and Cordelia passes the message with Reiji responding that he just didn’t want medicine to be wasted. He then tells her to leave since he’s busy and refuses her offer to have tea together. “In that case, I’ll make you realize my position well,” she says before dropping and breaking his valued tea cup.

Reiji doesn’t flinch though but Cordelia tells him that she might end up hurting Yui’s body, creating a small scratch on her wrist (I’m assuming it’s with a knife). He begs her to stop and while she forces him to go on one knee and bow, Yui asks why he’s concerned for her body and Reiji replies that her body belongs to him and that he won’t forgive Cordelia for doing what she pleases.

He then suggests they drink tea and as she does, she becomes sleepy. “Good night Cordelia and sweet dreams,” he says. Yui can’t move since her body is asleep, but she’s able to talk and asks him how she can be freed from this situation. He replies that there is no way, however he asks her to wait since he might have an answer. He kisses her and says “I promise you, Yui. I will free you. Your body is mine, even your life. I will kill you with these hands. Yes, by all means…”


Reiji is called to the torture room by Cordelia since she wants to play with him and he tells her he doesn’t have time. She then handcuffs and whips him much to Yui’s dismay and she yells Cordelia to stop, but it’s useless as she continues whipping him. Reiji, despite bleeding, doesn’t stop with his snark comments to Cordelia, saying that he will never obey her and that no matter how many times she whips him, it’s all in vain since he has already experienced even more pain.  Cordelia then resorts to taking off her clothes, intending to seduce him, however Reiji doesn’t fall for it and continues insulting her. She whips him again and although Reiji assures her that it’s alright, Yui is agonized at the fact that she has to watch such a horrid scene.


Cordelia is in the kitchen and is shocked seeing Reiji cook. He responds that they’ve been told by Karl to have the brothers dine together at the table and so that is what the preparations are for. She replies that she doesn’t understand the rules Karl makes and asks him what he thinks it means and he replies that it could be to cause them to hate each other. Cordelia thinks he’s perhaps correct since Karl loathes family and brotherly love. She adds that she broke the relationship between Karl and Richter and he makes a snark comment on how a relationship like that is something a woman like her would break (?). “For you to speak that way towards the daughter of the devil is unacceptable. Punishment must be served,” Cordelia says, taking offence. Reiji comments that there’s nothing she can do, causing her to break dishes, however he continues by stating that she has no appeal or value and that the girl inside her (Yui) is still better than her.


Reiji and Cordelia are in the torture room again since she wants to use him to kill time. Yui tells her to stop since she can’t silently watch Reiji be pushed down and Cordelia replies if that’s jealousy. When Reiji asks what she’s talking about, Cordelia repeats what Yui said, rendering Reiji speechless.

Cordelia starts stripping Reiji and he doesn’t resist, adding that she will make him feel good. Suddenly, Shuu enters the room and sees the situation they’re in and leaves. Cordelia calls him back and tells him that he saved her for coming. Yui realizes that Cordelia is pretending to be her with Cordelia telling Reiji that they’ll do it another time and Shuu asks annoyingly what’s with the turn of events. “Nfu, playing with a different partner sometimes isn’t so bad. That anti-social person… no, playing with Reiji was a bit boring,” she justifies.

Reiji is loss for words and Shuu seems happy to comply. They head off to the corridor and Yui tells Cordelia to stop, but ofcourse she doesn’t listen. Shuu asks her who she’s talking to, noting that she is somehow different and Cordelia replies that her personality changed since she’s been in this household for a long time. “Tch. How bothersome. Don’t come near me,” Shuu says before leaving. Yui asks what she did that for and Cordelia replies that seeing Reiji looking hopeless and pitiful isn’t so bad to look at.


Cordelia makes a sneak visit inside Reiji’s room and he catches her since her loud voice woke him up. She asks him if he wants to do something with her and he replies that she isn’t refined for his taste and wishes for her to leave. “Nfu. I thought so, then how about this?” she says and kisses him. She then decides to continue and starts stripping him before they kiss again and Yui is surprised that Reiji isn’t resisting. “Ha, resisting. Well, I could but I wonder what the devil’s daughter is like… it doesn’t mean I’m not interested,” he says.

“Oh, what a cute thing to say. You should have been honest like that from the beginning. You won’t regret it? I’m quite amazing,” Cordelia tells him. Reiji sees that she’s very hungry and she replies that she has since she’s watched Yui grow for a long time and once she found a suitable partner, she stirred her heart. She also was the one who brought Yui to this mansion as well as mix herself in the brides list that were submitted to Karl since she wanted to see him again.

Yui wonders if everything she has done up to now was all of Cordelia’s doing just to see Karl again and she replies that it was to meet and kill him. Killing Karl meant that the bride awakened and will become the next family head, which currently is what Reiji will become. “Then, I will kill you. And, I will kill him… Killing him will be my greatest testimony of love. I will satisfy his greatest desire of wanting to die (?). Lovely isn’t it?” she says.

Cordelia then suggests they continue from before but Reiji has had enough. “Seriously, the more I listen to you, the more vulgar you are,” he says before pushing her away. “Don’t touch me! How filthy! You are the worst bitch! Get out! Get out now…!” After Reiji is left alone, he starts raging before saying that he’ll kill her with his own hands.   


“Calling me to such a place, is this harassment again?” Reiji asks as the two are standing inside the church.  Cordelia replies that he clearly knew that since he came here and tells him that she’s obviously here to pray. Reiji, however, sees through her and asks her what she’s planning to do to him, and she responds that she wants to see his painful expression.

Cordelia then to splashes holy water on him, thinking that it’d harm him, but Reiji just laughs. “I thought you were really cute. I might have been fascinated by your charm,” he adds. Yui asks him what he means by that and he replies that what he said was no lie. Cordelia calls him a cunning man and says that she might have grown to like that part of him. She walks up to him before stripping, saying that she will embrace and give him a reward by letting him drink her blood. She adds that she doesn’t let anyone drink it and Reiji feels honoured before he starts drinking her blood, causing Cordelia to feel alive.


The two are in the science room and Reiji yells at Cordelia to stop her nonsense after she broke all of his tableware collection and ruined his research. “Stop this, I played along for a while but I’ve had enough. Leave Yui’s body right now!” he yells, however she replies that she isn’t going anywhere and that Yui should be the one to leave.

Reiji gets a knife and she asks if he plans to stab her heart, saying that he can if he’s fine with Yui dying as well. Cordelia spots poison and drinks it, causing him to panic and demanding her to open her mouth so he can suck out the poison. She tells him that she only did what he told her to do and he replies crossly that he only stated that he will be the one to kill her.

He reveals that Cordelia didn’t intend to die since she didn’t swallow the poison so in other words, she was testing his feelings for Yui. Reiji expresses that he has no interest in Yui as a bride nor does he care about inheriting the family. The only thing he’s interested in is the fact that Yui has the power to kill that man; however Cordelia is not convinced that he doesn’t care for Yui. Reiji is a bit stumped and asks why he would have feelings for “food” and tells her to leave so he can clean up the place.

Before Cordelia leaves, she asks Reiji what he would do if she told him that Yui has faded from this world and he is shocked. He accuses her of lying, however she tells him she might have always been pretending to be her. Yui yells that it’s a lie and attempts to alert him that she’s still here, but to no avail as he seems almost convinced.


In the living room, Cordelia asks Reiji for tea and he serves it to her. As she thanks him, her hand accidently slips and the tea spills on her arm. Reiji suggests using ice to cool her burn but she refuses to and he gets angry since not doing so will leave it sore. “You’re worried for this child after all,” she tells him and he replies that he did, but it doesn’t concern him unfortunately whether or not Yui is inside the body still. Cordelia then says to leave the burn alone and Reiji lets her do whatever. “If you’re okay with it, then fine. Though if you leave it, soon it will be a blister, the ugly skin will peel and then it will hurt,” he tells her, compelling her to let him treat it.

After Reiji agrees to, she tells him that Yui feels lonely and he is surprised. She sees that he does care for her and tells him to quickly treat her burn; however he tells her to wait since he’s making preparations. Cordelia gets impatient and tells him to just lick her burn and he refuses. “I see. I understand. I’ll get Shuu to do it.” “He won’t deal with a woman like you,” he replies. “Well, we shall see…”Reiji gets suspicious and eventually is compelled to do what she wanted. He starts licking her arm and Cordelia sees that the spot is recovered, as expected from a vampire. She asks if he will accept her as a bride when she wakes up and he asks on the contrary if she even cares about being fit as his bride since her goal is to kill her husband. “Nfu, meeting you has changed my mind a bit. I’ll become your bride,” she replies and he refuses.


Reiji is called to the forest at night by Cordelia and tells her that he doesn’t have time for her reminiscent stories. She says that she wants to see the moonlight and he tells her that his research is almost complete and that he’s rushing, hence why he’s pissed off at Cordelia for wasting his time.

Cordelia then goes into the lake to swim but Yui tells her that she’s a weak swimmer and so she starts drowning. Reiji dives in and saves her just in time before scolding her for causing him trouble. It seems Cordelia has lost conscious when she was drowning and so Yui has regained control over her body. She happily hugs him now that she has the chance to and he agrees to carry her just a while longer.

Aware that Cordelia will soon wake up, Reiji informs her that there’s no way to save her at the moment which means they may not meet again. He tells her to talk as much as she can before it’s too late and Yui asks him why he always tries to protect her body. He replies that he also wants to know why since his body moves at the spur of the moment and that he never thought of even wanting to save her. It’s a mystery to him.

As soon as they get out of the lake, Cordelia wakes up and takes over Yui’s body once again.


Reiji is in Yui’s room, demanding Cordelia where she’s going and she replies that she wants to go to the castle. He responds that Karl is unfortunately busy and hence is absent from the castle and that the woman Christa (Subaru’s mother), Karl’s current wife, is there. She is surprised that woman is still alive and he states that it was an order from the head of the family.

Since the castle places importance in appearance, Cordelia is wearing a tight dress and tells Reiji to tighten her corset. As he tightens it, Yui feels like she’s about to die from the pain, however Cordelia tells him to keep going to spite her. When she tells him that Yui is in pain, Reiji decides to tighten it more (lol) before they’re done.

She then tells Reiji to compliment her and at first he finds no reason to do so until she convinces him by saying that he will gain valuable feed. “If it’s worth complimenting you then I will. You are very…pretty,” he praises. As Cordelia tells him to keep flattering her, he does so, saying that the dress loses to her fair skin (?) and that she’s more beautiful than anyone. “At this rate, I want to tear off this dress and expose you right now. Not doing so… a man from elsewhere… would eat you instantly…”  After he helps her put her shoes on, he decides he will escort her to the castle.


Cordelia is in the castle’s dance hall and Reiji returns and informs her that his resurrection drug for his mother Beatrix is finally complete so he can revive and kill her. To celebrate its completion, he asks for a dance and she accepts. As they dance, they start talking about how she screwed up things before but it’s a good thing that Reiji has completed his work. Cordelia wonders if she should complete her plans soon and he points out that she should be able to do so, however she tells him that for some reason she’s interested in him.  In other words, she quits her plans to kill Karl since Reiji will kill him anyway and that she doesn’t think ruling the land again as the bride of the head of the family is a bad idea.

“How does that sound? After all, you did plan on making this child your bride?” Cordelia says. Reiji doesn’t deny it and asks her if he can kiss her as an oath. As they kiss, she suddenly pushes him away, realizing that he made her drink something: a drug to bring Yui back. “The refining of the resurrection drug failed. However, the drug to bury you from this world… succeeded. Farewell, Cordelia. This time, please return to the depths of hell,” he says. The scene ends with Yui struggling to fight Cordelia off.


Reiji is sleeping in his room while Yui is awake and watching him sleep. Thanks to Reiji, she was able to regain control over her body and overpower Cordelia so now there is no one else who will hinder them anymore. Reiji eventually wakes up, asking if she was by his side the whole time and she replies she was.

Just as she’s about to bring tea, he tells her to wait and hugs her, stating that he’d rather drink her blood than tea. As he drinks her blood, she implies for a kiss and he gives it to her, saying that it’s rare for her to ask for one. He tells her that he’ll kill her if she causes him trouble again before continuing to suck her blood.

(If I were killed by your hands so I that don’t cause trouble… I wouldn’t mind.)
(Because Reiji… my life is yours already…)


Yui is in her room and sees the evening’s full moon and comments how it’s a pity Cordelia won’t see it again and is thankful to her. Because of that event, she now understands the beauty of living freely and that she won’t be bounded to anyone else.

Reiji enters her room and Yui tells him to quickly bring her tea and to comb her hair before he brews it. He obeys her and as he does, she asks him about Richter and if he dealt with him and he replies that he followed her orders and fulfilled it with his hands (I’m assuming he killed him ofcourse).

Yui says that she’s in a good mood today and suggests they go for a walk since the moon is pretty tonight. He replies yes a second too late and she asks him if he’s discontent with something, only for him to reply that there’s nothing. “I see… however, my mood is ruined because of you. What will you do for me? Fufu… if you’re clever, you know what you should do right? Then, kneel to me. (Reiji kneels) Ah, good boy. Here, suck the blood from this hand. And make me feel good,” she demands and he obeys her.

She tells him to drink more but to not get greedy suddenly and sees that both he and that person have no composure. “How filthy! Stay away!” she yells, pushing him away; however Reiji wants more blood, causing her to slap him. “Who do you think you’re speaking to? Know your place, Reiji.” He’s clearly not happy and Yui sees that he is now a prisoner of her blood since it seems he can’t stay away from it.

(My blood, with Cordelia’s heart, is like a drug to the vampires.)
(He can no longer endure without my blood. That Reiji is under my control. My…prisoner.)
(Mine for eternity…!)
(Ah, it feels good! Living freely is wonderful!)
(Fufu…ahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!!)


“Fufu…Richter, you’re a good former escort,” Cordelia tells him and he replies that if he isn’t able to do this, he wouldn’t be worthy to stand next to her. He compliments her beauty and she responds that with this, nothing can overcome her. She asks him what happened to Reiji and he replies that he killed him with his hands.

A flashback occurs of Reiji dying. “One day… I’ll come…back. I will… in order to… kill you and that woman… I’ll return… without fail…!” Back to the present, Richter is angered, justifying that he can’t forgive Reiji for breathing the same air as her and Cordelia comments that in the past, he has always been very jealous. “It’s only for you. But, I finally have you. From now we’ll always –” he says before she interrupts him.

“What are you saying? You plan on capturing me with just this?” Cordelia says, adding that he’s conceited and that this isn’t enough. “My heart and body will be satisfied by that person only,” she says, before walking away and leaving a shocked Richter alone.


Reiji was my favourite character after listening to the CDs so it’s no surprise that I chose his route right after I got the chance to since I have a bit of a weak spot for butler-like characters. Also, the dummy head mic scenes where he’s drinking Yui’s blood was almost unbearable for me. Konishi’s heavy breathing!! And when he’s about to bite, it sounds scary but at the same time sdfljsdf holy crap he’s going to eat you lol (//°ꈊ°//)

I think out of all things that surprised me was the 360 spin on END 2. It seemed like it started off well, but then Yui’s personality becomes almost like Cordelia and I wanted to rage ( ب_ب )! And to see Reiji on his knees and wanting more blood like a begging slave… my heart shatters. Despite that being something I disliked from his route, a few scenes I liked: when Reiji fed Yui carbonara pasta which I thought was cute and the hime-sama dakko when she was about to drown. What a gentlemen indeed, especially one who decides to threaten someone through the school mic (っ´ω`)っ

I’m sure it was better for me to complete Raito and Kanato’s route first before dealing with Reiji and Shuu and since they’re brothers, there is a possibility that there is more to the story surrounding both of them as well as Beatrix and the reason why Reiji chose to get her killed if I did Shuu’s route. His route will have to wait for a while now since I’ll finish the triplet’s routes first, but I’ll make sure to repeat the key points in Shuu’s post from Reiji’s.

5 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Reiji

  1. Sofii San Martin

    you’re right … the bites of reiji are atrocious! ;_____; reacted instantly feeling that he bites me (I surprised myself >.<)
    with the ending 2 i end up in shock.____.
    the ending 3… his name does it justice… is very bad! pobre Richter :ccc always left alone XDDD u.u
    and the ending 1…. expected the typical marriage (as with kanato XDDD) i love this kiss <333
    reiji is a gentleman*-* never lost (no much) the composure, though just hit me with the whip ewufikjhaufjkawherikawrehi $:
    i was like "mother of god x.x" when Cordelia wanted to do 1313 with reiji e.e
    The next may be raito? because… I'm fascinated by the way he is
    i love your work*——*

    1. アユ Post author

      I wouldn’t call it atrocious xD Yeah the ending 2 really did shock me and ending 3 was pretty impactful as well.

  2. sweetlysongbird


    Thank you so, so much for writing this fantastic and delightfully detailed review! I’ve been searching for so long for a description of Reiji’s route, and I am so glad to have found yours! Thank you for taking the time to give us such a detailed account. I’m very grateful for your excellent work. If you hadn’t already guessed, Reiji-sama is my favorite.

    I hope to read more DL reviews from you someday! Any plans to review Raito’s route in the future? I know he’s not the most popular, but I like him. Especially since he’s voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke! He could say the perviest things in the world, and I’d still be all “Take me, Raito!”

    Sorry if I’m gushing. Once more, thank you for this amazing review. Keep up the good work!

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello! Firstly, big apologies for my very late reply! And second, thankyou for your kind comment! Haha yes my favourite is Reiji too! I’m glad this review helped somehow despite my low confidence in my Japanese haha! I’ve finished the game but unfortunately I can’t find the time to write and review other character’s routes anytime soon ;_; I’m sure there are other blogs that have though but I do apologize ;w; I hope that you will or have found other blogs that have reviewed the game better than I did! Hope you have a lovely day and once again, thankyou for taking the time to read and comment! <3


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