Ariard -Shounen Arisu- Trial

“I don’t know this world…”

Alisumi Miyano thought he had somewhat of a normal life. On his birthday, he gets given a present from a female student and when he comes home to his deranged mother, he gets yelled at and strangled before he could escape. No matter where he runs, nothing will change…

Then he meets White Rabbit who changes everything. He refers to him as Alice with familiarity, however it seems Miyano doesn’t remember who he is. He is forced to drink a mysterious red medicine before being transported to an underground kingdom where the sky is red and people know him as Alice. Despite his pleas to return home, he is stuck in the world until he can choose a king or else the world will be destroyed.

I came across a tweet about this game a few days about which brought me to the website, which then made me want to try out the demo. I knew by the looks of the pictures, the story involved something similar to Alice in Wonderland but with a dark and mysterious twist to it.

I have to admit, the song of the video really pulled me in. I know this might be a trivial thing to comment on, but the choice of the song is perfect to set the right mood for the game.

Now for my first impressions of the characters (had to do some research on the pseudonym names to get the actual seiyuus)! Each candidate holds a glass-bottled medicine that is the colour of their eyes and when Miyano chooses one, his eyes will change to the colour of the candidate. For those who are scratching their heads…

This red medicine belongs to White Rabbit since his eyes are red. Blue medicine belongs to Mad Hatter and so on. If Miyano doesn’t drink his medicine to get enough power, he will die.

White Rabbit (CV: Hino Satoshi) comes off as quite domineering. He also isn’t very considerate of other’s feelings as he expects other people to do as he wishes. I knew something was off with him at the start.

Mad Hatter (CV. Okitsu Kazuyuki?) is polite gentlemen and a servant to Alice (Miyano in this case). He has magical powers which he can use to make clothes even! Unlike White Rabbit, he does show concern to Miyano, especially when he finds out he lost his memories and is saddened to know that he has forgotten him.

Cheshire Cat (CV. Terashima Takuma) is perhaps the character I have my interest on the most mainly because of his cute tsundere personality and he shows he obviously cares for and helps him.

Jack (CV. Takeuchi Ryouta?) works under the king and queen. He didn’t leave much of an impression on me other than the fact that he must carry out the king and queen’s absolute orders. I don’t think he’s a candidate.

Dee and Dum (CV. Tomohiro Yamaguchi) are twins who obviously love Miyano and seem innocent and cute, but they have quite a crazy and possessive side as they want Miyano to always be with them forever. 3P ending?

The king and queen of the underground kingdom! The king (CV. Yamanaka Masahiro) is also a candidate and is very determined to have Miyano choose him no matter what.

Caterpillar/Pupa (CV. Namura Yukitarou) is still a mystery to me since he only appears for a bit before the trial ends. My first impression was that he’s a doctor and it seems he knows a way for Miyano to return home. The trial ends there so it does leave me wondering a lot.

The possibility of me playing the game is pretty high. At first it didn’t grab me but I’m quite glad I tried out the trial version. There’s a lot to swallow but I think the game will prove to be good :)

The full game comes out 25/1/13. Website: You can download the trial here.


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