Tokimeki Restaurant

Good news! B’s LOG has released information on the new Tokimeki game ときめきレストラン☆☆☆ (Tokimeki Restaurant)! The bad news is it’s only going to be a phone game available for the iPhone and Android. I can’t say I’m entirely impressed but it can’t be so bad :) I actually might give it ago since the screenshots look pretty good!

(Click images to enlarge)

You run a small restaurant in Habataki City. You cook the food as well as serving customers and managing the restaurant. As it flourishes, you gain rich (currency for the game) which you can use to buy things and customize the place as you like. In addition, as your business grows, romance events occur! Next to the restaurant is an entertainment production which has two idol groups called 3 MAJESTY and X.I.P who come to eat at your restaurant. There are also other events including battles between the groups as well as restaurant payments.

Movement in Live 2D!

3 MAJESTY: Tsuji Kaito (CV. Kakihara Tetsuya), Kirishima Tsukasa (CV. Namikawa Daisuke) and Otowa Shinnosuke (CV. Kishio Daisuke).

X.I.P: Kanzaki Toru (CV. Eguchi Takuya), Date Kyoya (CV. Toriumi Kousuke) and Fuwa Kento (CV. Hino Satoshi).

NOW I know what they mean by the keywords food and song. At first I thought it could be about chefs who are idols, but I was close enough? The website states the app is free but there will be in-game content that you buy. I’m not sure if it has endings or if it’s just a cooking game where you unlock romance events. There’s no release date yet for those who are interested but I’ll let you know when there is.

Funny how just by looking at Tsuji, I instantly guessed Kakki would voice him =w= The cast is good too and I don’t have anything bad to say about the art. Overall, it doesn’t hurt to try, after all cooking and boys = my kind of combo.



12 thoughts on “Tokimeki Restaurant

  1. Dellz

    I’ll give this game a try too, hopefully the in-game content is not expensive ^-^/ Need to persuade my sister so I can borrow her phone lolz.

    カワイイな, と思って ラッキー -> lolz this guy looks interesting but so far based on looks I like Toru xDD 爺さん, ついにくたばった? 新しい店員? ^-^/

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah hopefully >w<

      Ah! He seems like those friendly people especially to females? I have no idea who I like yet, but looking at Fuwa *q*

  2. celestermoon

    Oh, I’m so in for this game~!! But I wonder if it’ll work properly on my IPAD? ‘cuz even if its an IOS version, the compatibility system is still different with Iphones(?・・)

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