Diabolik Lovers: Ayato

Many parts of his route I had trouble understanding or had to guess what was happening so I hope you forgive me with my summaries /o\

(CV. Midorikawa Hikaru)

Ayato is possessive, quite a pervert and gets a kick out of seeing Yui suffer. He hates being told what to do and is impatient so when he wants something, he’ll spare no time to get it. He also holds a strong hatred to his mother Cordelia and has hopes to become the strongest vampire.

This starts from the general route.

After Yui chooses Ayato, Shuu warns him not to kill her since ‘that man’ told them to treat the guest nicely. Ayato doesn’t understand what the ‘man’ was thinking and questions why he should treat such a boring person with respect. They start badmouthing the person and Yui concludes that perhaps they’re talking about a person from the church her father told her about. Ayato isn’t happy he can’t kill her but says she should feel lucky for choosing him (?).


Yui is in an empty classroom after class has finished and finds it hard to return back to the vampire house. She also feels weird to be at school at midnight. A flashback occurs where Reiji informs her to transfer to a night time school. “Because you are now living in this house, it will be troublesome if you don’t fit in with our life cycle,” he justifies.

Back in the present, the lights of the classroom suddenly turn off and Yui panics. Suddenly, Ayato appears, scaring her. He asks her what she’s doing here at this time and she replies she was patrolling within the school. He says that he thought she was going to run, and when Yui makes a face, it seems as though she planned to. “You chose me right? From today on, you are my food,” Ayato tells her before adding that he’s hungry since she didn’t come home. “Ah, I can’t wait until we get home. I’m going to eat you here,” Ayato says before biting her and commenting that her blood is the best and sweet unlike what he has ever tasted. Yui complains that it hurts, but he doesn’t stop and tells her “You can’t run away from me, be prepared.”


Yui slowly wakes up and finds herself unable to move. Ayato greets and tells her that they’re in his bed. She asks if it’s his coffin, only to have Ayato scoff at her and state that it’s an iron maiden. She asks if an iron maiden is his torture equipment and he replies it is with a grin. She asks why he would do this and he replies that he’s hungry; but he won’t eat her while she’s sleeping.  Yui’s expression falls and Ayato comments that for him to see that face while eating her tastes the best.

Unfortunately, he can’t see and so he opens the door to see her expression clearly. Ayato starts drinking her blood until he’s full, she tells him that she’ll sleep in her own room since he has finished his ‘meal’ already and so tries to leave. Ayato stops her and tells her not to resist before he drinks more of her blood before suddenly falling asleep due to being full and Yui blushes at the close proximity of his face to hers. She comments that his sleeping face is quite cute before falling asleep. (If you want to see his sleeping face, look at the first picture of this post.)


Yui wakes up in her bedroom and comments how she can’t sleep even though she should be tired. She closes her eyes and tries to dream before she hears a flapping noise. She screams and Ayato runs to her room, asking what happened (with a huge smile on his face lol). Yui runs up to hug him and frantically says that there’s something black on her bed. He tells her it’s just a bat and is amused that she got scared at something like that and asks if she touched it. She says she has since it seems to have entered her bed without her noticing. Ayato asks where and she replies her belly, to which he checks and says “There’s a scratch mark. The bat’s claws have deadly poison you know.” and assumes that the bat was attracted to her blood.

He bites her neck and tells her he’ll also suck out the bat poison. Yui tells him that sucking out the poison is dangerous and Ayato is amused that she is worried about him in this situation before telling her not to worry since the poison won’t affect his body. Ayato starts sucking her blood, but Yui notices that he’s doing it on the wrong side since the bat touched the opposite side (of her stomach I believe). She then realizes that what he said about the scratch mark was a lie and Ayato adds that he also lied about the bat having poison. Yui gets angry and he responds with “Yes yes, I’ll listen to your complaints later. Right now with the feel of your soft flesh, I’m going to enjoy the taste of your blood.”


Yui enters a room full of wax models and decides to look around for the time being. She calls out for Ayato but no response, until footsteps are heard. She sees someone come closer and assumes it’s not him so she screams out for her father. The person starts laughing and it turns out to be Ayato! “You… don’t tell me you can’t stand up because you were scared?” he asks before laughing at her unexpected reaction.  He says that it’s convenient that she can’t stand since he’s going to add a wax figure of her in that state.

He tries to put wax on her with a candle but it misses her, so he tells her to be quiet and that it’ll only feel hot at first. Yui asks Ayato if his obsession is making wax figures and he responds that it’s her voice that she makes when she hates something that he is obsessed with. She begs him to stop with the candle, however, with her trembling and frightened expression, he can’t stop. “I’ll do anything to see that reaction of yours,” Ayato tells her. Yui has nowhere to run and he tells her that the next wax drop won’t miss. “After your whole body is covered in wax, I’ll fully savour the taste of your hot blood.”


Yui is in her classroom and complains how the homework issued today is too much, but since she can’t concentrate at home, she will stay for a little longer. Ayato appears and tells her to go home and is shocked that she’s doing work and tells her she should just do it at home. “I’m hungry. Let’s go home quickly so I can bite you,” he says and snatches her notebook, telling her he’ll give it back when they get home. Yui then yells “Ah! A pretty girl with big boobs in the corridor!” which distracts Ayato enough to get her notebook back and he comments that she has some nerve to fool him like that.

Yui responds that she’s not scared of him and he warns her not to say that before grabbing a hold of her. Since she’s not going home yet, he’s going to have his meal here. He starts drinking her blood and she gives in by saying she’ll go home. Ayato tells her it’s too late and continues until Yui becomes dizzy and passes out so he picks her up to go home.


Yui enters the school infirmary but it seems the school doctor is not there. Since she only has a scratch, she decides to treat it herself. As she looks for disinfectant, Ayato appears and asks her if she’s hurt. Yui replies that she fell during physical education class so he treats her by licking her wound.

Her wound eventually becomes clean and she thanks Ayato for treating her wound. “I have no idea what you’re saying. I’m only doing this so that my food doesn’t spill.” He then gradually moves his tongue up her leg and Yui quickly stops him, pissing off Ayato as he says that he should receive his gratitude for treating her wound. “If it’s to thank you then my blood is enough!” she tells him but Ayato responds that it’s not enough. “What are you feigning innocence for?” he asks to which she replies that’s not the problem.


Yui is in the bathroom and just as she is about to bathe, Ayato enters the room. Yui screams before closing the door, telling him that he can bathe later and he tells her that he brought bath powder. Yui asks why he’d do that kind of thing and he replies that recently she’s tired since she’s been giving him a lot of blood.

She agrees to use it, but she tells him he can’t enter the bathroom so he can give it through the door gap. He sounds a bit annoyed but understands and tells her to open the door a bit. She gets the bath powder and pours it in the bath water, causing her to cough a bit before blacking out.

Yui wakes up in her bedroom with Ayato greeting her. He tells her that he carried her here and touches her flushed face which causes her to say that it feels nice. “…If so, I’ll touch you more. Where do you want me to touch you? I’ll do as you wish only for today,” Ayato asks and she replies her cheek. “Tsk, so it’s your face. How boring,” he says in disappointment but complies anyway and kisses her cheek before commenting she’s burning too much. He kisses her cheek again before drinking her blood and Yui suddenly dozes off, which pisses him off. Since she shows no signs of waking up, Ayato says that he’ll forgive her today and whispers in her ear: “When I do it, cry and scream with all your might and amuse me.”


Yui regains consciousness and hears Ayato’s voice waking her up. She opens her eyes and realizes that her arms have been chained up and that they’re in a games room. She demands he remove the chain, but he replies that he tied her up since it’s needed for his game. He tells her that she’s a dart target and throws a dart, causing her to bleed so takes a small break to lick her blood.

He walks back and throws another dart before laughing at her expression and adds that if she wants to be forgiven, she must beg for her life. Ayato tells her to say “I’ll give you as much of my blood as you like so please save my life.” He then changes his mind and says that for once he wants her to say “Please drink my blood and make me feel good.” and adds that if sheªd trouble understanding or had 80�ll cut her body in pieces.

Yui could only make out “My blood…” before thinking that it’s too embarrassing to say the rest. Ayato tells her that it’s time over and that he’s going to pierce her heart. Yui can’t seem to find her voice and so she braces herself, with Ayato enjoying her trembling with the fear of death. “In respect to that expression, I’ll forgive you today,” he says. Ayato suddenly bites where her lips are, saying that her blood is special since he can feel his energy rising.


Yui has escaped from Ayato again and it seems the incident before in the room has somehow made it hard for her to face him. He appears and asks why she ran away and Yui denies she did before running to a warehouse. Just as she thought she escaped, Ayato appears. She apologizes for running away earlier and he tells her “If you’re going to apologize, look at me properly.”  He forces her to look in his eyes and she flushes since it reminds her of what happened before. “Haha, your face is red. You’ve been found out,” Ayato tells her before kissing her on the edge of her lips.

“Ah right, that was your first kiss,” he adds and Yui replies that it wasn’t since it was just him sucking her blood. “If so… this time I’ll steal your first kiss without fail,” Ayato says and kisses her. He asks if she’s a virgin, and when she’s surprised by his question, Ayato takes it as a yes and kisses her again. Yui asks what he’s doing and he replies with “What…isn’t it obvious? We’re doing it.”

Reiji suddenly enters and excuses himself for intruding, while Ayato yells at him for interrupting them. Reiji replies that if he doesn’t want to be disrupted, he has his own room and adds that they can continue since he’s only here to take things. Ayato gives up and decides to go back to his room while Yui thinks that Reiji actually came to save her. Before they leave, Ayato tells her “Don’t think this is over. I will steal your first time. Be ready.”


Yui is out in the balcony enjoying the wind and her cup of hot chocolate. Ayato suddenly appears and says that he can smell something sweet. She allows him to have a sip but his hand deliberately slips and the drink spills all over her clothes. He then tells her to strip right in front of him and to show everything. “If you won’t strip…shall I do it?” he asks before he rips her clothes. Ayato adds that if she would just obediently do as she was told, her clothes wouldn’t have been wasted and says that he will remove the bad taste of the sweet chocolate by biting and sucking her blood (?).


Yui is in the church praying to God and assumes that Ayato wouldn’t come since he’s a vampire, however the door flies open and he appears, complaining that she’s still here. Yui hides her rosary and Ayato asks what she’s concealing and takes it out of her pocket. He gets angry that it’s just her cross and although he isn’t scared of it, it pisses him off (?) so he asks how she will take responsibility.

“Look, your beloved God is watching. If you want, shall we do it here?”  Ayato says as he kisses her, but Yui refuses. “Then, promise to never come to this place again. I hate this place. Don’t you ever come near here,” he tells her firmly and warns her that if she doesn’t obey, he’ll do it so she’ll never be able to face God again. Yui promises she won’t and Ayato tells her “It isn’t God who you rely on. It is only me.”


The epilogue starts with a flashback of Kanato, Raito and Ayato when they were young. Kanato is crying over a bat which he went through trouble catching and Ayato tells him that he’ll catch it for him. Suddenly, Cordelia, their mother, appears and stops Ayato. She tells him to go home and study, however Ayato refuses to since he has always been studying. “Kanato and Raito are playing, yet why is it only me who must study?” he yells. She replies that he’s different from them and when he says he wants to play more, she yells at him not to talk back before slapping him.

 “Do you think you can become the best with that?! You must not lose to the child of such a woman…! You must always be the best. The best is you. The next family head…is you. You are the best. You surely are! If so, I will…to that person. As the mother of the son who will succeed the house, I will be accepted. I absolutely cannot lose to that hag Beatrix,” Cordelia says.

Ayato wakes up and finds Yui in his room. He asks why she’s here but then he remembers that he was the one who brought her to his room. She asks if he had a bad dream and he replies that it’s not something for her to worry about. “If you are worried for me, give me blood and then maybe I’ll cheer up,” he says and Yui surprisingly agrees which confuses Ayato. He tells her that if he’s going to receive blood, he’ll make sure to do it while watching her unpleasant expression. “If I have you, I can be the strongest…the best. Hurry…hurry up and awaken me (?),” he says.

Yui is confused as to what he’s talking about but then starts resisting due to Ayato drinking strongly, causing her to become dizzy. “I told you right? You can’t run from me,” Ayato tells her.


The prologue begins back in the past (same as Dark epilogue) where Ayato falls into a fountain in a garden. Cordelia tells him to cool his anger there and that this is his punishment. “You are not to be inferior to anyone. You cannot even if they’re the same level. You must always be the strongest. If you can’t do that…you are not my child! I don’t need someone like you who isn’t the best. You will be useless,” she tells him.

Ayato starts crying and a man appears, commenting that Cordelia is extreme as always. She replies to the man named Richter that this isn’t the case and that it’s just punishment and discipline. He then asks Cordelia if this is one of the punishments for him and she replies that she’s not punishing Ayato: “Neglecting me and getting hooked on to that woman… this is ‘that’ person’s punishment…”

Richter calls her a terrible person for using that over his feelings (?) but Cordelia replies that he’s also the same: “You want to use my blood right? In order to beat him that is.” Richter is speechless and she says that they should go over there, leaving Ayato to scream for his mother.

Ayato wakes up from his bad dream, and at the same time, Yui wakes up. Just as she wants water to drink, she hears shattering glass and runs to the kitchen. Ayato is screaming and breaking things, yelling: “Damn it! Why?!” Yui yells at him to stop before she realizes that his hand is injured. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? We have to treat your injury…” she says worriedly. Ayato still looks angered and suddenly holds her before biting and drinking her blood (he sounded as though he was about to eat a chunk of her).  He then stops before saying “That’s right…I’m also using this person’s blood… I will succeed all. I’ll…kill that person.” Ayato tells her to be prepared since he’s not done yet and she hugs him suddenly, causing a surprised reaction from him. “Yui, I don’t know how things will turn out…”(?) he says before kissing her.


Yui is in class and Ayato tells her that he’s making a stopover downtown. Yui suggests they go home since they’re in uniform but Ayato responds it won’t be a problem (?) and gives her a bag, telling her to change into that and to meet at the school gates (?).

The scene changes to the city district and Yui tells him they should go home. He replies that they just got here so she hurries him to finish his errands. “It’s not errands. If anything it’s…a walk?” Ayato replies and Yui is shocked. She realizes she’s been set up and that this could also be a part of his tricks. She ponders about how short her skirt is and that if she moves a little, people could see.

“Don’t hide. I’ll let you walk in front of me just for today. Don’t cover it with your hands,” Ayato tells her but Yui refuses to and crouches down, yelling at him that she can’t endure being dressed like this in the city and pleads for them to go home. “Do you plan to hide like that? I can see inside your skirt better,” Ayato tells her. She screams and he laughs at her reaction, calling her stupid. A person suddenly bumps into her on purpose and a group of people from afar have been watching them, which upsets Ayato and so he tells her that they’re going home.

The scene changes to Yui’s room and Ayato throws her on to her bed. She yells at him not to grab her leg since he’ll see inside her skirt, only for him to reply: “I’m not interested in the colour of your underwear.”  He starts sucking her skin (I’m guessing her leg area?) and leaves a kiss mark. He says that if people were to see the kiss mark in a place like that, they would think of her as a lecherous woman straightaway. “If you don’t want that, don’t let anyone see that mark,” Ayato tells her before he leaves her room.


Ayato lets out a big yawn in the classroom and Yui asks if he’s still sleepy despite always sleeping in the daytime. He replies that rather than being sleepy, he sees no reason to be awake in this place. “If I listen to the boring class, sleeping is ten thousand times better,” he tells her. Yui doesn’t understand why he still comes to school but then again, she never sees him awake during class.

She then ponders about how the others are doing. Kanato and Raito are in different classes where as Reiji, Shuu and Subaru are in different grades. Yui informs Ayato that their next class is Japan history suggests he listen for once but it seems he isn’t interested at all. Their teacher comes and Yui tells him again to at least follow the class, to which he replies “Shut up, don’t tell me what to do.”

During class, it seems Ayato is awake and Yui is happy that he considered her words. He suddenly asks her for an eraser and she gives it to him. “Thank you,” he says but adds that he was kidding and grabs her finger to lick it. “Damn, I can’t hold it. Yui, I’m going to bite you,” he says before sucking her blood from her finger. Just as Yui struggles to keep her voice down, the school chime rings.


Ayato and Yui are at a park and they see a dog. She starts playing with it while Ayato gets annoyed and asks her if she really likes dogs that much. The dog starts growling at him and Ayato removes its collar, causing the dog to run away. “You like dogs right?” he asks her slyly before placing the collar on her. Yui tells him to take it off, but he replies that she has yet to be given orders. “From now on, you are my dog…until I’m satisfied,” Ayato says and asks her what she should do first.

Yui gets on all fours and Ayato asks why she’s doing an erotic pose (HAHAHA) and that it looks seducing rather than a dog pose. He tells her to do what the dog did before and she realizes he’s talking about the dog licking her face. She licks Ayato’s face, but it seems he’s not satisfied with just that so he orders her to sit on his lap while he sits on a bench. Yui tells him to let her go and Ayato replies with “I said I will when I’m satisfied. Well, it’s not like I’m going to get bored for a while.”


Ayato insists they play billiards since he’s in the mood and orders her to play with him. Yui says she’s never played billiards before so he decides to teach her. He first explains cue posture and demonstrates to her where to place her hands. Yui yells not to whisper so close to her ear and Ayato just laughs it off, commenting that her ears are sensitive before licking it. He then tells her to open her legs and slides his leg between her knees, saying that it will keep her balance stable. Yui wasn’t expecting that and Ayato asks if she was hoping for something else to happen.  He tells her to hit the ball, however due to being slow; he grabs the cue and pokes her with it as punishment. She tells Ayato that she was just aiming her ball but he calls her slow and continues harassing her.


Class has finished and Ayato tells Yui for them to go home, however she tells him that they have cleaning duty. He has no interest in doing it but Yui orders him to help out. “You…have some nerve giving me orders,” he says. He gets the bucket and splashes the water at her, saying that he is ‘cleaning’. “Where do you want to be cleaned? Tell me. If you won’t tell me, I guess I’ll choose. This place?” he asks and Yui yells at him to stop touching weird places.

She is then forced to give him an answer or he’ll continue, so she replies her leg. “Oh, you’re quite bold,” Ayato responds before cleaning her leg and then eventually splashing water and soaking her. He tells her so come to him so he can dry her and when she does, he kisses her (?). “I’ll tease you until you surrender. Do your best to endure,” he says, with Yui determined not to give in. (?)


Yui is in the kitchen cooking and Ayato appears commenting how humans are bothersome. “Why do preparing meals take so long?” he asks and she replies that the food would be bland if he were to just eat it like that. She tells him it’ll be done in about 20 minutes and asks him if he’ll eat, to which he responds that a vampire’s meal is blood and eating that (what Yui is cooking) has no nutrition.

As she gets back to her preparing, Ayato suddenly hugs her from behind. “Um…it’s hard to cook when you’re hugging me from behind like that,” Yui says. He replies that 20 minutes is too long and he can’t wait, so she says she’ll call him when food is ready. Ayato then tells her to turn around and when she does, he kisses her on the lips.  Yui assumes that perhaps Ayato wanted to sample the food so she allows him to even though it’s incomplete. “Idiot, as if I can,” he replies.

After Yui tastes the food, Ayato turns her around and kisses her again. He pulls back and says the flavour isn’t bad and tells her to be quick. Yui asks him what foods he likes and he replies that there’s only one favourite: takoyaki. When Yui says she can make it, he gets a bit excited and tells her to make it now. She replies she can’t but next time when she prepares things more properly, they’ll do a takoyaki party with everyone. Ayato kisses her again and tells her that it was her punishment. “Don’t feed it to the others. Only make it for me.”


Yui is in the school corridor and doesn’t see Ayato despite the fact that class has finished, which is rare. She then heads off to the library for the first time and while looking for a book to read, she sees Ayato with a female student who doesn’t come to school often due to her busy idol work. Yui wonders what they’re doing here and she realizes that they could be on a secret date! “Being able to drink your blood makes me a fortunate person,” she hears him say before he sucks the female’s blood. She wonders if Ayato is fine with anyone as long as he can drink their blood and finds herself feeling jealous.

Yui hears a laugh and is surprised to see Ayato close to her all of a sudden. She looks back to where the female was and she sees her on lying on the floor as though she was thrown. She panics and says that they should carry her to the infirmary, but Ayato tells her to leave her alone and that she has an important job to do: giving him blood.

She tells him that he already drank the other female’s blood, but he replies he felt unpleasant to do so. “You were jealous right?” Ayato laughed, adding that the look on her face was the best and that he did all that just to see her reaction. He tells her that her blood is the best and that no matter which beautiful woman’s blood it is, his body can’t be satisfied (unless it’s hers).


Yui is in her bedroom and has just finished her homework. She feels hungry but figures she should sleep soon and just as she does, she hears a knock on the door. She opens the door and is surprised to see Kanato.

She invites him in and he tells her that he can’t sleep. Yui tells him that she’ll make him hot chocolate since it provides a good night sleep effect which causes Kanato to laugh: “I see, you really are a moronic human.” Kanato adds that he loves the taste of hot chocolate, but then he suddenly grabs her wrist and tells her that she doesn’t need to make it since there is already something better for him to drink (referring to her blood ofcourse).

Yui tells him to stop and Kanato says: “…Stop? Are you ordering me? How annoying…” and pushes her. “Did you hit your head? Ah, how stupid. It’s because you struggled,” he tells her. Yui’s consciousness becomes hazy and Kanato tells her to relax. “I shall fully taste your blood while you sleep,” Kanato says before Yui fades into the darkness.

Ayato’s voice calls out to her and slaps her awake. He tells her that he chased Kanato away and that she hasn’t been bitten since he came just before that. “Your blood was almost sucked by someone other than me!” he yells, gripping her neck with his two hands. When he asks her if she understands that she is his, Yui responds by relaxing her body and surrendering, causing Ayato to release his hands. He tells her he’ll teach her body who it belongs to with evidence (?) and gives her a kiss and fang mark. “I’ll fill your body from head to toe,” Ayato tells her. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it hurt. Yui, did you know? One’s blood taste changes when they lose their virginity. I wonder what you’ll taste like.”


Yui didn’t go to school today since her head feels dizzy, perhaps due to anemia. She lost count as to how many kiss and bite marks Ayato did and feels like she’s aching. A strong wind blows and she finds herself in a garden. As she wonders how she got there, Ayato suddenly appears and grabs her.

“What are you doing skipping school?” he asks and adds that she can’t go any further since she’s walking unsteadily. Since she’s been pricked by roses, he asks what will she do if she ‘wastes’ blood and that he doesn’t allow anything but himself to hurt her.  Ayato places his lips on her neck, causing Yui to close her eyes. “What’s this? Is that face telling me to ‘please bite’?” he asks. “I was going to check your blood if you changed but I’ll leave it for today(?), he says before ripping her top and kissing the mark he left on her from before so it never ever goes away.


Yui is in the bathroom putting clothes on after her bath when Ayato walks in without knocking (LOL). “You’re finished already? Well, wearing clothes is still fine. Yui, come here,” he says and pulls her close before putting honey on her. Since he is patient with her blood today, he wants her to entertain him for a bit and starts licking her arm covered in honey. “Hey, come closer. I’ll lick everything clean,” Ayato tells her. The honey gets into her eyes so he licks around her eye area and comments that there’s a smell of her new blood mixed with honey which is tempting him to drink her blood.


It’s a full moon and Ayato can’t sleep. He starts pondering about how he has to control himself today due to her anemia and that he’d rather drink blood that’s ripened since Yui’s blood will surely change.

The scene changes to Yui walking out to the balcony, wondering where Ayato went off to. She woke up in Ayato’s iron maiden and seeing him not with her is the first time that’s happened. She calls out his name and she hears his voice but doesn’t know where he’s calling from.

Suddenly, Ayato grabs her from the back and says, “What are you so desperate about? Are you that lonely when I’m not around?” He tells her not to worry since no matter how she tries to escape, he’ll never let her go. He starts kissing her and comments that having to control himself is torture. Yui doesn’t hesitate to let him drink her blood since he’s had to endure for her, but Ayato calls her an idiot, saying that it hasn’t ripened yet.


The prologue starts in the past where Cordelia seems to be in pain. “Ah, it got dirty. And I quite liked these clothes. I’m covered in mother’s blood,” a grownup Ayato says as he continues sucking her blood. He asks for more of her sweet blood while she is dying.

The flashback ends and Ayato is outside the house. “It will be time soon. Hurry up and come home, Yui,” he says impatiently. Yui soon arrives at the house and Ayato hugs her before complaining that she’s late. He takes a sniff of her and says that it’s time for him to taste her new blood. He cannot wait any longer and sucks her blood for a bit before suddenly stopping. Ayato can’t believe that it tastes the same as ‘that woman’ but he doesn’t stop, causing Yui pain.

Unbeknownst to them, Richter appears calling out Cordelia’s name before the prologue ends.


Yui is asleep and Ayato tells her to wake up since he wants to go out for a bit. They end up in the sewers connected to the house since Ayato thinks it’s a good place for a playground. Yui asks him if he could hold her hand since she doesn’t know the way home and he allows it. He uses handcuffs to lock their hands together so they can’t be separated. While they’re walking, she gets worried that they’ve gone too deep inside the sewers but he assures her he has transportation even though he doesn’t know the route home.

Ayato suddenly kisses her before Yui realizes that the handcuffs came off and is now locked on to a wall. He tells her that he’s hungry so he’s going to pick her up later and tells her to stay here. Despite her screaming, he leaves her by herself and disappears. Yui stops screaming after some time has passed and Ayato eventually comes back, telling her that he couldn’t resist her crying and yelling for him.


Yui has just finished her bath before stumbling over something after leaving the bathroom. She realizes that it’s Shuu, who happens to be sleeping in the corridor, and tries to wake him up before he catches a cold. He wakes up and when Yui suggests he go to his room, he asks if she is going to carry him there. She responds that it’s impossible so he replies he’ll just sleep here. Yui gives up and tells him to stand up and hold her shoulder so she can carry him and Shuu surprisingly obeys her. “Then, please take care of me,” he says before falling back to sleep. Yui comments that he’s heavy but she refuses to lose and eventually reaches his room. Shuu tells her directly that she’s quite meddlesome and tells her to leave so he can sleep.

When she reaches the corridor, she trips over again and finds out this time Ayato did it purposely. He asks her what she was doing in Shuu’s room and she replies that she only brought him to his room. He tells her to confess the truth but Yui replies that she honestly did that and nothing else. “Then…show me proof,” Ayato orders and rips her clothes, commenting that her body is full of marks. “With this, I wouldn’t know if you got new marks,” he says but Yui replies that they’re all made from Ayato.

He tells her to swear never speak to anyone but him and if she does, he will believe her. Yui thinks it’s impossible since there are other people in the house as well as her classmates who she talks to. “You should only look at me!” Ayato tells her and makes it clear that she is his.


Ayato and Yui take a detour in the forest at night because it’s the day of the meteor shower and she wants to see it. Ayato, however, thinks it seems boring as he thought she wanted to invite him out to “do it” (?) and Yui tells him to stop harassing her since she doesn’t get chances like these to see shooting stars. Despite not being happy with it, he replies he understands.

They move to another spot to see the sky better and Ayato suddenly pushes her into the lake, saying that she shouldn’t be looking away when he’s calling her. He tells her to reflect on her actions and when Yui apologizes, Ayato helps her out of the lake before kissing her. Yui has trouble breathing after and Ayato comments that she’s still bad at kissing and she could just breathe from her nose. He then tells her that nothing should steal her attention but him. “Only look at me,” Ayato tells her.


Class has finished and Yui tells Ayato to go home first since she’ll be heading to the 24 hour store to do the shopping Reiji asked her to do and Ayato responds that he’ll go too since that place sells interesting things. He then suddenly asks her if that’s lipstick she’s wearing and Yui replies that a friend did her lips and cheeks due to her bad complexion. Ayato comments that it’s a good colour since it brings out the colour of her blood. It causes him to want to eat her; however she stops him since they have shopping to do.

They have finished the shopping and are on their way home when Ayato suddenly stops, saying that some guys over there have been looking at her, perhaps because of her makeup. He takes her to an alley and kisses her, not caring if they’re seen and starts stripping her.  Yui tells him to stop and assures him that when they get home, he can do whatever he likes. Ayato doesn’t listen since he can’t wait and rips her clothes before drinking her blood.


Yui is in the bathroom and Ayato suddenly enters again (LOL I GUESS HE NEVER KNOCKS), justifying that he wasn’t aware that she told him many times not to enter the bathroom (really now?). He says that they should bathe together since they’re used to seeing each other’s bodies, but Yui responds that she hasn’t and closes her eyes. Ayato assures her he’s not completely naked so she doesn’t need to look away and adds that he’ll wash her body to thank her for the blood she’s given him. Yui reluctantly lets him and while he does, she feels pain in the bite wound from earlier today. The wound hasn’t dried up yet so Ayato decides to lick it and adds that he’ll clean her body from head to toe.

Bubbles suddenly go in Yui’s eyes so she can’t see and Ayato says that blind fold play isn’t bad and kisses her, before she kicks him. He grabs her foot in time and comments that she’s quite bold to open her legs (xD). Yui tells him to wait but Ayato kisses her and he replies that he can’t.


Yui has just finished her meal when Ayato greets her. He tries to kiss her but Yui stops him since she just ate and runs away to put back the tableware. When she comes back, she lets him drink her blood and notices that he’s drinking a lot this time. Her head feels dizzy as she collapses, while Ayato apologizes for mistaking the amount of blood he drank. He tells her that they’re going out so he carries her to a torture room.

When they arrive, Ayato says that his arms are getting tired and that he’ll put her down. Yui sees a torture chair covered in needles and panics. He tells her that he wants her to kiss him if she doesn’t want him to put her down on the chair. He adds she should do it once in a while and that he was hurt when she refused him before. Yui kisses him once before he tells her to do it properly and kisses him again; causing Ayato to mention again how bad she is before kissing her this time.


Yui is on her way home from school when she sees a mysterious man (Richter) who happens to be looking at her. “Cordelia!” he yells before he suddenly hugs her. Confused and scared, Yui resists and yells at him to stop, but he responds with “Are you going to run away from me again, Cordelia?” Yui’s heart pulses with love (?) for a second before Ayato appears and takes her back, telling him that he’s got the wrong person.

Richter says that hearing that pulse was enough and grabs Yui, saying that her heart and blood is his before escaping. Ayato reveals that the man was his old man (father) but as it is, he is actually his uncle. He then goes to Yui and starts sucking her blood, asking if he did anything but she replies that she’s fine and that he hugged her only. “I’ll disinfect everything he touched,” he adds and sucks her blood strongly to punish her for letting her guard down and having another man touch her.


Tonight is the full moon and Yui is on the top of the school rooftop when Ayato finds her. He then tells her that instead of his fangs, he’ll use a knife to wound her. He takes out a knife and makes a cut before sucking the blood from it, commenting on how delicious it is and how good her expressions are.

After that, he unexpectedly hugs her even after the school chimes ring and tells her that he doesn’t want to let go. Yui responds by patting his head and Ayato asks why she’s doing something so motherly.  She asks if his mother did the same thing and he replies hatefully that he has no memory of her ever doing it and adds that the only thing he liked about his mother was her blood since she had a mix of vampire and the devil king. Apparently, Yui has the same blood as her which explains as to why the man (Richter) mistook her for Cordelia.


Yui is in the broadcasting room since she was given the task to make an announcement call for a committee member (?) and just as she looks for the microphone switch, Ayato appears and tells her to stop. He can’t wait for his meal and so he strips Yui and bites and drinks blood near her heart, which somewhat satisfies his hunger urge.

Yui tells him that she’ll let him continue after she makes the school broadcast and as she does, Ayato continues to suck her blood which causes her to struggle with her message. She turns off the microphone and Ayato tells her she should be able to endure this much, but when she responds that it’s not the case, he kisses her, thinking that this was what she wanted (even though she denies it).


Everyone is in the dining room and after Yui thanks Reiji for serving her tea, Kanato comments how it’s strange to see everyone at the table and that it sickens him. Raito points out that he could return to his room since neither Subaru nor Shuu joined them and that he thought he’d enjoy tea time with just Yui. Ayato responds that he wouldn’t believe Raito would want to have just tea and Raito asks if he just came to watch and calls him jealous. Kanato tells them to quarrel elsewhere otherwise the dessert will gather dust and just as Ayato is about to retort, Yui stops him and tells everyone to enjoy dessert.

Yui explains that the dessert is waffle, bought by Raito, which is slightly toasted and served with fresh cream. Reiji declines the offer to eat since he’s only providing tea so she doesn’t touch the tea set and break it (?). Raito tells her to leave him alone and lets her sit next to him, causing Ayato to get angry and the two quarrel.

“You shouldn’t worry about these two and eat. Who knows when they’ll stop,” Kanato tells Yui. Raito points out that there’s cream on her cheek and licks it off for her which pisses Ayato off. She looks at Ayato, causing Raito to feel hurt that she’s looking away. Yui tells Raito that she’ll wipe it off herself, but Raito comments that her being embarrassed is cute and licks her cheek again.

Ayato yells at her for letting her guard down before telling her to open her mouth so he can feed her. “Good grief, fighting is fine but don’t hit things (?),” Reiji intervenes but Ayato tells him “Shut up, tableware otaku!”(I’m surprised Reiji didn’t retort (ಡ౪ಡ)!)

Ayato feeds her waffles with a knife (since the fork dropped) but the edge accidently cuts and causes her mouth inside to bleed. He tells her that he’ll disinfect it before kissing her, which Raito comments amusingly, “What a passionate kiss, there’s tears coming out.” Kanato isn’t very happy and Raito says that watching them is making him excited. He tries to join in but Ayato shoves him away, claiming Yui as his and that he’ll kill him if he touches her.


Ayato is in Yui’s bedroom drinking her blood when she starts crying, but he thinks she’s crying because it feels good (lol). He moves on to sucking blood from her chest and near her heart, commenting that she shouldn’t hold her voice in (oh god this CG!). Just when he’s about to fall asleep, he hears a heart beat that shocks him. When he realises that Yui’s heart is the same as that person (Cordelia), he laughs, leaving Yui confused.


Yui is still in her room and it seems as though Ayato won’t be coming back soon after the situation earlier on. She suddenly hears footsteps and Richter appears. He knows that she’s not Cordelia, but her heart belongs to her and that there’s no mistaking it. Richter calls forth Cordelia since it’s time for her to awaken and rips Yui’s clothes before Ayato appears.

“Your persistence is befitting, old man,” he says. Richter calls him a murderer and Ayato says that he knew he’d come since he intentionally left Yui by herself. In a blink of an eye, Yui ends up in Ayato’s grasp due to the effect of the heart Richter transplanted (he means that the blood of Cordelia gave him the power to do so…I think). Yui asks if what Richter said about her heart is true and Ayato replies that it is. He was the one who killed Cordelia, but he never thought that Richter would have taken out her heart and transplanted it in Yui.

“Either you are devoted to that bitch or you have a head vampire complex (?),” Ayato says to Richter before he sinks his fangs where her heart is. “This person…is mine. Her heart, body, and soul, everything…” he says. “I will become the head of the vampires using this person’s blood,” Ayato adds.

“Are you saying you have obtained the bride of sacrifice?” Richter asks and Ayato replies he has already decided, adding that it’s ironic that the bitch desired this but it can’t be helped (?). He also says that Yui will be awakened soon and that she has fallen into the darkness by his hand (?). Richter proposes a game as to which one of them awakens Yui first and Ayato accepts the challenge.

Screen blacks out for a second before the scene changes to the garden and to Yui and Ayato. She asks him if it’s okay for them not to go to the hall and he replies that it’s fine since he dislikes being formal. She says she’s aware of that but adds that people are waiting for them and Ayato ignores her complaint and says that thanks to her, he’s the strongest vampire now.

Ayato places his head on her chest and tells her to stroke his head. As she does, she asks him if he can hear her heart beat and if he hates it since it’s the same as his mother who he hated. He responds honestly that at the time when he realised it, he did want to kill her, but realized that she’s different to Cordelia. He also adds that he should thank both his mother and Richter because Yui has a heart and that she can always stay by his side (?) as a sacrifice (vampire’s bride).

The wedding bells ring and Yui responds that she kind of looked forward to a wedding, but he tells her that it’s fine with just the two of them here.  He tells her to give him her left hand and says “From this day on, you are my head vampire bride. Give your blood only to me,” Ayato says and Yui swears on it.

He then gives her a sign of oath by biting her ring finger to leave a mark as a substitute for a ring. “If it almost disappears, I’ll do it again. I’ll do it every time so it’ll never disappear,” he tells her.

Yui tells him to hug her tightly and painfully which confuses Ayato, but she tells him that the feeling of pain and weight makes her happy and that she can’t live without being able to being able to feel him. “When you say that… I can’t resist messing you up,” he responds. Ayato tells her to not look away or blink (LOL) and to look into his eyes, reminding her again that she belongs to him. He adds that he’ll bite and drink her blood until she’s exhausted since she desired to feel pain.

“Feel me with your whole body, Yui.”


This starts off the same as End 1, with Yui in her bedroom wondering where Ayato went. But just as she does, he appears with Richter in his arms. He throws him on the ground and Yui is shocked at the amount of blood. She asks him if he’s injured and that they need to treat him quickly, but Ayato tells her that he’s dead already.

He tells her that he’s heard everything from Richter and exposes the secret: Yui’s heart is Cordelia’s. She doesn’t think it’s possible since she assumes his mother is still alive, but Ayato says that he killed her. He also tells her that Richter was the one who pulled out Cordelia’s heart from her corpse and transplanted it into Yui. “Anyway, your heart that carries the blood of the devil belongs to that woman,” he says.

Raito and Kanato appear, with Raito finally understanding the situation and Kanato not expecting that their mother’s heart would be in a place like this. Kanato thought Yui’s blood scent was strange and that he had a hard time controlling himself when he took a sniff. “If the blood flows from mother’s heart, we have the right to taste,” Kanato says as both he and Raito get close to Yui.

Ayato tells them to let go and not to touch what is his and Kanato asks him angrily who decided such a thing. “I decided it ofcourse. If you don’t let her go, I’ll kill you,” Ayato warns them, but Kanato tells him angrily that he will hand her over so easily before they grab her.

“Oh dear, you don’t seem to understand. I told you not to touch her!!” Ayato tells before a strong wind blows and both Kanato and Raito get blown away. Ayato runs up to her, asking if she got bitten and when she replies that she’s fine, he tells her to give him more blood and power. He rips her clothes and without a moment to spare, he drinks her blood hungrily. After she collapses from exhaustion, Ayato feels his power rising and assures Yui that she won’t die from the amount of blood he drank. “You just sleep; I’m going to clean everything up. Be a good girl and wait,” he tells her before kissing her.

After Yui wakes up, she finds herself alone in Ayato’s room and calls for him. “What, are you crying? Are you lonely without me?” he says. Yui looks at him and is shocked that his whole body is covered in blood and asks if he’s injured. “I didn’t bleed one drop. This is all the victim’s blood,” he replies, laughing. She asks him what he means, and Ayato responds that he cleaned everything by killing everyone who lived in this house.

Now, I am the strongest vampire. No, that’s not enough. With your blood, I exceed everything and can become the devil king. I stand on top of hell. Hahahaha! Isn’t that the best?” Ayato says. “There is no one else aiming for your blood. You devote your blood only to me,” he tells her.  He adds that it will now be an easy and extremely happy life before kissing her. Yui tells him not to touch him, especially with his hand covered in blood, but he tells her “You love me don’t you? What are you scared about? I love you too.”

“Something’s different, this isn’t Ayato,” Yui thinks, and as she was about to say something, Ayato’s hands are on gripping her neck tightly. “From here on, never speak words that refuse me,” he warns her. “Until you become obedient, I’ll condemn and mess up this body… so that your heart breaks (?),” he says before stripping her.

The screen turns black and Ayato tells her to open her eyes. She wakes up to see Ayato and he tells her she looks cold so he’ll warm her up. He tells her to be careful since her blood will taste bad if her health isn’t good. “Ayato, I love you,” Yui suddenly says and Ayato is surprised at first but is happy to hear that.

“You are my toy and mine only.” (Well… thank god it was a dream!)


This continues after the scene where Ayato is laughing at the sound of Yui’s heart. She asks what that sound was and Ayato replies that it’s his mother’s. It makes a lot of sense since the taste and effect of the blood is the same and he feels stupid to only notice it now. However, he doesn’t really care since it’s clear that she has the same blood as Cordelia who has the devil king’s blood.

He starts drinking her blood hungrily and Yui tries to run, but it seems her body is out of energy. Ayato laughs at her, saying that he wants her blood so much that his body trembles and that it’s a complete addiction. Yui tries resisting and he comments that it doesn’t seem like she is and tells her to struggle more desperately. “That bitch… resisted like mad. Well, it was a useless struggle anyway,” he tells her.

Yui says that she’s not his mother and Ayato responds with: “Hey, did you know? Around your collarbone… fresh blood is flowing.” He starts drinking her blood there, saying, “When I pierce my fang here, it pulses. It’s the sound I hate!”

As he continues drinking her blood, Yui’s consciousness starts to fade as she resists for the last time, but Ayato tells her “What, resisting for the last time? Are you trying to leave me? I won’t let you. You’re mine right? …Nn… damn, I’m getting impatient! I want more and more! Where else does blood overflow…?!” “Ah, I see. If I pierce this heart, more blood will come out.”

“Being with you and always hearing this sound is torture. I’m going to stop it now,” he says. Yui doesn’t resist, which causes Ayato to ask if she gave up resisting.  She manages to reply weakly that the sound of her heart drives him mad so she tells him to stop it.

Ayato is shocked at her answer and Yui tells him that she’ll come back to him always. “SHUT UP!!” Ayato yells before he pierces her heart and kills her. He starts laughing, saying that he can’t hear it anymore now and that even if he was by her side; he gets reminded of his mother.

“Ah… the blood… is overflowing. Yui… with this you’ll be mine forever.” 


Don’t expect this to be me analysing characters because I cannot do that at all (I was never good in English and analysing texts…ha) but just my expression of thoughts that could turn out making sense or pure rubbish xD

I knew from the beginning that Ayato seemed like the possessive type. I mean, from the get-go he was all “I found you first so you’re mine” which rings a bell straight-away for me. And trust me, he makes this VERY clear since I lost count as to how many times he reminds Yui that she belongs to him. It also can explain why he expects Yui to do as he wishes and why he can be quite controlling and jealous.

To be honest, Ayato was one of my least favourite characters after listening to the drama CDs but after his route, I think I was a bit quick to judge. Oh but in a way to say the least, I don’t think his route is my favourite. The parts of his routes I enjoyed though included his unexpected perverseness, when he acts spoilt (which I think is um…cute) and when he screws up.For instance, there was this one scene where he said “my move” instead of “my boom” (noun for a personal obsession) and I gagged. It goes to show that the routes aren’t always srs bsns.

Overall, was I glad that I chose him first out of the three? I guess so. I didn’t really enjoy much of Kanato or Raito’s CDs so Ayato was the easy choice for me (again, my bias for Midorin). Though, his route wasn’t exactly a quick breeze for me since I have little knowledge with colloquial Japanese and had to abuse my dictionary (and my friends) a lot.

Hopefully the next route post is up soon (granted I stop playing for a few minutes a day!).



16 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: Ayato

  1. Sofii San Martin

    Oh thank you so much for the text!
    I can understood the part of ayato… totally!
    can you follow make the next? i would love you:c

    P.D: Sorry for mi english, is why i speak in espanish XD

    1. アユ Post author

      You’re welcome! ^^ If you’re asking if I’m going to write the next route, yes I will! I just haven’t had much time to play xD

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello! Since the game was released months ago, I think it’s a bit early to be releasing an anime series. They might be in the future, we don’t know, but right now I don’t think there’s any plans for it.

    1. アユ Post author

      Thankyou for taking the time to read and comment and big apologies for the late reply! Unfortunately, I can’t find the time and effort to make long summaries anymore so my only advice is to find another blog :( I’m really sorry! I hope things work out <3

  2. A trapnest

    But,this epilogue..is real,i mean..is in the manga,or is just a…idk a separate love story between Ayato and Yui, a story that has nothing to do with the subject??Or where can i read the manga,and this epilogue is in the manga ?

    1. アユ Post author

      Thankyou for commenting! I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure what you’re saying. Are you saying if it’s in the manga? I don’t think there was a manga before the game was released. As for the separate love story between Ayato and Yui, it would be since it is Ayato’s route. Also, what did you mean with nothing to do with the subject? I’m afraid I am confused :( As for the manga, I don’t know where you can read it so I cannot help you there. Apologies for not being much help!

  3. huixian lee

    just for the people who loves diabolik lovers i wanna inform that the anime has actually came out but not all.. o.o only for those who dont know haha ^^”

  4. ❀◕ω◕♬ameee♬◕ω◕❀

    is dis from the manga or something?
    it didn’t have it in the anime


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