New Tokimeki series?

According to B’s LOG website, they mention their January 2013 issue will feature information about a new Tokimeki series. Now, Tokimeki has been with me ever since I’ve stepped foot into the otome game fandom years ago so I am really interested. In addition, they’ve added a keyword of their special scoop: song and food. Not too sure what that would mean? Though, if you look at the cover, it looks as if some of the characters is holding food. Hmm…

I guess this pretty much shows I intend to collect B’s LOG next year too haha! I highly anticipate when B’s LOG unveils their cover since the characters of this new Tokimeki will be on it. I’ll surely do another post when I get my copy! (人•ᴗ•♡)

7 thoughts on “New Tokimeki series?

  1. Euryx

    I do hope that this new series is Girls Side but it’s in B’s Log so it’s the otome tokimemo? :’D
    /rolls around happily

  2. Dellz

    I can’t wait for further info about this game. My first otome game is Tokimeki so that’s why this series will be forever in my heart.

    So excited~

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  4. celestermoon

    ah my fave otome~~The new game of Tokimeki is an IOS version called “Tokimeki Restaurant”. I can’t wait to play this on my phone kekeke (ノ´∀`*)ノ Thanks 4 posting it:>

    1. アユ Post author


      Yes! I’ve heard! I did a post after this one and at first I was a bit disappointed that it’s for the iOS, but the screenshots looked great! Anticipating on playing this :)


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