Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ General Route

I am sorry for three things: 1) I haven’t blogged in ages, 2) I am putting BWS on hold, 3) I chose to play a new game when I have a long backlog (actually maybe not…).

So, I decided to journey into the darkness with vampires…

Yui arrives at a house, but it seems no one is home since there’s no response and no light. But she figures so since this house is the famous haunted house in the neighbourhood and thinks that perhaps there has been a mistake with the address…

A flashback occurs of Yui and her father. He has been summoned to an overseas church and is departing tomorrow. Yui is shocked and asks where they are moving exactly, and he answers perhaps Eastern Europe since he has been there when he was young. The church had suddenly requested him and that they’ll send a replacement so she should be relieved. Her father also tells her that she will be staying in Japan and that he intends to go overseas by himself. He can’t take Yui and although he’ll have a hard time being away from her, he is doing this for her. “Leaving your only daughter behind in Japan is for…my sake?” Yui asks and her father looks pained. She asks if he can refuse the job and he replies “I have considered that a lot. But…it’s a job only I can do.” Yui questions him and he changes the subject, saying that he has made preparations for her so she has no troubles and that she will be living in a distant relative’s house.

Back to the present, Yui thinks she should have gone with her father. But at that time, with such an angry look on his face, she felt as if he didn’t want to take her at all. “I wonder what father’s reason for objecting like that was. And what’s this job that only he can do?”

Suddenly, the door opens by itself and Yui walks in. She walks from the entrance hall to the living room but there is no sign of anyone so she wonders whether the memo her father wrote her was wrong. She considers contacting him and just as she looks for her mobile phone, she spots a sleeping person!

Yui calls out to him, but he doesn’t respond. She touches his skin and is surprised that he is very cold and that he isn’t breathing! She realizes that he is dead and panics, until she hears voice saying “Where are you? Where…where are you?” Yui doesn’t know who the voice belonged to, but she takes out her phone and calls the hospital for an ambulance.

Suddenly, the person opens his eyes and tells her to shut up. He tells her that he was just having a peaceful sleep and if there’s a problem since she’s freaking out at the fact that he seemed dead just moments ago. He suddenly pushes Yui down and tells her that she’s the one who leaped into her doom (?) and that he’s hungry. Yui yells “L-Let me go! What are you doing?!” to which the man replies “That’s my line. You’re the one who entered all of a sudden.” Yui tries to justify herself but the man shuts her up and tells her not to resist and to be quiet. She yells at him not to touch her and just as she thinks of God, the man stops. “What was that just now?” he asks, before the door opens and a man with glasses enters.

The man comments how noisy it is and tells Ayato to pardon himself for waking up so noisily. Ayato calls him Reiji and Yui runs to him, begging him to save her and that she is in debt to him from today. Reiji asks what she means by that to Ayato and he replies that he doesn’t know and starts calling her chichinashi (meaning no chest/boobless in this case).

A sudden voice is heard and a man with a hat appears, amused that a woman is in this kind of place. “Hello and how do you do, Bitch-chan,” he says before licking her. (LOL RIGHT OFF THE BAT!) Reiji says “Raito, isn’t that a little impolite to a woman you just met?” and Raito responds with, “You’re formal as always Reiji. Isn’t it fine? I was just tasting the delicious child.” A boy with a teddy bear named Kanato appears and he tells Yui “Let me lick you so don’t move.” before he licks her and comments that she’s sweet and delicious even though she’s human.

A voice is heard and a white-haired man appears and comments that it’s no wonder he could smell a human since Yui is here. His name is Subaru and he thanks her angrily for cutting off his valuable sleep time and demands what she will do for him. Yui is shocked for him saying such a thing before he gets angry and kicks (?) something, causing Raito to comment that his little brother is hot-blooded as usual. Subaru retorts that he doesn’t see Raito as a big brother and Kanato says “How annoying. If you don’t shut your impudent talk, I’ll cut your mouth.” Subaru asks him if he can even do that with his body and calls him chibi, to which Kanato turns to his teddy bear named Teddy and tells him in a scary voice, “….Teddy, look. It seems this guy will be our next prey.”

Reiji tells everyone to calm down and tells Yui that he wants to hear her reason for coming here. She has a hard time answering since she’s quite frightened and the others can see it clearly. Reiji tells them not to disrupt and asks Yui again to explain her situation. He then adds in a threatening whisper “That is, if you don’t want to be beaten with a whip…” which compels Yui to confess.

After she tells them her situation, the men seem a bit surprised that she’s the church’s daughter and Reiji comments why would she be sent here since they weren’t informed. Yui thinks that perhaps this was the wrong place and tries to leave until Ayato stops her and tells her to stay since she has nowhere to go (?).

Yui refuses and runs to the entrance hall where she encounters another man complaining about the noise. The others come and it appears the man, who Ayato calls as Shuu, knows about her. Kanato demands he explain and Shuu replies that they were told to get along with Yui since she will be living with them.

She finds it hard to believe that the church introduced this place but the facts were there. Kanato asks if there’s something weird and Yui points out them, to which Shuu reveals that they’re vampires. She thinks they’re lying but Reiji assures her that they have no reason to lie. Still struggling with the truth, she tries to find her phone so she can ask her father until Ayato shows her phone in his hands. She yells at him to give it back and he replies “What’s with that remark? I was kind enough to pick it up you know.” Subaru demands Ayato to hand it over to him before destroying it. “Well well, Bitch-chan. From now on, get along well with us night dwellers. You don’t need something unrefined like a mobile phone, right?” Ratio tells her.

Kanato asks if Yui is going to leave and she replies that she will, to which he replies that the time is right. She asks what he means and he responds that for a while now, he’s been starving. He tells her that when vampires are hungry, there’s only one thing to do and he pushes her down and says “It’s too late to be sorry now. Your blood is quite sweet and delicious-looking.” Kanato’s fangs aim at Yui’s neck as he tells her that he’ll drink all her blood.

Yui yells at him to stop before shoving her rosary at him to protect herself. Raito laughs and Reiji comments how stupid she is for choosing such a typical way (to save herself). Yui responds that vampires are meant to hate the God cross, garlic and flowing water, to which Ayato comments that it’s a worthless fairytale. Yui responds “I don’t want to hear that from you who is like a fairytale character!!” (LOL)

Kanato feels as though his feast was ruined and asks what she will do for him. Yui replies that she’s a human and not some feast, to which Shuu reminds her that humans ARE their food. She tells them that she didn’t know about the existence of vampires and Raito tells her there’s one only way for her to accept them (letting him drink her blood). Yui stops him and says that she wants to choose who can suck her blood and everyone is surprised at her response.

Reiji says “I don’t like this. I don’t know how much blood you have but isn’t this a pretension of a high-level prostitute?” Subaru is disgusted and drops out and Reiji says he will refuse a woman who has no discipline, while Shuu tells everyone to finish this farce. All that’s left is Kanato, Ayato and Raito. Kanato says that if she doesn’t choose him, he will tear her apart, Ayato says that he is the natural choice and Raito says that she will definitely regret not choosing him later on.

From here you choose your vampire. If it’s your first playthrough, you must choose between these three and complete their route in order to unlock the other characters.


11 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ General Route

  1. starryusagi

    LOL we’re all starting DiaLove at the wrong time??? LOL I know that it’s killing my nighttime… LOL I feel like such an M for playing this game but I CAN’T HELP IT LMAOO. I really love the artwork in this game, it’s really gorgeous. I can’t wait for OZMAFIA !_! cause the artist is the same haha.
    “he says before licking her.” “before he licks her” LOL I loved this part I was like WTF LOL JUST LICKING HER LEFT AND RIGHT DA FAK LOL. Oh man, so friggin hilarious lol.
    Sometimes though when I hear Raito call her Bitch-chan I’m just like criiiiiinnge lol I really hate how he calls her that, although I suppose it really does suit Raito to call her that LOL. I hope I can get used to it… but with all of Raito’s licking I think I’ll be okay with it LULZ. This game is just too freakin amusing lmao
    I remember playing and reading Reiji’s prostitute comment… I nearly spat out my drink LOL

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah Satoi’s art is really pretty *w* Though, I’m not so keen on playing OZMAFIA xD I guess it’s because I’ve never played a game like Dialovers so pulled me in~
      IKR! Licking her all the time IDE. Yeah I probably like Raito and Kanato the least out of everyone, and Bitch-chan really does capture his personality xD
      I LOVE REIJI I can’t wait until I get to play his route. I’m playing right before my exams so I don’t have much time to play sobs.

  2. Yume

    I think that Ayato’s “chichinashi” is referring to her flat chest though (lit. no boobs). ^^; I’m saying away from this game so I’m only going to be reading everyone’s reviews. :3 Who did you start on first?

    1. アユ Post author

      OH why didn’t I think of that! I knew chichi meant boobs but since it was in katakana I wasn’t sure ;; Thankyou for the correction! :D Ah understandable! I will do my best ;w; I started with Ayato’s route because I can handle Midorin better than the other two xD

  3. shandeleen

    Hello~ I just want to say thank you for sharing all these knowledge about the game. They’re very useful especially to people who don’t understand Japanese. Thank again~ ^O^/

    1. アユ Post author

      Hello! Thankyou very much for the comment and also big apologies for the late reply! I’m glad it has proven to be helpful! My Japanese may not be good but I’m happy you have gotten something out of it :) You’re very much welcome!

    1. アユ Post author

      Thankyou for the comment and big apologies for the late reply! Oooh! It would be quite interesting to see this game in English :D


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