ZE Iro no Hon (いろのほん) Art-book by Shimizu Yuki

…..ヾ( 〃∇〃)ツ キャーーーッ♪

I’ve been a huge fan of Shimizu Yuki’s ZE series ever since I’ve read it and found out that she released an art book called Iro no Hon! I bought it from CDJapan (or you can buy it here) and it is gorgeous. It is composed of around 80 colour illustrations of ZE manga covers, drama CDs, posters and Dear+ volumes she’s done into the one book! Please do support her by buying the book.

The book is simply only illustrations and nothing else so I don’t have much to say ;w; The illustrations are all in random order~ I really love Shimizu-sensei’s art style and how she colours them!

Genma x Himi

Raizou x Kon-kun (One of the cutest illustrations I’ve seen!!)

Shoui x Asari (MY FAVOURITE COUPLE. And I want to mention what my friend Alyyn said: GET A ROOM PLEASE)

Konoe x Kotoha (Still laughing at that scene when Asari calls him a lolicon homo HA!)

Ryuusei x Moriya

Waki x Magane (His story is so sad sobs)

There is also an index at the end that shows where every illustration appeared so they may seem familiar to others. I haven’t seen most of them so every page was breath-taking *w*

Aaaaand beautiful couple paradise illustrations to end the post (the last with poor lonely Waki aww) 8D I love all of them and it’s funny to see how they interact with one another. For instance, I love how Asari loves to bully Konoe (ಡ౪ಡ)

I’m sorry for the lack of photos, I would have taken more but there is a message on the last page prohibiting uploading so I decided to play it safe and just take a few close up photos (though it could just be the same thing orz). I may delete this post in the future but for now I’ll try to share the Shimizu Yuki love \o/

 The artbook also comes with an omake comic of Shoui x Asari which is only a page (both sides). It’s called ‘How to use a correct tie (正しいネクタイの使い方)’ and it starts off with Shoui putting on his black blazer. Asari tells him that his tie is crooked and as he fixes it, he purposely ties it tightly (with an evil smile), briefly strangling Shoui and saying that if he continues to tie his necktie anymore it’ll tear off. Shoui stops him and says “Please, if you’re unhappy with something, can’t you tell me?” but Asari just replies “Eh? Nothing really” with that typical smile on his face xD On the back page, Shoui arrives back home, commenting that he doesn’t know the reason for Asari’s angry mood even if he thinks about it. He sees Asari sleeping on the couch and tells him it’s better to be sleeping in bed and Asari suddenly grabs Shoui’s tie to kiss him on the cheek and say “Welcome home” before sleeping in bed.  The comic ends with Shoui clenching his fists in determination while thinking that even though he’s thrown around by Asari’s unreasonableness (?), it doesn’t matter because in the end he’s happy 8D

ZE is indeed one of my top recommendations. The couples are beautiful as well as their stories. The manga is awesome and the drama CD has the perfect cast in my opinion so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! For fans, you won’t regret purchasing this!


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