Honeybee’s Heart Supplement CD series

Something new for a change: drama CDs! I am actually a huge fan of them so I probably should do more news/posts on it…

Honeybee is releasing a ‘Heart Supplement‘ CD series! It’s a series aimed to heal the heart with voices and music and to give you energy so you can do your best tomorrow! According to their blog, instead of using whispering voices, the series will utilize calm voices to give a ‘sense of security’ and ‘vitality’.

If you ever feel heartbroken, depressed, lost or sad, listen to these two men so you won’t feel alone as they comfort you. This is called ‘Namida Jikan (Tears Time)’, the first of the HS series, and will be released on 28/9! The art is by Kazuaki (who does Starry Sky ofcourse). The characters are Shuu (CV: Yusa Kouji) and Yuuya (CV: Shimono Hiro).

The second of the HS series is called ‘Omimai Jikan (Visit Time)‘! Art is by Emu (ゑむ) and the release date is 26/10. Shop clerks from Heart Supplement will come visit you to heal your heart since you caught a cold. The characters are (from left to right) Sonomura Shinji (17), Sonomura Shinya (17), Hoshino Yousake (25) and Tsukimoto Sou (21). Honeybee just recently released the seiyuu for two characters: Shinya will be voiced by Abe Atsushi and Shinji will be voiced by Tachibana Shinosuke! 

The third of the HS series is called ‘Sukima Taimu (Gap Time)‘ and the illustration will be by Satoi (Diabolik Lovers) 8D There isn’t any pictures or date yet but from what I read from B’s LOG October, during the little spare time you have after you wake up and before you sleep, boys will be dispatched to fill the boring gap of time you have with fun (lol). There will be a total of 7 volumes released! This is a rough description but I guess you can get the idea of what it’s about :)


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