Dousei Kareshi: new characters

「ドウセイカレシ」by Black Butterfly

Now that we’ve met the three lovers of the game (pictured above), meet the adulterous lovers who will seduce you! In addition to living with your lover, there will be another man who is of familiar presence (like a senior and/or friend). They play with you, give you advice to your troubles and might also cause you to change your heart. Your feelings can tremble between two men!


Volume 1: Butterfly Lip – Himeno Kazuhi (姫野・ー陽)
Age: 23, Blood: AB, D.O.B: 30th September, Star Sign: Libra

Kazuhi is part of a club called OB. He is loved by everyone because of his gentle personality and is also popular with the women . The place he works at is near the university so when he has free time, he makes an appearance. Because his surname is Himeno, he is usually called hime-sama or hime (princess).

Volume 2: Butterfly Gloss – Iseya Arata (伊勢谷・新)
Age: 22, Blood: A, D.O.B: 8th July, Star Sign: Cancer

Arata is the older brother figure who has an inseparable relationship with the heroine. He cares for her and the both are so close they even know each other’s first love and the number of people they went out with well. Arata is the type who’s always smiling and his attitude is like this even at his job*.

Volume 3: Butterfly Rouge – Akutsu Subaru (阿久津・昴)
Age: 26, Blood: B, D.O.B: 19th June, Star Sign: Gemini

Subaru works as a subordinate of Sena Kyouhei (the leader) in the planning department of a confectionery maker. He’s the type who relies on confidence and is therefore not shy. There is a rumor that he is a woman admirer who has a lover on each floor of the company and that he is a fool when faced with love that’s serious*. Subaru is interested in his boss Kyouhei’s lover.


I guess this means it’s not one character per game now and you have the option to cheat on your lover. See anyone you like? ;) Getting more and more hyped up!

Scans by me from B’s LOG September issue.

*I did my best translating these (and everything else) despite struggling so I know it’s most likely very off.


14 thoughts on “Dousei Kareshi: new characters

  1. alyynyan

    Thank you for bringing this super delicious news! \o/
    Kirishima Sou omg her artworks is to drool for. Look at these eye candies!
    I’ve read characters bios all of them seem very older brother figure, gentle sweet yasashi type of guys. I can’t handle all the feels if im going to dump my boyfriend and go for other guys. That’s kinda cruel system l m a o ;;;
    Now, just have to wait until they reveal the seiyuus. And also, there’s no image/picture of the heroine? D: or will there be any more surprise? orz i can’t wait ///

    This is like Storm Lover isnt it?
    Nonetheless, can’t wait for it ;) looks super delicious

    1. アユ Post author

      You’re welcome!!!!! xD
      Yes it indeed is! Her pixiv is delicious and for her to do the designs for this game *w* <33333333
      All the boys seem so perfect, I don't want to cheat at all sobs NOOOOOOO!
      Seiyuus yes!! Cannot wait! Nope, I would totally post it but so far no heroine picture! Maybe there is no and it's our POV? xD Or we'll just have to wait~
      I guess it is? I haven't really played SL so I don't know yet orz;;;;;;;

      Will definitely post more when more stuff are revealed!

  2. Euryx

    Woot! Thanks for posting this! x3
    Based from personality, I think I like Arata. But from looks, it’ll be Subaru. <3333333
    I kind of want to cheat but I also don't want to. lololol But can't be help if the other guys are THAT tempting. XDDD

  3. Dellz

    Thank you for sharing this news ^-^ The first time I saw this game I thought like : Lipstick advertisement? LMAO

    I don’t want to cheat but somehow I want to *mixed feeling* LOL. Anyway I think I like Subaru from appearance and personality wise xDDD

  4. starryusagi

    GOD THIS ARTWORK. SO BEAUTIFUL >_> I don’t know how I feel about this game lol having to cheat on your boyfriend it’s like WHERE IS THE OTOME GAME WORLD GOING??? LOL I don’t know if i can cheat on Kishio Daisuke for one of these guys….!!! ;—-; LOL but god, the artwork is so tempting… And I almost want to play to see how the drama plays out. I mean it’s definitely a concept you don’t see in otome game very often, so I almost want to play just to say that I have LOL

    1. アユ Post author

      KIRISHIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 HAHA well it's certainly… different. I guess they're out to try new things? I remember there was a drama CD that gave you the experience of cheating LOL. Yeah knowing that Kishio is in it *A* I knew he would be, it just suited him!! I'm a bit impatient for the rest of the cast adkaksdlaaskdj ;w;

  5. Haruna

    Hnnng… I’m still wondering I should really buy the first game: Butterfly Lip or not… Argh!! I mean I get bishies with meganes and hopefully hot dummy mic parts… But cheating?! orz I don’t want to!! But maybe there is also a possibility to “just” break up normally? ^^

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah I’m still contemplating! But then if I get one, I know I’ll want to buy the rest xD I think a few people think the same way too! Maybe, we never know :3c

      1. Haruna

        Ahahaha… Well, I’d only buy the first game, because I’m not THAT into the other characters… LOL I think I’ll make the buying depend on how I’m going to perform on my last exam this semester. xDD

      2. アユ Post author

        That’s understandable, you wouldn’t want to buy the rest and be disappointed. Good luck with your exam! :D

      3. Haruna

        Woah, THANK YOU! 8D I really need a lot of luck to pass this exam, because it’s math and the failure rate is about 90%?

      4. アユ Post author

        You’re welcome! Oh wow, that does seem really hard o_o I was weak in Math xD;; But all the best and I’m sure if you study hard, you can do it :)))

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