Dousei Kareshi news

「ドウセイカレシ」by Black Butterfly


Dousei Kareshi is Black Butterfly’s first female orientated PC game described as an adventure of living together with your lover. You spend everyday with your lover and experience various events such as having sweet time with him or getting into a fight. How you and your lover spend daily life is up to you.


Each volume has one character.
– During the game, there will be some parts that use the dummy head microphone to make life with your boyfriend seem a bit more realistic.
– The three boyfriends and the main character’s name can changed, but ofcourse you can use their default names.
– Megane fans will be happy since the game allows you to turn glasses on or off which will influence event CGs.


Volume 1: Butterfly Lip – Ichinose Kei (一之瀬・慧)
Age: 22, Blood: O, D.O.B: 3rd April, Star Sign: Aries

Kei is the boyfriend who goes to the same university, belongs to the same club and is the same age as the heroine. Because he aims to become an actor, he enrolls into a theatrical company. His personality is bright, lively and manly which makes him liked by both men and women. However, Kei’s a shy person and tends to say things opposite to his true feelings.

Volume 2: Butterfly Gloss – Kousaki Chisa (幸崎・智)
Age: 20, Blood: B, D.O.B: 18th November, Star Sign: Zodiac

Chisa is the not-so-friendly boyfriend who treats the heroine like she’s younger despite her being older than him. The way he talks is mean but he takes good care of her. Although he doesn’t show it, he frets over the difference of situation between being a worker/person of society and a student*.

Volume 3: Butterfly Rouge – Sena Kyouhei (恭平・瀬名)
Age: 28, Blood: A, D.O.B: 31st December, Star Sign: Capricorn

Kyouhei is the cool older boyfriend who works as an elite leader in the planning department of a confectionery maker. He started dating the heroine since he received a very strong appeal (aka. request) from her, but now he thinks of her as important. Kyouhei is usually composed but has a joking and mischievous side as well.


KIRISHIMA SOU!!! Love her arts and works and this is no exception. I like Black Butterfly, but one person per volume? All that money orz. Well, it won’t stop me from wanting to play it since I think the concept is interesting. I look forward to the seiyuus, and according to the PV, I know Hirakawa Daisuke’s one of them. Another note, I can’t help but giggle whenever I hear their butterfly nicknames because when you take it out, you get LIP GLOSS ROUGE (。´艸`。). So far we have info on the characters and bit on game play so hopefully they’ll release their dates soon as well as some CGs (๑¯◡¯๑). Which guy would you choose first?

Scans by me from B’s LOG July & August issue.

*Had a bit of trouble translating this one but got help from a friend. I think it basically means he has trouble juggling his work and his school life? 

3 thoughts on “Dousei Kareshi news

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  2. Solisonder

    O..o;; I wasn’t interested in this at all and now suddenly I want Lip Rouge. I mean, I’d heard about it peripherally since it’s a rather unique way of packaging but it’s different now. Darn it!

    Still, thanks very much un for this most convincing post. OTL


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