Black Wolves Saga Sound Website

Just when I was taking a little break from gaming, my prayers have been answered. Rejet has opened a sound website with information about three soundtracks featuring songs from BWS they’ll be releasing (YES).

CD 1 – BLACK WOLVES SAGA ~Bloody Nightmare~ Song Collection 「Dear Despair」(2012/8/29)
CD 2 – BLACK WOLVES SAGA Original Soundtrack plus drama (2012/?/?)
CD 3 –  BLACK WOLVES SAGA ~Last Hope~ Song Collection 「Tears」(2012/?/?)

If you buy all three,  you get a special original vocal CD featuring a track sung by Julian (Yoshimasa Hosoya) and Guillan (Taniyama Kishou) ♡♡


6 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga Sound Website

  1. hazukiotome

    Oh man…songs from Hosoyan and Kiyan will give me more incentive to buy these soundtracks. LOL
    I bet I have to send in tickets though…or something like that

  2. starryusagi

    Oohhh I’ve been waiting for a Dear Despair sound collection!! You know what I also would like? The Trick or Alice opening song full….. LOL I think I’m going to have to get these~ I like how they made an entire website for it xD

    1. アユ Post author

      YES I love the OSTs in BWS so when I tried finding it, I was surprised there weren’t any! And then this comes out and I was all happy 8D

      1. starryusagi

        8D IKR? LOL I’m going to try and order them I think… or at least try and find them ;-; lol I really want the song collection, I loved the opening song for BWS xDD

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