Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ General Route

I just started playing BWS and I’m enjoying it so far! My impressions of the games have been mostly positive and I’m highly anticipating the rest of the game!

Just letting you know, although it’s a very long post, I only wrote the important bits so things are left out. Everything you read I summarized so don’t read this if you want to know every single little detail.

Spoilers and thoughts!

The game begins with a dark storm. “It rains…big brother”, a voice says. “What’s wrong, Rath, are you frightened?” another voice said. The little brother supposedly named Rath responds that it wasn’t the case and that the rain is amazing. The big brother says it’s not rain but tears of the God of Weblin (ウェブリンの神) who pities humans. Rath responds by saying “humans…humans…humans…I hate it.”

The two stand in the centre of the village without thought to the pouring rain. Suddenly, the sound of a beasts breathing heavily is heard with eyes that glare for blood. The older brother orders to go and the village turns into chaos with hungry wolves and screams of the villagers being heard.

A villager runs to the stable to go ask help from a neighbouring village and the older brother calls out for “Guillan”. He appears and laughs, referring to the older brother as “Arles” and asking if the ugly guy is worth killing. Arles only replies with “It is an order.” and Guillan kills him with ease. He continues to kill more and uses his weapon called chakram (small bladed hoop/s?).

Guillan then tells Arles that they should attack a bigger town since the village will soon become empty. Since there’s no one resisting, it’s boring him and the villagers are garbage. As Guillan kills more, Arles says that perhaps they should attack a bigger town to cause more pain to humans. He adds “more…more…must kill. Everyone, we must exterminate”.

Arles then asks Guillan what Rath is doing and he replies that perhaps he ran away and adds “That guy, he doesn’t like to hunt much does he?” Arles responds that Guillan is still young and that he will get used to hunting people. Guillan tells him that Rath shouldn’t think about troubles because doing fun things is relaxing (?).

Guillan decides to get more violent and Arles says to kill everyone and not let a single one live (cue in more screams and more wolves barking). Arles calls out to his brother Rath, and he appears from the darkness. Arles asks what he was doing and Rath replies that he was killing. Arles tells him to set the village on fire when it stops raining in order to teach the foolish people of Weblin the existence of Wolf and to steal everything so when anyone comes back, the place would have disappeared. Rath gets talked into killing and Arles tells him not to hesitate and to burn everything.


After Rath leaves, Arles tells the God of Weblin to look and see the beginning of the wolf’s revenge before laughing evilly and standing in the centre of the village covered with rain and blood.

Rath begins talking a bit about the Weblin history. The small country had humans, wolves, rats, dogs, lions and rabbits that existed and lived together, with cats who ruled. That was until 10 years ago when there was friction between the cats and wolves which lead to a rebellion. The wolves turned against the royal family of Weblin known as Garibaldi cats which was a heavy crime. The Imperial Guards house was dissolved and the knights were ousted from the country, however the troubles did not stop there as this involved all races.

Then, a plague struck the country. It was called Zodiva, a fatal disease which first starts as black spots on the skin before it attacks the brain and then eventually turns the person mad. Meanwhile, there were rumours which spread throughout the kingdom that the wolves were the cause of the plague. The villages that were attacked by wolves were where the disease was occurring which eventually frightened people as the curse of the wolves. Soon it was called the Mad Wolf Disease (狂狼病きょうろうびょう).

In order to stop the people’s fears, King Garibaldi VI issued a law called Wolf Genocide (狼狩りの令). It was aimed to kill off the wolves in order to destroy the deadly plague the people thought the wolves had caused. The relationship between the races that had been kept in balance for hundreds of years crumbled consequentially. The law was supported by the fact that the people wanted to protect themselves in case the wolves ever hunted, hence the people feared Zodiva and killed off the wolves.

10 years went by and the number of wolves declined dramatically. With the law still active, the wolves became endangered as the cats rise to power. The royal palace is now where the cats reside which have not been affected by the plague. An absolute monarchy now controls the kingdom.

Auger walks down a hallway and hears voices so he stops. He wonders what they’re talking about and hears maids gossiping about the witch of Sharlmessen? (シャルメッセン) who will curse Weblin. A northern village was attacked by wolves recently which they thought was terrible since no one was alive and the place was set on fire. They think that the witch was responsible for the wolves attacking and heard that in order for the witch to obtain immortality, she’d require lots of sacrifices. They also mention that King Garibaldi VI’s health is deteriorating, and one of the maids mention that the throne should be handed to Prince Mejojo. One maid tells her to be quiet since it almost sounds like treason.

Auger seems to enjoy such useful gossip and mentions he doesn’t hate it. The maids continue gossiping about two women named Elenora and Rayleigh who were the king’s wives who died years ago. One maid feels sorry for the king and the other two maids go quiet tell her that it’s taboo to mention the wives’ name. The punishment is having their heads cut off since the wives are the cause of the conflicting relationship between the king and the prince (?).

Auger decides it’s a good time and the maids gasp when they see he appears. He asks “Hey, what were you three talking about? Can I join? I like gossip.” to which the maids shake their heads and apologize for their rudeness. They excuse themselves before he tells him that he heard everything already and for them to continue their gossip after the ‘head cutting off’ part. One of the maids respond that it was a misunderstanding, however Auger will not have it and says that they will die here now. They apologize again and Auger tells them not to talk so loud since it’s annoying. He adds he is a musician and that his hearing is sharp which can be seen by looking at his ears, but humans wouldn’t understand. He can hear everything and warns the maids if he hears them gossiping again, he will kill them. After they leave, Auger mentions that rumours are fun and says he should tell his brother about the things he’s heard since he’s too serious and needs some fun.

It’s raining and Fiona sighs while seated on a bench near the window. Her dogs Pearl and Richie are with her (ADORABLE DOGS, CAN I HAVE THEM?) and they look sad. Both Pearl and Richie start talking about how they hope the rain stops soon so they can play outside. Apparently, the two dogs were taken in as orphans by Fiona’s father and were given to Fiona since she cannot leave the tower due to her weak body.

Zara Skeens walks in and comments that the three look unhappy. He is apparently Fiona’s childhood friend and butler who’s a rabbit species and was a war orphan when her father picked him up. It seems that Fiona and her big brother Nesso are part of the Galland family.

Zara tells them not to make such a depressed face and Fiona says it’s because tomorrow is her 16th birthday and that there will be a party. Zara hopes the weather is clear tomorrow and Richie tells him since he can do anything, he should call the sun before Fiona’s birthday (LOL!). Zara tells him that he can only cure her sickness and mood and trails off from something about her health or mood these days. Fiona asks what he means and Zara replies that it was a joke and that he wants nice weather tomorrow. Since Fiona wants to go outside, a grand dinner party will be held that Zara was instructed to plan and there are a lot of people on the invite list for the party of Earl Galland’s only daughter.

Zara adds that since it’s important, it will be very busy and Fiona feels as if Zara’s words sounded like he was sarcastic (?). Usually her birthday celebrations are small but she admits that it’s her selfishness that she wants a big party. Pearl says that Fiona has looked forward to her birthday a lot and Richie says that Zara doesn’t understand. Zara apologises for saying serious things, adding that he understands Fiona’s feelings well and that he’s happy to prepare for the party.

Richie and Pearl in their human forms (〃≧◡≦〃)

Tomorrow is Fiona’s birthday and it will be the first time she sets foot outside of the tower. The tower is located in the Sharlmessen forest where Fiona lives with Zara and the servants. Anything she wanted or needed, she got so she never felt inconvenience in doing anything but she always had longed to set foot in the outside world.

Zara tells her that she should already know Edgar (I’m thinking that’s her father) isn’t keeping her in the tower because he dislikes her. Since she is a Lobeira, a rare species among humans, it is natural for her father to worry. Lobeira species have weak bodies and can easily get sick. They have been through this conversation several hundred times where Fiona would want to go out and Zara would refuse. She understands his feelings very much which is why she wants to get better so she’s tried medicine and even undertook physical training.

Sharlmessen tower

The Lobeira is a rare species in the human race where the body is weak and sickly. Therefore, the children of Lobeira often die before they reach adulthood. Thanks to Fiona’s father, she is able to live up to her age. As the position of Earl, Fiona’s father paid for everything and since Zara was knowledgeable with medicine, he made him her butler. Fiona understands that he is only protecting her, but she still thinks that confining her in the tower is a little too much.

Zara mentions that perhaps her father allowing a party outside means that there’s a small chance she can go out little by little from now on. Fiona agrees since having a birthday party is already a big step but if it rains tomorrow, the party will have to be moved to the Galland hall and hence she can’t go outside.

Suddenly, Nesso, her step-brother, comes in and says happy birthday while holding a bouquet of flowers. Fiona thanks him and wonders if it was troublesome for him to bring here during the rain. He says that’s not the case and that if it’s for his cute sister, he’d be happy if she’d accept it. Nesso adds he bought it from a flower shop on his way here and also tomorrow he will give her a proper present and tells her to look forward to it. Fiona is surprised but says she’s already happy with just the flowers.

Richie asks Nesso “What about us?” and Pearl adds that they have been protecting Fiona unlike Nesso xD He laughs and says “Ah, that is right. Ofcourse I bought a special snack for you two”. After Zara leaves to get a vase for the flowers, Fiona asks how was work and if it was dangerous. He replies that there was a small village in the north that was attacked by wolves and when they arrived, everything was destroyed. Rather than being frightened of the wolves, she was afraid for Nesso and that although this happened after the attack, he might be caught up in the middle of a wolves attack in the future.

Nesso is a young knight serving Weblin and is the head of the knights group called Glayflita? (グライフリッター). In order to fight for his country or in the case of an emergency, he trains hard but even so, Fiona urges him not to do anything dangerous. Zara returns and tells him to stop causing others worry (?) and Nesso refutes that he is the strongest swordsman in Weblin so there’s nothing to worry about.

Zara mentions that dinner is almost ready and asks what Nesso will do. He replies that he will eat here together with Fiona and she says to invite father so everyone can eat together. Zara agrees and says he will tell Edgar. Fiona greets him in the dining room and he comments how grown up she is. Fiona ponders about how everyone takes good care of her and that being a Lobeira probably made her a child that was difficult to raise. When she was born, the doctor said she didn’t have much time to live and it’s because of her father that she’s still alive. She’s happy that three people take care of her but she still longs to go outside.

Fiona asks her father if it’s possible to live together with him after her birthday tomorrow. He thought she meant moving in the tower, but she really means in the main building and not her tower. Edgar becomes serious and tells her he is afraid of taking her down the tower and that she is to live on the top of the tower with clean air to breathe. He adds that if she were to go near the ground, she could get sick. Nesso comments that the Zodiva disease is still out there and that if anything were to happen, Zara will get scolded. Edgar tells Fiona that he cannot lose her since he lost both his wives (Fiona’s mother and Nesso’s mother) already who died after giving birth. Such over-protectiveness by her father has made Fiona known as the ‘Princess of the Bird Cage’.

Fiona then asks if Mejojo and Auger will be attending the birthday dinner tomorrow and both Nesso and Edgar’s expression falls. Zara tells her that Mejojo is persistent and has not given Fiona up despite Nesso and Edgar refusing him many times. It seems Mejojo has taken an extreme liking to her.

Flashback. Garibaldi VII is talking to Edgar about how his daughter will grow up without ever entering the outside world but it cannot be helped because she is Lobeira. The King also says that both Mejojo and Auger are interested in Fiona and perhaps he should let them talk to her. The tower would be cleaned and polished before the twin princes arrived and after that, they’d visit once every few months. Mejojo would always propose and get refused many times. It would be an honor to be a part of the Royal Family, however, because Fiona is a Lobeira, her body is weak and cannot be accustomed to life in the royal palace and that it may be too much for her.

Edgar says that despite Mejojo being refused constantly, he always brings up marriage. Nesso starts badmouthing Mejojo saying he is starting to look down on other races, but Edgar tells him to stop and reminds him he is a knight and that he is loyal to the royal family. Nesso says he will fulfil his knight duties, however Fiona is a different thing altogether and that perhaps she should be his wife (LOL DO I SMELL SOMEONE WITH A SISTER COMPLEX). Fiona says that she’ll get married for the family, to which Nesso gets angry justifying that she’s still a child and that she can’t get married yet.

After more talk about marriage, a strong wind blows into the room and Zara comments that perhaps tomorrow’s party will be adjourned. Edgar apologizes and just when he wonders if the weather ever clears, Nesso tells him to be quiet as horse footsteps are heard from outside! They look outside to see swarms of horses and lanterns and Edgar realizes it could be Mejojo and Auger.

As footsteps are heard from outside the door, Nesso moves Fiona away from the entrance. The door opens and after a guard defeats Pearl and Richie, Auger enters the room with a smile on his face. He apologizes for the disturbance and says that he has come to catch a witch. Since Fiona is the only female in the room, she realizes that it’s her. Auger says that Zodiba has been spreading in this region and that it’s said to be the work of a witch living in the top of a tower. Zara refutes saying that it’s all lies but Auger says there have been people who live around here that have directly appealed to the castle. So, he’s come to arrest her.

The scene changes to a few days ago and Auger is walking through the corridor. He is bored so he decides to find his older brother since there might be something fun to do. He enters his brother Mejojo’s room to find him looking displeased which is something rare for Auger to see. Mejojo says it’s Earl Edgar Galland’s response and Auger assumes that he’s been refused again and that he should just give up, not get married and to play with him.

Auger knows it’s Fiona Galland that he wants. He is aware she is of Lobeira and that she has a weak body, and comments that she’s not even beautiful. Apparently, Mejojo was engaged to a woman named Eluvira Galland 10 years ago, who is related to Fiona by blood, however she was in love with another man. Despite this, Mejojo kept chasing her and Auger comments it was like a tragic love story. He wasn’t romantically interested in her, but the thought of someone else taking her away was enough for him to not give up.

Auger tells him that if Mejojo wants it, perhaps he should use force and that Auger will help. Mejojo says he won’t since the Galland household is their father’s favourite. Galland and the royal family of Weblin have established a deep friendship but even so, Auger isn’t happy that Mejojo wants to marry the daughter from there. Both Edgar and Nesso hold important positions to the King much to Mejojo’s dismay. Auger has an idea and says he’s heard rumours about a witch recently, which ofcourse led to the recent turn of events.

Scene changes to the present and Fiona is now at the Garibaldi palace hall with her hands in chains. It then goes back to a flashback where Nesso tries to stop Auger and the guards since it’s all bullshit and Edgar tells them that Fiona has not done anything wrong.

Back to the present, with Edgar, Nesso and Zara with her, the king appears. He begins by saying that he has heard Edgar Galland’s daughter is a witch and asks whether if this is true. Edgar begs for mercy for his daughter and Nesso assures the king that the rumours are lies.

Mejojo enters and comments that they should know their place. He rudely tells Nesso that they should express their gratitude for being given the chance to explain (?). He adds that since they’re in front of the king, everyone should bow and kneel. It seems Mejojo is the one leading the meeting.

Mejojo brings villagers in who are very afraid of Fiona and he asks them to describe the witch’s crime. One man said he saw a witch land in the outskirts of the village as a black crow and because of the witch’s curse, his grandfather died. A lady said that her sheep were killed by wolves and that she heard some people saw her with wolves. Another said he also heard those rumours and that the witch digs gravesites in order to make poisons (?) (I was going to write medicine, but that didn’t seem right).

Mejojo asks Fiona if she has an explanation and she says she isn’t a witch by justifying that she’s human and that transforming into a bird is something that cannot be done. She adds that she has never left the tower, that she can’t control wolves or make poison. Mejojo sees that that’s the case and asks the villagers on what grounds do they accuse Fiona as a witch. The villagers hesitate and Mejojo tells them not to fear about being punished for testifying against Edgar’s daughter and to talk with ease.

One villager begins talking and asks why Fiona is still alive. Fiona is taken back and another villager says that Lobeira are short-lived species with poor health and demands why she is still alive. If she isn’t a witch, Fiona shouldn’t be able to survive. A woman then accuses that she used the villagers the wolves killed as a sacrifice to live longer. Then a villager says she’s been stealing the life out of them and that he knows this because Earl Edgar buys suspicious medicine. One says that he thinks Zara is exploiting medicine and is using it to make witch’s poison (?). And just because she is locked in the tower doesn’t mean she isn’t a witch.

Zara speaks up and says that he buys the medicine in order to cure Fiona and that her living in the tower was a means to protect her from any sicknesses, which silences the villagers. Mejojo tells his father that it’s the end of the villager’s appeals and asks what he wants to do. While King Garibaldi VI ponders, Edgar begs once more and says that the reason why Fiona is still living today is because he raised her carefully and not because she’s a witch. The villagers then demand for evidence and Fiona thinks that the only way to prove she’s not a witch is if she dies from illness.

Mejojo proposes that the palace invite Fiona to stay in the castle to be watched. If anything weird happens, then it will prove that she is a witch. Edgar tells him that Fiona’s body is weak and that there’s a chance that staying in the palace will harm her more. Mejojo says that although he understands his feelings, this problem isn’t only his to worry about and suggests it’s necessary to clear doubts placed on his daughter (?). Mejojo then tells the king that he understands the friendship between him and Edgar is important but now is the time to think about the whole country and protecting one’s friend and ignoring the villager’s complaints is slander (?). He adds that stopping wolf attacks and the Zodiva plague is necessary.

The king then reaches a conclusion and announces that Fiona will remain in this castle for the time-being in order to prove herself that she is not a witch. Mejojo says to his father that his decision was excellent and that Fiona will now be under the Weblin palace’s watchful eyes. Nesso however, yells that he won’t allow this and that there is no evidence and Mejojo reminds him that he is in the presence of the king. The guards stop Nesso and the others as Mejojo forces Fiona to follow him, leaving the others behind (I found this scene so heart-breaking!) as they call out to her.

Fiona is following Mejojo and Auger down the corridor of the palace. She wonders if the storm has passed and comments that her birthday won’t be happening tomorrow and that Zara’s efforts were wasted. She smells the fragrance of flowers and they arrive at a beautiful garden. Mejojo tells her that this is where she will be staying and that a room has been prepared. The Chu Chu Knights (CCK) will be with her and they appear to introduce themselves (CUTE RATS!). The first rat is named Leonidas who is the head of the CCK, the second is Vincent, third is David, fourth is Rad and the fifth is Knack. Mejojo hands Fiona a bag of nuts for the rats for whenever she wants to reward them and tells her that the CCK are taking care of her belongings and should she need anything, she should tell them. He then tells her not to forget she is being watched and should she try to escape, he will be told immediately. “Don’t forget, you are a witch. If you try to run, I’ll kill you,” Mejojo warns her and leaves after telling her to rest.

Auger appears and removes the chains from Fiona’s hands. He tells CCK to leave before telling Fiona not to think Mejojo as a bad person as he was only doing it with her in mind. Auger also adds both he and Mejojo don’t believe she is a witch and they’re not like the villagers. Fiona asks why they’re doing this and Auger replies that even if she’s a witch, fear and discontent are rising in Earl Edgar’s land and that it will become worse if the situation was left alone. For instance, the people might try to knock down the castle to attack the witch (?) and Fiona realizes that could be possible after she encountered those villagers testifying earlier. A riot would ensue and Fiona then asks if Mejojo did this to protect them (her and her family). Auger replies that he did and comments that his brother is indeed a kind person. Fiona begins to understand her situation and after all, he even prepared a nice place for her.

Fiona asks about Nesso and her father and Auger replies that he doesn’t know and assures her not to worry. He tells her if she’s worried about that, she can pet and touch his ears and tail so he can comfort her in place of her two dogs (!!!). But then he says he was kidding and tells her he’s a court musician and he’ll play a tune if she’s lonely. He tells her good night and leaves her.

Auger is in the corridor and suddenly laughs and says “Ah, this is truly the best!” He says everyone is foolish and that things are getting interesting (Oh how evil…). He says he hopes Fiona doesn’t break too soon and because things are becoming fun, he’s in the mood to play a tune.

It’s Fiona’s birthday and she is sitting on her chair looking at the beautiful view of the garden outside. It seems as though the violent storm from yesterday passed since today is good weather. Fiona is still sad about not being able to celebrate and have her dinner party and that all the preparation has been wasted. She wonders how Nesso, Zara, Pearl, Richie and her father are going and knows they’re probably very worried about her and that she feels very lonely.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps approach and it is CCK. Leonidas tells her that he has gifts for her from Mejojo and colourful boxes are soon carried into her room. Fiona asks if any of them wants nuts and Leonidas refuses saying that they didn’t do much work and the rest of the CCK get disappointed (THEIR REACTIONS ARE SO CUTE!).

Fiona then begins opening her gifts and the first box is a dress, the second is shoes and the third is a pretty necklace. She wonders what it’s for and Leonidas tells her a message from Mejojo that a ball for her birthday will be held this evening and that she is to attend with the dress she was given. If it’s not a private party, Fiona is convinced the Galland house would surely be invited and she cheers up knowing she might be able to meet Nesso, her father and Zara again.

Fiona tells Leonidas to tell Mejojo that she expresses her gratitude. She then asks CCK if they could help her change and they are shocked that she’d ask that. Leonidas tells her they cannot complete such a task but they can find a dedicated servant to help her. The CCK leaves as the servant by the name of Julian (SUCH A BEAUTY!) arrives. He says he will help bathe her and Fiona turns red with embarrassment. She tells him she can do it alone and he says that’s not possible and was told to take care of her unless he did something to hurt her feelings. Fiona said that’s not the case but her heart’s restless and Julian asks her if he’s no good (NEVER!). She apologizes and Julian says perhaps he isn’t useful to her and Fiona says that it’s something he might not understand and that she has always bathed alone. There’s nothing wrong with Julian apart from the fact that if it was any man, she would refuse. Julian understands and tells her he’ll call a female maid. Shortly after he leaves, two female maids arrive.

Fiona ponders about her first experience having people help her bathe and how she was uncomfortable with them touching her naked skin. With her hair and makeup done and the maids gone, Auger comes to pick her up and comments that the dress suits her and that Mejojo’s choice was as expected before he escorts her out.

While walking down the corridor with Auger, Fiona asks why the Weblin crests carved on the walls have different shapes and he laughs at how she doesn’t know anything. But since she’s lived in the tower most of the time, it can’t be helped. He points to a red crest and says it was from the period of the red cat king which was in the olden days. He says that him, his brother and father are white cats. Fiona asks what colour it refers to, whether it’s the tail or eats and whether it was normal if a white cat was born from red cat parents (?) and if there were marriage between different races, the children would inherit completely different characteristics. Auger says that’s correct and usually the child will inherit either from the mother or father but in this case, it’s different. He says that the first white cat took the throne by killing the red cats and the red cat king because he wanted to be king (?). Auger comments that he thinks it’s amazing that the first white cat was able to kill hundreds without fail and Fiona is utterly shocked. It seems he doesn’t think much about the fact that it was a huge massacre.

Leonidas appears and Auger says that rats are merely food for the cat, adding that he’s hungry as he licks his lips and saying cats eat anything, even humans. He then shows her a rabbit emblem which was from the time when the previous Garibaldi V (?) signed an alliance with the rabbit species. However, after dispute about who would inherit the throne after he died, the rabbits were destroyed (?). Auger says it was a mistake for them with the ally they chose and that was regrettable. Fiona knows that Zara was a war orphan and perhaps that was the war over the Weblin throne.

Auger breaks her train of thought and asks if she’s okay since she looks pale. She says she’s okay, and Auger replies “Hm, you’re alright? Well then, I’ll talk about more things. For instance, 10 years ago…” before he gets cut off by Mejojo. He apologizes to Fiona saying that he talks a lot and to not listen to him (?).  Auger says that was mean of him to say, and Mejojo tells him he should talk about a more preferable topic (OH THESE TWO). Mejojo tells Fiona to come with him and she thanks Auger before walking to the venue.

The hall looks extravagant with beautiful music playing and servants and maids who were busy. Mejojo says today is a memorable day since it is the day she came to the castle and also that celebrating her birthday is natural. Fiona thanks him for the dress and accessories and Mejojo says if she’s satisfied with this, will she become his wife (OH MEJOJO). Fiona blushes and tells him that the marriage proposal has been rejected, and Mejojo knows, remembering that she can’t get used to the royal palace life. Then he says that regarding this situation, she has to live in the castle because she is a ‘witch’ and hence there is no reason to decline his marriage proposal. If she is proven to not be a witch, nothing will stop them from getting married.

Mejojo excuses himself as he tells Fiona that he needs to be where his father is and leaves. Fiona decides to try and enjoy herself. She watches a lady dance and finds it beautiful and wishes she had someone to dance with.


I LOVE THE BWS OSTs. The opening, the menu song, the dramatic song – they’re bloody amazing and beautiful. I could listen to it over and over again. I really love the art designs as well, especially the settings and it just looks so beautiful on screen. I don’t want to comment on the characters just yet (though I have been spoiled many times orz) and I know I’ll be more engrossed with each character when I finish their routes. Also, I don’t remember how many katakana words I struggled with…I don’t know if they’re even correct so do tell me!

Just so you know, I’m still in the middle of my first route since writing notes makes my progress that much slower. If you do comment, please don’t spoil me anything just yet xD

8 thoughts on “Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ General Route

  1. Carl Brock

    is Arles d felnoir one of the other routes that you can go after for a love interests because he is one of the characters i like what kind system need for this but i can’t because i can’t read Japanese so yeah. that i like otome games but they never make in English as far as i now

    1. アユ Post author

      Yes Arles is a datable character!! :D It works on any PC! There are actually a couple of English otome games like Hakuouki and mobile games~ There are also otome games with English patches too :)

  2. starryusagi

    S-SO I SKIPPED THIS THROUGH BECAUSE I’M STILL PLAYING IT BUT AMGAH when I read “狂狼病きょうろうびょう” I was like LMAO MAD COW DISEASE which is uh… bad lol. So I sort of giggled through it LOL T_T but I’m glad you like it the general route so far, I’m excited to get into it as well~!! I hope this game doesn’t disappoint! c:

    1. アユ Post author

      Yeah my progress is really bad. My gaming mojo is almost non-existent at the moment since I resumed my semester orz. LOL MAD COW DISEASE? Where did you get that xD I’ve completed a few routes it’s, though I’m so slow though cries. So far the game I really like! Can’t wait for Last Hope!

      1. starryusagi

        omg same. I attempt to play but sometimes I get in for like a few minutes then all that motivation just…flies out the window LOL. LOL I COULDN’T HELP IT XD I just thought of mad cow disease when I read it I mean common mad wolf disease? xD LOL I couldn’t help but make the connection… I was like LULS DAT DISEASE. And that’s good! I’m super excied for Last Hope as well c: COME OUT SOON LAST HOPE ;-;

      2. アユ Post author

        Yeah I get heaps of people asking me if I’ve finished playing ___ or if I started and I keep telling them no because LOL MY GAMING MOTIVATION WHERE ARE YOU!? LOLOL I see XDD Last Hope <33333

      3. starryusagi

        LOLIKR? gaming mojo is at lvl -9999 right now @_@ lol or at least mine is!!! ;-; i just have no time…. slash I do have time I just waste it doing other things rather than otoge blogging orz T_T lol xDD

      4. アユ Post author

        Let’s be otome-gamers-who-lack-motivation buddies LOL /shot/ I hope to find it soon though because I’ve been neglecting my games for so long orz. Haha yeah same!

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