Boulange no Koibito by Tenzen Momoko

Title: 「ブーランジェの恋人」(Amoureux de Boulange) 
Author/Artist: Tenzen Momoko/Tenzen Momoko
Year: 2010
Themes: fluffy, has a one-shot, dating early in the beginning, younger seme
Volumes: 1

TENZEN MOMOKO FAN RIGHT HERE. And I even have another one of her works waiting to be mailed to me :)


Masao Munenori gave up his dream of a pâtissière to take over his parent’s bakery. Ever since Fujikawa Hijiri, a frequent customer and a novelist, fainted in front of the shop (from sleep deprivation so don’t panic), Masao can’t stop thinking about him. He eventually confesses and the two start dating. Oosawa, Masao’s ex-colleague, believes Masao giving up his dream was a big mistake and that he should come back as a pâtissière. Masao however grew to love his bakery and chooses to continue as a boulanger.
In the one-shot called ‘The Neighbour’, Saki meets his neighbour Kawahara for the first time, only in a very unexpected way. While he was late, Saki opens the door and Kawahara crashes into it, injuring him. After that, Kawahara often visits Saki and the two become close friends. Saki realizes that Kawahara is in fact Kawahara Yui, a popular senpai from his high school who was said to be ‘prettier than a girl’. No sooner does Saki begin to have feelings for him.


I struggled with the summary since there’s really no solid plot in this story. Basically, it revolves around Masao and Fujikawa as a couple and their jobs. It’ll be about Masao and his job, then about Fujikawa and his autograph session as a novelist etc. There’s no drama involved so it’s mostly romance. It might be too fluffy for some so this might not be a good read, but if you like pretty art and an easy read, then you may enjoy this.

The story is light-hearted and I think Tenzen-sensei aimed for something sweet with nothing too complicated involved. No love triangles, no rape, no climax, some comedy here and there – just a pure and happy story really. And by that I don’t mean no sex scene. There is, but it’s very short so the story focuses more on the couples.

Kawahara and Saki (seme btw).

I didn’t expect much from the one-shot. Although the couple isn’t as lovey-dovey as the main couple, the mood is the same throughout. To be honest, I’m usually never fond of a one-shot or a series of one-shots in a manga. There are some exceptions (Katekyo’s oneshot of Haruka and Tokiwa, ugh I hope they get their own story!), but I usually get a bit deflated since I want to read about the main story more (and sometimes the one-shots suck…sorry). But back to Saki and Kawahara, the one-shot was decent and sort of acts like a break to all the cheesiness xD

I figured this wasn’t very important to add to the summary, but after the one-shot, there’s a bonus story called ‘A Comfort’ which is a short story where Masao forgets an invoice and goes to Fujikawa’s home to find it in his coat he left there. To his surprise, he sees his lover sleeping while hugging his coat. While Masao tries to find his invoice, Fujikawa wakes up and thinking he’s still dreaming, he hugs Masao xD Fujikawa then tells Masao to kiss him and calls out his first name, which embarrasses Masao but he kisses him anyway and Fujikawa falls back to sleep. Masao quickly whispers something to him before leaving and returning to work. Fujikawa wakes up and finds a message and breakfast Masao left him and he soon realizes that perhaps he didn’t dream hearing Masao whisper “I love you, Hijiri”. It ends with Fujikawa and Masao together and Fujikawa asking him to say it again.

I think it was a nice way to finish off the manga adding an adorable short story like that. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for fluff really. And if you’re wondering if there is a drama CD, yes there is (thankfully). Takahashi Hiroki plays as Masao and Hirofumi Nojima as Fujikawa (in other words…SQUALO FROM KHR x GOUENJI FROM INAZUMA HAHAHA you’re welcome). Just adorable really. Time to play soccer.

Recommended if you feel like something sweet and cheesy!


One thought on “Boulange no Koibito by Tenzen Momoko

  1. Gr8 Tuxedo Zoro (@R0LAN65)

    ermergerrrd guess who decide to troll thru your blog :P
    I’ve read this manga before but I don’t remember when… hmmm but after reading this, you’re making me want to read it again :< Though, I like Attractive Fascinante BL mangas… just a few of them /lol/ ^^


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