Uta no Prince-sama Music

「うたのプリンスさまっ MUSIC」PSP by Broccoli (2011)
Website: http://www.utapri.com/game/music/


Uta no Prince-sama Music is a rhythm game involving buttons shown on the screen. Like all rhythm games, you have songs (ranging from idol to duet songs) and your objective is to press it at the correct time in order to gain more points.

The menu is in English so you won’t have trouble navigating through the game.

After choosing a song, you choose modes EASY, HARD or PRO. Each mode has 3 levels with level 1 as the easiest to level 3 as the hardest. After each song, you get a rank of either (lowest to highest) D, C, B, A and S.

Each song lasts under 2 minutes and your aim is to press the buttons shown when the moving line passes it. If you struggle to press it at the right time, make sure you listen carefully to the beat of the song. The more COOL you get, the more points you gain. And ofcourse every time you get POOR, you lose points. You can see what rank you will get in the end if you look at RANK on the bottom left corner. You know you’re doing well when your character is making a happy/blushing face. But if you’re not doing so well, they make a shocked face.

After the game, you receive a rank along with a comment from the character. S will cause them to say something wonderful, where as a D will cause them to say something not so positive xD Every time you achieve an A or S rank in your song, you will receive a HEART. Each level gives you a heart and if you receive all three hearts, you unlock scenes with the character!


After every song you complete, you gain MUSIC POINTS (MP) which can be used to purchase outfits for the characters, parts, backgrounds and effects.

You buy them from the SHOP in the Customize menu!

Clothes range from seasonal to female clothes~ (✧◡✧)


My bias for Otoya is obviously showing…

You have the option to turn off certain or all (why would anyone do that) of the character voices. If you turn them off, they say something sad and if you turn them on, they say something happy. For instance, Otoya says “could it be you hate me?” when you turn his voice off xD

One thing I should probably mention is that out of all the songs, Sho and Natsuki’s songs aren’t so beginner friendly. I struggled at getting an A and lost count as to how many attempts I did. My advice would be to always start from Level 1 and work your way up so you get used to the rhythm and get lots of practice.

Overall, a game that I could play over and over again. It’s perfect whenever my Uta Pri senses are tingling or if I want to pass the time whenever I’m on the train or something. Sadly, my rhythm skills aren’t so great since I struggle on HARD mode. And do not get me started on PRO. Nevertheless, the choices of songs are great and I highly recommend it!


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