Castle Mango Vol.1 by Ogura Muku

Title: 「キャッスルマンゴー」
Author/Artist: Ogura Muku/Konohara Narise
Year: 2009, licensed 2012
Themes: age gap, not your typical seme, adult-student relationship, slice of life
Volumes: 1 (ongoing)

You know I have a problem when I have a backlog of manga to review yet choose to review one that I just received a few days ago.

LOL oh dear…


Shirosaki Yorozu runs a love hotel called Castle Mango. As a high school student with a scholarship, he takes his academics seriously and aims to study hotel management at university after graduation. When he meets Director Togame of Kaleido Fish, an AV (adult video) making company, Shirosaki’s life turns haywire. Initially, they get on unfriendly terms, and after hearing that Togame is gay and is hanging around with his young brother Satoru, he gets worried! Despite Togame’s claims that he is not after his brother, Shirosaki is determined to separate the two, and what better way to do it than to lie that they slept together in order to compel Togame to ‘date’ him and not see any guys (i.e. Satoru). Shirosaki plays along and pretends to date him, however, things don’t exactly go to plan when the two get closer and he finds himself drawn to him.


Ogura-sensei’s works have impressed me yet again! It’s light, fluffy and funny; a combination that I highly look for. You get a sense of reading a story that’s new, refreshing and realistic with enough drama to grab your interest.

Togame is the kind of seme you wouldn’t typically find in most BL. He’s not rich, he’s certainly not popular or a ladies’ man and he leaves an impression as a pretty sloppy adult. But, he is a decent person who works earnestly at his job which goes to show that just because you’re not some powerful rich man does not always mean you’re not likable!

Shirosaki is a high school student who, despite working at a love hotel, is still a youthful and inexperienced man with quite a manipulative side to him. He often makes assumptions, hold prejudices and push away anything he is uncomfortable with, though he slowly learns to open up. Although this emphasises the age gap between the two, it’s not to the extent that they’re unfavourable as a couple (more like ADORABLE).

The drama CD was cute to listen to, with Ishikawa Hideo as Togame and Kondou Takashi as Shirosaki. I’m quite unfamiliar with Ishikawa but after this, I believe he suited the role perfectly!

I am highly anticipating for volume 2 already because I really love this manga! I’ve only seen glimpses of the Chinese scans (damn I wish I could read it) and I’m just dying to see their relationship develop more. Now go read it!


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