Hatoful Boyfriend

「はーとふる彼氏」 by PigeoNation (2011)
Website: http://clione.halfmoon.jp/hatoful-boyfriend/
Buy: here

Yes, you can laugh. I honestly didn’t think I’d write a post after finishing the game, but the game was a huge surprise for me. At first, I played it for the lolz and could not handle the fact that it was a pigeon dating game that many of my friends have told and laughed to me about. But, completing everything has left me with mixed emotions and surprisingly plenty of tears!

Major spoilers and thoughts!


Hatoful Boyfriend is a PC dating sim with pigeons. Like most otome games, you have different potential love interests . You play as a human girl with the default named Tousaka Hiyoko who’s a student of the very prestigious Saint Pigeonation’s Institute. From there, you encounter pigeons and choose options that will determine your ending.


*Ignore the CVs, the game does not have voice overs.

Kawara Ryouta

Ryouta is Hiyoko’s childhood friend and classmate. He’s a friendly, caring and bright person and is the kind of character that’d you want to be friends with. However, his mother sick and eventually dies, causing him to go through depression. At the end of his route, both Hiyoko and Ryouta confess their feelings. However, he is aware that because they are different species, he will die much sooner than her and hence does not wish for Hiyoko to go through the pain of him leaving her. Hiyoko though doesn’t really give a shit so they end up together. I actually really like Ryouta as I thought he was one of the more sane characters in the game.

Nanaki Kazuaki

Kazuaki is Hiyoko’s teacher who sleeps during class and has somewhat of a laid-back personality. He excels in Maths (my most hated subject) and tends to encourage and praise Hiyoko whenever she does bad or well in her exams. Kazuaki used to have a lover but she left him which caused him to give up on love. When Hiyoko confesses, he tells her to wait until she graduates and if she still loves him, he will be waiting (sigh).

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya

Sakuya is a rude, snobby and tsundere rich character who often insults or shows intolerance to commoners. As the student council president as well as the half-brother of Yuuya (whom he dislikes), he does not hesitate to boss people around or speak rudely to others who he feels as inferior. He slowly warms up to Hiyoko though and after New Years, he runs away from home to see Hiyoko at her cave. Sakuya wishes to become a musician, however his father expects him to become the head of the family. The route ends with either Sakuya leaving to confront his father about his true dream and supposedly living (?) with Hiyoko. No confession? (ԾεԾ|||)

Fujishiro Nageki

Nageki’s a very unsociable, quiet and reserved boy who is always seen in the library. When Hiyoko joins the Library staff, the two get along and she wonders why he doesn’t talk to anyone else but her. It turns out that Hiyoko is the only person who can see Nageki, finding out that he is actually a ghost. The reason why he is always in the library and cannot leave is because he committed suicide there, hence he’s been trapped in the same place for years with no one to talk to. Soon after he tells Hiyoko this, he slowly disappears before telling her “Thank you. I love you”. CUE THE TEARS, AND I TOLD MYSELF I WOULDN’T CRY AGAIN! (╥﹏╥) Best route in my opinion, it was sad but at the same time seeing him happy after years of solitude was enough to make me hug the screen.

Sakazaki Yuuya 

Yuuya is the flirty type as opposed to his half-brother Sakuya and helps out in the infirmary with Shuu. While Hiyoko pursues him, she finds he is quite suspicious and he tells her that he might get shot or something so she shouldn’t be around him. It is revealed that he’s a spy from the Dove Party, a group with the belief that humans and birds should live together peacefully. He also reveals that Shuu is a member of the Hawks Party, a group who wish to kill off all humans, hence why he became Shuu’s assistant.Yuuya believes that the Hawk Party found out that he was a spy and decides he needs to flee the school. The route ends with Hiyoko deciding to join the darkness with him and becoming a spy.

Iwamine Shuu

Shuu’s the yandere school doctor. I still have chills now from his route because I absolutely hate psycho people like him. He is actually linked to the rumors of students going missing after entering the infirmary. Hiyoko goes to the infirmary one day and smells something behind the curtains. She is shocked to find dead corpses and Shuu shows up before revealing that he’s behind the missing students. The screen goes red as Shuu chops off Hiyoko’s head (you know this because he says something about her head in a jar O_O||). I’m still scared from his route orz.

Oko San

I could tell by looking at San that he would be one hilarious and perhaps crazy character, and I was right xD I think he provides some comical relief to the game since he talks in third person, is part of the school track team and has an incredible obsession with pudding to the point where he goes crazy over it xD His goal is to find the ultimate pudding and he turns into some pudding god and then drowns the world with pudding. Not much romance there haha! But he is incredibly hilarious.

Higure Anghel/Yoshio Akagi

Anghel only appears in the game after a certain option “wish for the mad love of a fallen angel”.  His character vexes me. He sprouts nonsense that I lose my concentration to what he’s talking about, he refers to other birds with fantasy names, sees hallucinations (and actually makes other people hallucinate) and is a member of the manga club. Anghel actually has a corrupted side called the Avatar of Destruction which he often has trouble controlling. When Shuu summons Himnesia, some demon tree thing to engulf the school, he uses the black miasma from Anghel’s corrupt side to feed the tree. A battle ensues between Hiyoko/Anghel and Himnesia before it gets destroyed. Shuu flees and is never seen at school again (good riddance). However, everything was actually a hallucination so there was no Himnesia and the route ends. Boom.


There is no route for Azami but since she’s a character, I decided to add her in anyway. Hiyoko first meets her while she was lost and Azami drives her back home with her scooter. At the end of the route, Azami sees her former boyfriend Rabu and the two fight until they decide to get back together lol. That’s pretty much it, you help two lovers find each other again.

If you don’t do any specific route, you get the ‘no-birdie’ ending where you get kidnapped and it’s game over.

BIG SPOILERS UNDERNEATH. I’ll be briefly summarizing the stories and mentioning the important details. I repeat, I strongly recommend you play BBL!!!!  If you want to read, highlight the text! 

Bad Boys’ Love – Hurtful Boyfriend (bonus story)

You start off the game normally until one day Hiyoko looks for Ryouta in the infirmary. The first person changes and it’s now Ryouta who’s the main character. Hiyoko is killed in a very grotesque way (by grotesque I mean she was hacked into pieces) and you spend most of BBL with Ryouta and Sakuya looking around the school for clues as to who killed her and why. But along the way, you also discover about some of the characters’ past.

In Sakuya’s full ending, Yuuya sends a letter to Hiyoko saying that he has something he’s been meaning to tell Sakuya all this time. When Sakuya was an egg, Yuuya’s stepfather ordered him to throw Sakuya’s egg away since it was hatched by his mother and old father. However, when his mother hatched again, Yuuya destroyed the egg and placed Sakuya’s egg there so he could live.

Kazuaki is actually Hitori, Nageki’s brother, who was presumed dead in the fire. Five years before the story, Nageki had the Charon virus, a disease that kills any human near him. He c0uld not stand having the virus and lit the fire in the infirmary in order to commit suicide and burn his body so none of the virus remained. Hitori tries to stop him but to no avail.

Shuu fell in love with Ryouta’s father Ryuuji. Before he died, Ryouta promised him that he would fulfill Ryouta’s wish. His wish was for humans and birds to live in harmony with one another. Shuu tried to fulfill this wish, however, he took it to the extreme and decided that exterminating all humans was ideal since his logic was if there were no humans, there would never be no humans for the birds to fight with, hence no war…crazy I know.

Ryouta was the one who killed Hiyoko, but not deliberately. Shuu made Ryouta into a carrier of the Charon virus (so humans would be killed) by transferred from Nageki’s liver with the virus to Ryouta. That day Hiyoko entered the infirmary where Ryouta was, the disease instantly killed her. Yuuya and Shuu were the ones who hacked her up (there’s a reason why but I forgot lol).

Ofcourse there are more details, but it would take me ages to type. xD


If you think this game is just about dating pigeons, you thought wrong. There is an actual story and the characters have depth. I never expected I’d ever cry or have so much feels for a game of pigeons seriously(;ↀ⌓ↀ) I can see why there’s quite a fandom for it. The routes aren’t too long and yes they ended quite abruptly but I found it quite enjoyable and worth playing overall. Try the free trial first here before deciding on the complete edition. When you finish all the routes, you must definitely play BBL story! I don’t have words to express how impactful it was even with this post.

Sorry for this crappy review (|||❛︵❛.)


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