Omowaseburi na Kimi no Tonari by Tenzen Momoko

Title: 「思わせぶりな君のとなり」
Author/Artist: Tenzen Momoko/Tenzen Momoko
Year: 2012
Themes: senpai-kouhai relationship, lots of fluff
Volumes: 1

This was actually my first copy  of Tenzen Momoko’s works and also one of my earliest BL purchases. The cover looked endearing and the art was pretty to look out, so I decided to give it a try. It was also nice that it had furigana in it so I could practice my Japanese reading! (updated 19/2/15)


Nishino is looking for someone to share an apartment and rent with, and is subsequently introduced to Maki, a younger university student, by his friend Kitagawa. Things are awkward at first due to their opposite personalities, but eventually they warm up to each other to the point where Maki develops deep feelings for his senpai. One day he confesses, however, Nishino could only accept his feelings since he does not feel the same way. They continue living together as friends only this time Maki makes advances to his senpai such as touching, hugging and even wanting to sleep with him (just sleeping!!). When Maki’s ex-boyfriend Shibasaki comes into the scene, Nishino’s emotions are thrown into confusion and jealousy which question what his real feelings towards Maki are.


The story isn’t very dramatic, rather it focuses on the relationship between the characters. It’s a nice and light read with some comedy so it was enjoyable. It wasn’t a fantastic story nor do I feel it left a lasting impression as it’s not uncommon to read a story where a third party (typically an ex-lover) is used as a pushing force for either one or both of the main characters to realise their true feelings and confess.

There is that sense of opposites attract. During the first initial meeting, Maki left an impression of an unsociable and somewhat expressionless megane, however that changes due to Nishino’s kind nature. His appearance might seem a bit cold, but he actually is quite sweet and somewhat of a devil lol. He cares deeply for Nishino and does not wish to trouble him, which is shown when he decided to stop living with Maki since he was afraid that his urge to want to touch him will cause him unpleasant feelings. Maki on the other hand, because he is older, he acts much more responsible and mature. He looks out for Maki and worries for him constantly but when it comes to his feelings, he is insecure and so has a hard time figuring it out.

If you’re a sucker for nice fluff, then I think this book won’t disappoint in that department. It shows how much Maki really likes Nishino and is not afraid to express or voice his feelings and desires. It is nice to read about cute couples like these, but I’ve grown to be drawn more to stories with more depth and angst so I don’t highly recommend this book.


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