Updates – 01/06

Hey new and old readers!

I know, where have I been this last month? Well, May was just full of final assignments and exams so I didn’t have time for any posts. However, now that I handed in my final essay and finished my last exam today, I AM FREE FOR TWO MONTHS. Oh how beautiful freedom tastes.

I’m sooo behind my otome games xD All the games everyone’s played I’ll be playing, as well as finishing old games I’ve left incomplete for years (all the more reason to express how lazy I am). But seeming as manga reviews take up much less effort, I’ll be reviewing more manga over games in the coming days. I’ve ordered quite a lot in the past few months so it’s just waiting to be read.

I hope everyone’s well!

Ja ne~

19 thoughts on “Updates – 01/06

  1. fertry

    waaaa~ (ToT) I also wanna have two months of freetime. I hate school XDD
    Wow, I wish I could understand japanese good enough to actually play some otome or BL games. I’ve tried a bunch of times but I don’t understand anything at all XD
    I hope to see many interesting posts from you in the near future. Haha, that’s right, here comes the pressure O___O

    1. アユ Post author

      Haha I think the majority of everyone hates education these days xD Hang in there! I still think my Japanese is developing |D Though it helps that I’ve got a dictionary LOL.

      Oh dear, no pressure…no pressure…

      1. fertry

        How do you learn it? Do you take private lessons, have it as a subject or learn it yourself?
        Well, I’ve been learning it for two years already but my gramma is probably still way to bad XD a dictionary wouldn’t help me at all :P

      2. アユ Post author

        I’ve self-learnt it for a couple of years since my high-school does not offer it -_- It was only when I started university that I am now studying it as a unit. Two years would mean you still know most of the basic stuff though :) You’ll get there eventually, I still have a looooong wait to go xD

      3. fertry

        well, not really. I’ve been learning it at school and we are about 20 people so the pace is really slow. We just learned informal language so I don’t think I already know the basics.
        Wow, I don’t think I could teach it myself at all XDD

      4. アユ Post author

        Oh I see :S Silly of me to think the language curriculum here is similar to another country. Haha, it wasn’t easy, it was just years of immersing with anime, books, manga and all that >_<

      5. fertry

        But now it’s good enough to understand otome games? Ur japanese must be pretty good then, especially your kanji knowledge XD

      6. アユ Post author

        I understand enough to know what’s going on, but not to the point where I completely know every detail orz. Like I said, I still have a long way. Ugh kanji. Bad at that, I prefer listening than reading XD

      7. fertry

        You still understand way more than I do, which equals nothing XD
        Yeah me too. Normally it’s the other way round but I still understand way more when listening. Must really be cause of the many anime and dorama or something :P

      8. fertry

        But oh well, if we weren’t fans we wouldn’t even want to learn the language :P

  2. doropyan

    Haha Ayu-chan~ At least you have 2 months free to catch up on stuff LOL. I’ve probably got a few weeks and then I got MIA and back to Uni ;A;.

  3. Yukiru

    Jealoussss I still have 2-3 weeks of torture to go but I will join you sooonn Q(‘w’) Winter=blog dusting time! \o/ I hope you have a fun holiday & congratulations on finishing your first semester smoothly XD

  4. Yu-chii

    Congrats on your freedom, Ayu~! <3 I'll be looking forward to those manga and otome game reviews! (And I'll be sending you a reply to your email a while later today~.)


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