Mujihi na Otoko by Sakuraga Mei

Title: 「無慈悲なオトコ」
Author/Artist: Sakuraga Mei/Sakuraga Mei
Year: 2009
Themes: university life, drama, love-triangle, persistent uke
Volumes: 1

I finally have this in my hands! The Mujihi story is indeed my favourite out of Sakuraga’s Warui series. I know I did a small review on this when I mentioned it in my January favourites post, but this time I’ll do a proper review :)



Shirahane Nanao has a keen eye on Kuon Aikawa. However, there are false rumours going around the university that Nanao can seduce any man which causes Aikawa to despise him. Although Nanao doubts he’d ever change Aikawa’s negative impression of him, fate continues to bring these two together. Aikawa soon begins to question whether the rumours were true and without realizing it, his view of Nanao changes.


The thing that stands out to me the most is the characters. Nanao and Aikawa, despite their polar differences, make sense as a couple. Aikawa’s lack of emotional expressions indicates his serious, honest and straightforward personality who cares deeply for his family (explains the brother-complex which is pretty cute). Nanao is seen as relaxed and laidback which masks his negative feelings of himself and his lack of confidence. One would not expect it but his character has a lot of depth, which makes his character one of my favourite ukes.

Sakuraga’s art style is right up my alley. Her style is very detailed, specifically the expressions so we can see clearly what the character’s emotions are (and during the smut scenes *q*). Plus, her characters are wonderfully drawn and very good-looking (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).

I quite enjoyed the plot-line. It’s more along the lines of serious and dramatic with little use of humor. There were a few things I didn’t like with the other stories (mainly with some of the characters), but Mujihi’s story is indeed my favourite since I’ve enjoyed it much more in terms of story flow and likable characters.

Also, I think the confession scene was really well done as it captures Nanao’s character well. His reluctance was due to his tendency to keep things to himself and Aikawa got him to overcome that and express his true feelings. I would have liked it if Aikawa also confessed, but I guess it doesn’t really suit his character (or maybe it’ll happen in Mujihi na Anata).

I also had the chance to listen to the drama CD with Yasumura Makoto as Aikawa and Yusa Kouji (eek!) as Nanao. I think both seiyuus were perfect for their roles. Yasumura demonstrates Aikawa’s seriousness perfectly, and I can’t think of anyone better suited for Nanao than Yusako. Definitely a very enjoyable drama CD!

I really hope this series gets another volume. The other two couples have at least 3 volumes and Mujihi so far only has 2 volumes: this and Mujihi na Anata. This couple needs more love~

Confession scene is adorable!

A definite recommendation!

3 thoughts on “Mujihi na Otoko by Sakuraga Mei

  1. Yu-chii

    D’aww, last picture just made me want to squeal my head off. ♥

    I put this on my “to read” list a while ago, and this review just encouraged me to go and read it. It looks so sweet~.

    1. アユ Post author

      IKR >w< They're so adorable!

      Yes it's such a good read! I'm glad it did ^^ Sakuraga's other works are pretty good too, so give that a shot if you can :3


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